Sole Fitness SB900 Exercise Bike Review

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Sole Fitness SB900 Exercise Bike Review

The Sole SB900 is one of the best selling and top fitness indoor spin bikes from Sole Fitness. It is a high-quality upright bike that comes with features like quiet magnetic resistance as well as SPD compatibility.

It has a flywheel of 48 pounds which makes this indoor bike from Sole Fitness a favorite among not just the outdoor cyclists, but also the people who cycle only at the gym. This bike has a momentum which is similar to the one of a road bike.

The biomechanics in the bike’s pedals and the adjustable handlebars are well appreciated by the riders. This bike falls on our list of best indoor spin bikes under $1000 and is one of the best indoor bikes 2021. For more information on the Sole SB900, its features, its specifications, go through our Sole SB900 Review 2021.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Sole SB900 is ideal for serious cyclists. This bike imitates the feel of a road bike, which is why this is preferred over the rest. If you are an intermediate or advanced fitness enthusiast or want a trainer to practice riding, this is perfect for you.

This fitness machine supports competitive training, body sculpting, and weight loss goals people at any fitness level.

Sole Fitness SB900 Exercise Bike Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The Sole SB900 assembly is quite simple and straightforward. It comes with all the necessary tools as well as a complete illustrated manual. The assembly should take about 30 minutes or an hour. The tough part of the assembly process is the manipulation of large and heavy components.

The bike requires minimal maintenance. You must ensure that all the components are in place and no part is loose. All the instructions are mentioned in the manual which comes with this bike. In order to prevent the bike from side rocking, make sure you place this exercise bike on a leveled surface.

Design and Build Quality

The Sole SB900 has a very light commercial frame. The bike is made using steel and it is covered in a sheet of aluminum. The combination of steel and aluminum makes it sturdy and durable and virtually indestructible. However, this does not stop the movement of the bike from one area to another.

Sole Fitness is known for its top-quality exercise bikes. The Sole SB900 is a perfect example of the quality products manufactured by Sole Fitness. This cycle comes with a sturdy structure, all thanks to the heavy frame made with steel tubing and also a very heavy flywheel of 48 pounds.

These components make sure you have a stable and smooth ride. The SB900 makes use of the eddy current magnetic resistance, which ensures there is a smooth transition between different intensities of workouts.

However, in case you do not wish to spend more on this bike or do not prefer to have this kind of resistance, you can also check out the older model- the Sole SB700 indoor upright bike which is also a good bike for home use.

The bike doesn’t fold but weights as less as 136 pounds thus can be moved easily from one room to another in the house.

The bike can withstand a user weight of about 300 pounds. This bike requires less space and can be stored easily when not in use. It has a footprint of 40″ x 21″. If you wish to compare this bike, it can be compared with the Spinner NXT Spin Bike.

Sole Fitness SB900 Exercise Bike Features


The Sole SB900 has a 3” x 4” LCD which makes it quite easy for the user to track their workout statistics like time, distance, RPM, speed along with an estimate of the calories burned.

The RPM, heart rate and the calories burned are constantly on the display. However, the other data has to be cycled through and this can be done with the help of the buttons located at the bottom of the bike’s console.


Just like every other spin bike or indoor exercise bike, the seat provided may be right for all. Every person will have their own preferences and this seat might be uncomfortable for a few people.

You can swap this seat for any bike seat of standard size or you can make use of a gel cover to increase the comfort level. Also, padded bike shorts can be worn if you find the seat too hard. You can move the seat either backward or forwards in order to get the right stride.


This exercise bike comes with magnetic resistance along with a car-grade belt system. The frame has a red knob on top which is used to increase or decrease the resistance as per your requirement. It gives you a silent workout.

There is also a felt wool pad on this bike. However, this is to stop the flywheel immediately when there is a need. This can be done by pushing down the lever which is right next to the tension knob

There are no marked levels and this can make it tough to get back to a previous resistance setting when you shift between workouts which would require the adjustment of resistance levels. This can be understood only by feel and estimation.

Caged Pedals

The bike has dual pedals. There are plastic toe cups on one side of the pedal and an adjustable strap on the other side to help you slide your shoes in and you can then tighten the strap for a grip.t

They can also be used as SPD pedals which can be used with special clipless shoes. If you have this kind of shoes, this is a great feature and you need not replace the pedals.


The Sole SB900 exercise bike imitates the feeling of a road bike. The flywheel is about forty-eight pounds and is made of steel and chrome plated. It is precision balanced and ensures you have a smooth ride.

The Eddy current magnetic resistance system helps in keeping the operation of the machine very quiet.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring

When it comes to an exercise bike, the best feature any bike could offer is the ability to keep track of your heart rate and make sure that your workouts are within the targeted zone.

For this bike, you will have to purchase a heart rate strap and then pair it up with the console. This bike does not work with Bluetooth. However, it works with an ANT+ strap.

Water Bottle Holder

The bike comes with a water bottle holder that is located on the console. This makes it easy to stay hydrated when you work out.

Adjustable Handlebars

The bike comes with adjustable handlebars that are covered with a rubber material, thereby giving users a good grip. They also prevent the formation of blisters particularly when the hands become sweaty.

They have been designed to accommodate either sitting down or standing out of the seat along with the option to rest the hands in the center of the handlebars. Check out some of the best indoor spin bikes for home 2021.

Transport wheels

The bike has two wheels that are mounted at the front and this makes the movement of the bike very easy and convenient.

Table Holder

There is a tablet holder that is attached to the handlebars of the bike. You can easily latch your tablet easily with the help of an adjustable clip. Thus, you can enjoy your favorite show or podcast while cycling.

Self-Generating Power

Unlike most of the other indoor cycles, this bike does not come with a power cord. This gets rid of your electricity cost and it is easy to place this bike in any corner of your house.

Sole Fitness SB900 Exercise Bike Workout Programs

The Sole SB900 exercise bike does not come with in-built workout programs. However, it comes with a 3” x 4” data monitor which provides information on time, RPM, KCal, speed, distance, and pulse. It is compatible with ANT+ chest strap. However, it does not support Bluetooth.

Sole Fitness SB900 Exercise Bike Warranty

The brand Sole Fitness offers a superior warranty on the Sole SB900 indoor bike. The SB900 comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame which is rare for a bike under $1000 range. It also has a warranty of three years on the parts and one year of labor coverage. The warranties assure you that this bike can be pushed to the extremes.

Sole Fitness SB900 Exercise Bike Pros & Cons


  • The bike is quite sturdy and is designed out of steel and aluminum
  • It has adjustable seats
  • The flywheel is quite heavy at 48 lbs
  • The bike has a powerful resistance due to the flywheel
  • It has dual-sided pedals
  • The console is quite simple offering the basic data
  • It is ANT+ compatible
  • It does not need an external source of power
  • The bike has a water bottle holder
  • The bike has front-mounted transport wheels
  • The bike can withstand user weight of up to 300 lbs
  • The manufacturer offers an excellent warranty on this bike


  • The bike does not come with preset workout programs
  • There are no extras like a tablet holders, speakers, etc
  • Numbers have to be manually tracked
  • If you want to monitor your heart rate, you have to buy a chest strap at an extra cost


This exercise bike by Sole Fitness has many amazing features, however, it comes at a price. The bike ensures its users get a stable workout and you can simply focus on getting the best workout for yourself.

The only cause of concern might be the weight of the bike as well as the recessed transport wheels which might make it tough to move the bike on a carpet area. You can even compare the Sole SB 900 vs Keiser M3 to know the different features offered by Sole.

The SB900 weighs 20 pounds more than SB700 and thus is more stable and more suited to be used at home. More so, because it utilizes magnetic resistance.

This bike can definitely be used by a beginner. However, if you are quite new to indoor cycling and spinning, you might look at an affordable exercise cycle until you are ready to pursue this more seriously.

This is a good bike for those who wish to have intense cardio and for the more experienced users this bike is a perfect choice as it is durable and ensures you have a smooth ride irrespective of the intensity levels.

Sole Fitness SB900 Exercise Bike FAQ

What is the difference between SB700 and SB900?
SB900 weighs 20 pounds more than SB700, thus more stable than the later. Also, SB900 has toe clips included in the oversized pedals.  
What is the major drawback of SB900?
One of the major drawbacks of SB900 is that it lacks a screen. Though, there is a simple console in the front of the handlebars which is not backlit. Thus, if you are riding the bike in a dark room then it will be difficult for you to read the numbers. 
Is SB900 Bike noisy?
The SB900 Bike is totally silent and there is no noise of pedaling.  The Eddy Current Magnetic resistance is silent and the drive system is very smooth.  Thus, if you are in a small apartment where you think the neighbors might get disturbed, you can rest assured with this bike as there will be no disturbance. Also, if you ride the bike in your living room, it won't disturb other family members of the house. 
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