Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike Review

Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike Review

The latest fad in the world of exercise is that of the recumbent bikesSole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike is a popular bike and is well known for the unmatched comfort. When you are considering a product for a comfortable workout, it is vital that you go for low impact exercise equipment. Especially all those who have joint or foot issues will absolutely love this machine.

You get the right kind of posture due to the foot pedal design that is 2-degree inward kinds. Also, this will efficiently reduce pains and aches and make the entire experience very comfortable. The other attractive features include padding and supportive back of the modifiable seat. The most common reason of people being uncomfortable about the whole workout thing is lower back problems.

But if the seat is supportive, comfortable and can be easily adjusted as per the needs of the users,  then you can easily concentrate on getting back in shape. So now you don’t need to find excuses for not working out and just put the machine right in front of the window of your house or office for enjoying a stable workout session.

Comfort and Ease of Use

 The Sole Fitness R92 supports the common system which is known as the step-through entry kinds. This makes sure that the entire process is totally effortless. We had seen that time also when people had put lots of effort in trying to climb the bike for working out. The amazing design of the product makes sure that you are able to mount the bike without any efforts. But, with this bike, you are only required  to step through the frame’s space and sit on the cycle’s seat.

The recumbent seat design makes sure that the user is totally relaxed and does not face any kind of stress while working out. Also, you will see that the machine’s seat is padded and has been provided with a lot of lumbar support. It is highly adaptable, and this feature ensures that the users are able to modify the machine according to the physique and size.

One of the remarkable features that you get is the LCD screen that is very simple, and every kind of user can easily use it. Even all those who are not very familiar with the exercise machines are able to operate it and figure out what needs to be done. The instructions given are very simple, and even the experienced users are able to get started without any issues.

Parts and Assembly

Please pay heed to the fact that this exercise equipment is pretty big in size in comparison to other machines. If you want to assemble it, then you will require some time. The challenge is generally physical in nature, but the instructions given are not very difficult to comprehend. When you get the shipped package, you will notice that all the important parts and tools have been included, and these will make the whole job of assembly rather simple.

An average kind of user will be able to finish the job in less than an hour, but can get a little tiring in trying to move all the heavy parts from one place to another. I think that you should try and empty the entire package completely and put all the parts on the floor to figure out where exactly you need to fit them. This will save a lot of effort and time.

Product Features and Specifications

  • It supports a maximum weight of 300lbs
  • You will need a chest strap for sensing the heart rate
  • Dimensions: 57 x 30 x 50“
  • Total number of programs – 10
  • Resistance Levels – 20
  • Eddy Current Brake Resistance Type

According to me, this is a great buy because you get many impressive features at an affordable price. All the vital information related to workout is efficiently displayed on its 9-inch LCD display. You get to know the distance traveled, speed, workout time, heart rate and burned calories. There are 20 different resistance levels, and these are very tough for every kind of user. You will be getting 10 built-in programs that offer sufficient workout variety. You get the chance to customize the workout as per your need.

If you wish to keep a track of the heart rate, then you will be happy to know that you get a useful chest strap sensor as well as heart rate programs. In the advanced models, you also get a chest strap that makes sure that you are able to check the heart rate, and there is no need to touch the handlebars for the purpose.

This is superb for all those users who are interested in playing games while they are working out. In this particular model, you will also be getting a port so that you are able to set up your MP3 player or iPod and get to listen to music while you are exercising. This is very convenient for all those customers who are interested in setting up the workout list. As a matter of fact, a catchy music beat can do wonders while you are working out by lifting up your spirits and setting the right kind of mood.

The product has been equipped with a hydration as well as a cooling system. This is in the form of cooling fan (built-in) and water bottle holder. This will help in keeping you hydrated and energized while you are exercising.


The bike’s frame is quite heavy in comparison to other models in the market. This makes the whole task of moving the bike around and assembling it a tedious task. You will definitely need someone’s help in case you plan to move it from one place to another. Other than this I don’t find any major issue associated with this strong equipment.

Customer Reviews

The bike has been used by people above 60 years of age, and they have loved working out on this recumbent bike from SOLE.


There is no denying the fact that this is an excellent quality bike that offers usability, ergonomic and entertainment benefits to the customers. This is a superb investment because of the comfort it offers and its sturdy design. For the best price of the product, you must check the Amazon website. All the users of this modern bike are happy as it comes with a warranty of 3 years on labor and parts and lifetime on the frame.