Spinner NXT Indoor Spin Bike Review

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Spinner NXT Indoor Spin Bike Review

The Spinner NXT Spin Bike is quite an old player in the market for long and is made use of by a wide array of customers both new and old users equally. It is a wonderful spin bike that has proved itself by the customer’s feedback it receives in various fitness blogs and websites. Star Trac is a dominant player in the spin bike industry from the start and today it is a benchmark for other makers. They are trusted to produce high-end, high-quality and durable spin indoor bikes. The reputation that Star Trac has earned over the years explains the high price of the Spinner NXT.

Sleek Steel Frame

The best selling point of this exercise spin bike is its sleek steel frame and its capacity to accommodate up to 300 lbs of body weight. Loaded with all prominent features you wish to have, this is a desirable one to possess. The flywheel with resistance pad on it, the anti-skid rubber handlebars, dual bottle holder, micro adjustable seat slider are a few features that it has. The Spinner NXT has whatever helps in attaining the right fit for your body.


The 43 lbs flywheel has a fender that protects it from sweat and dust hence the damage that can be caused by rust. The flywheel is chain driven, unlike a belt driven indoor bike that gives a real bike riding feel. The crank system with added strength and increased size in axle and bearing have the design for lasting and reliable performance. The transport wheels make it portable making it easy for indoor use. Specifically made for spinning programs the Spinner NXT comes with pedal having platform visual sided and are SPD compatible. This feature adds to the comfort and balances a novice rider and has a clip in function too for use with cycling shoes.


With smart looks impossible to resist the Spinner NXT suits any environment. Undoubtedly if you wish to have a classic spin bike the features listed below will amaze you and you would be pining to buy this spin bike.

  • Body: The Spinner NXT has a rock solid built for durable performance like a gym where it would be used multiple times by different users. When it can survive a multiple time use every day by multiple users with varying adjustment needs imagine its life and performance if its use is by one rider only at your home. It also comes with an emergency stop knob.
  • The heavy-duty body of steel is corrosion resistant with zinc dip coat that makes it rust protective. Fits riders of any height and weight with the capacity to accommodate riders from 4′ 10″ to 6′ 10″ and of weight up to 300 lbs.
  • Handlebar: Additional stability is due to the handlebars and adjustable seat posts. The rust proof steel seat is easily adjustable to accommodate rider of any height and weight. Two water bottle holders accessible during cycling are near the handlebar for added comfort making it hassle free. The location keeps it away from sweat during workouts, and it is easy to replenish the lost fuel (water) at your convenience.
  • The handlebar also has an elbow rest between them for even more powerful sessions in case you have a high or choose to increase your endurance level. The pop-pin seat and handlebar adjustment model helps adjust the seat and height respectively. The handle bars are broad and solid making it comfortable for riders. The seat can be adjusted from a range of 25″ to 37’’ both horizontally and vertically.
  • This spin bike comes with a gear that is fixed, and there is no room for freewheeling. This results in moving pedals when the flywheel is in motion to give your extra room for more calorie burn out. Overall this is a sleek bike well designed to achieve a focused and effective cycling session.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of Spinner NXT are 20 inches in width × 60 inches in length× 57 inches in height. A total weight of 140 lbs it is a sturdy spin bike gives you a smooth, stable ride. It has an alluring biomechanics and a Q-factor of 158 mm. Professionals perfectly design it for a dependable ride.

 Customer Reviews

The users and owners of the Spinner NXT are happy with the gym quality features of the bike. The proud owners are elated having saving the gym fees and working out in the comfort of their homes. The time-tested durability has been an assurance for aspirant owners of spin bikes.


With more than one reason listed above to use the Spinner NXT there are a few drawbacks that might leave your reconsider buying this upright spin bike.

  • The absence of an electric console that other competitions have happens to be absent in the Spinner NXT.
  • Adjusting the chain driven flywheel is a little cumbersome. The 140 lbs heavy spin bike is heavy for light riders and not fitted for carpeted floors.
  • The bike is near to a noiseless indoor spin bike with little noise from the chain drive resistance pad. Though it is low-level acceptable noise, it still can be a deterrent for some.
  • The bike reaches you in Semi-assembled condition with tools required for complete assembly too which makes it easy to assemble.
  • The four workout DVDs for easy and effective use helps new users.
  • The Spinner NXT has no place to keep an MP3 player or Tab, but one of the water bottle holders can be used to keep one. It also comes with spare resistance pads and toe straps.
  • It is a high-end indoor spin bike that might be heavy on your pocket but possessing one would not be a disappointment.


With a real bike ride like experience and sturdy steel body, it will be your lifetime workout companion. With minor turnoffs and loaded value for money features, this is the perfect indoor spin bike. The upright model always gives you a real life riding feel and the Spinner NXT fits in this category giving you a real-life cycling feel without going out in the harsh, cruel and dangerous road.

The resistance is knob controlled and can be increased or decreased easily. The easy adjustments make it simple and addictive. So have one at your home or gym and put in your cycling shoes and enjoy cycling without having to wear a bike helmet!