Sole SB900 Exercise Indoor Cycle Review

Sole SB900 Exercise Indoor Cycle Review

The Sole SB900 is a great bike that is ideal for workouts at home as well as commercial use. Therefore, it efficiently withstands all those tough workouts that one can perform at home. In this article, I will be focusing on the aspects of functionality and durability. The Sole SB900 Exercise Indoor Cycle has some of the superb features that make it ideal for intense workouts.

This spin bike is fully adjustable type in nature and supports features like magnetic resistance, heavy flywheel, belt-drive, console and SPD pedals (dual). All these make sure that your entire workout session is superb. But when you are considering a bike for use in your house, then some factors are to be considered. These include space required, noise if it can it be moved around and installed with ease or not have to be taken into consideration. Also, you need to consider the comfort, sturdiness and safety issues.

I must admit here that the machine is extremely comfortable, and you can easily set it in an ideal riding position. You can also adjust the saddle as per your comfort level i.e. back and forth and up and down. Due to this, your legs will be getting the optimum angle above the pedals, and you will be able to apply the right kind of pressure on the pedals.

You can also adjust the handlebars as per your convenience.  The solid frame can efficiently hold users up to the weight capacity of 300 lbs, and there are no complaints of wobbling. The stock pedals are ideal for all those trainers who are interested in a serious workout as these are flat. The pedal’s other side support clips are made up of stainless steel. There is no difficulty in changing the pedals as there is a standard bolt that they have. With this product, one thing is for sure that you will be getting a smooth ride and the flywheel is very silent while turning. You will get to hear only your heartbeat, and you get to focus completely on the workout without any worries. The handlebars are very tight and make sure that they do not flex when under a lot of weights and the cycle is very stable which is important for enjoying an efficient and comfortable workout session.

Magnetic Resistance

Magnetic resistance is very important as this offers a more reliable resistance, quieter workout, and better resistance control. There is also a lot of ease associated with maintaining it as well. But it is to be noted that those bikes that support magnetic resistance are more expensive.

Built and Strength

I find that the best part of the Sole SB900 Exercise Indoor Cycle is its amazing strength and quality build. These are absolute must haves for an almost silent riding experience. I seriously think that this machine is ideal for light commercial as well as home use. When you dial in the right resistance, you are good to go after that. Because of this factor, you can replicate the workouts again and again.


  • Steady riding motion because of the heavy flywheel
  • You can adjust the cycle according to the sizes of diverse users
  • You get the feedback as well as the necessary information about the workouts with the help of the console
  • This durable and robust bike is good to use for many years without any worries
  • You will be getting a smooth and quiet ride due to the belt drive
  • The magnetic resistance enhances smoothly and incrementally
  • If you get the heart rate strap, you get to keep a track of the heart rate
  • There is a lifetime warranty that is available on the frame of this indoor cycle. There is a warranty for one year for the labor and three years on the electronic/parts

Customer Reviews

As of now there are only a few reviews regarding the bike, but all of these are very positive. Most of the customers have good things to say about the quality and the whole feel while exercising when they compare this specific model with those that are present in the gym. According to the reviews, this is a solid bike that is perfect for you in case you are interested in tough training and workouts.

But I have come across two reviews in which the customers had issues with the delivery of the product. There have been only two of such complaints till now. But I feel that this is not very common, and the company responds in a swift manner in case there is any problem.


It’s important to have correct information about the drawbacks also.

  • It gets tough to move the bike in case the transport wheel gets stuck in your carpet
  • You do not get any workout programs
  • In case you are interested in keeping a track of the workouts then you will have to record them manually
  • You do not get the option of plugging in MP3 player or rest tablet or book
  • In case you need information about the heart rate you will have to buy the additional heart strap separately


 I find this product to be great for working out at home. It gives a tough competition to all those spin bikes that are out there in the market. This cycle is strong, quiet and good looking. If you are interested in several years of trouble free workout, then this model is for you. Not only will you be getting amazing features but also the model is, available at a reasonable price. You just need to focus completely on the kind of workout which is best for you, and you are all set to go with the stable machine.