SportsArt Fitness C521r Recumbent Cycle Review

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SportsArt Fitness C521r Recumbent Cycle Review

Are you interested in purchasing new exercise equipment for your house? If the answer is yes,  then you might be really confused regarding the kind of product you should select. Final take on the bike cannot be made in a jiffy, it depends on various factors. You will have to consider your budget, basic interests and space considerations.

My website will be of great help to you if you are looking for a recumbent bike. One of the popular recumbent cycles which are easily available in the market is the SportsArt Fitness C521r. It gives you the chance to lean back while you are riding the bike. You don’t have to sit straight up and down.

This is pretty common with the usual stationary bikes. This design is superb for all those users who are facing back or knee problems. The modern bike is popular due to the longevity and solid performance, it promises and delivers. The product is the commercial grade types but is also used by several home users. This is possible due to the impressive features which make sure that the equipment can be easily used by anyone. Right from a beginner to a fitness enthusiast, anyone can use the product with great ease.


 This amazing cycle is associated with numerous elements that are absolutely loved by the users. I feel that the comfortable seat as well as the entry is one of the best features. In fact, these make sure that the model is ideal for the people facing any kind of chronic injury or orthopedic rehab.

The entry is the step through types, and the machine can be conveniently ridden right after surgery or by the senior citizens. The mesh seatback can be reclined with great ease and has been provided with fore as well as aft modification. It has been provided with a pocket for the purpose of holding cold or hot lumbar packs that are great for all those riders who are facing any kind of back issue.


  • Reclining and breathable mesh seat back, which has a lumbar pouch for holding cold or hot packs
  • Easy and quick seat adjustment
  • Heart rate ( via Telemetry)
  • For easy access, the product has a step-through design
  • There is no requirement of power from outside for operating the machine due to the design which is self-generating
  • Entertainment bracket is highly compatible

LCD Display

This SportsArt Fitness C521r Recumbent Cycle is self-generating in nature and doesn’t require any kind of power supply from outside. The display, which you will be getting on the big console is both LED as well dot matrix types. It efficiently shows exercise feedback, pre-set programs and heart rate by means of telemetry. The data is saved in no time with the help of the battery back-up. And during this the rider will be done with pedaling. All the data which is required by the rider for a quality workout is efficiently reported by the console. You will be getting the information regarding:

  • RPMs
  • Time
  • Resistance
  • Speed
  • Watts
  • Burned calories
  • Distance
  • Heart rate

You will be getting 20 completely diverse resistance levels as well as smooth pedaling due to the flywheel of 24 pounds. The machine permits four user IDs. Thus, the bike can be shared by different family members, and this makes it superb for family use. There are pre-set workouts which make sure that you will be getting various kinds of fitness levels while you are exercising. You get to select from an interval that is custom designed, pre-determined intervals, workouts of three hill types, fast start mode or random workout. Users get the chance to carry out the manual programming.

Pre-Defined Programs

There are two programs related to “Cardio Advisor”. The first one is the workout associated with the heart rate zone and the second one is the workout related to heart rate control. These are great for regimens of the cardiac rehab and perfect for weight loss. There is a complimentary heart rate monitor strap for all those customers who turn to the SportsArt’s Fitness warranty card.


Actually, I didn’t find many issues related to the machine. Some of the users say that the bike is a bit heavier (179 pounds while shipping). But according to me this is important for the sturdiness of the cycle.

  • This is a huge product, and it is 66″ in length and 26″ wide x 51″ in height. It can be assembled easily, and all required tools are available with the product.
  • It is self-generating, and there are many customers who actually prefer to assemble the cycle and just keep it in one specific place.
  • The biggest competitors of the product are the remanufactured models that are similar to Star Trac and Life Fitness bikes. These are available in a lower price range, but these do not come with a lifetime warranty.


 I must tell you that this is not a very cheap product. But it is definitely worth the money that you will be spending. Due to its popularity, the model can be easily spotted in the physical therapy departments of the hospitals. I find that it is compatible with entertainment bracket and has been provided with a water bottle holder. You will be getting a book rack also as an additional accessory. Any kind of user can get to use the bike with ease. Its maximum weight capacity is about 400 pounds.

You get a warranty for ten years on parts (mechanical), five years of all the electronics and lifetime on the frame. Most of the users of the bike are satisfied and generally never get to use the comprehensive warranty provided by the manufacturer.