Sole Fitness B94 Upright Bike Review

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Sole Fitness B94 Upright Bike Review

The latest Sole B94 Stationary Upright Bike is one of the least expensive upright exercise bikes offered by Sole Fitness. Yes, it comes with a few high-end features, however, this bike with its compactness and durability is one of the best upright bikes for home use and not for commercial gyms.

You can read through our Sole B94 Stationary Upright Bike 2021 Review to know more about its specifications, features, and advantages.The main features of this upright exercise bike include the steel frame which makes it durable, the flywheel of 26 pounds and an LCD of 9″ which has about 10 in-built workout programs.

The bike’s upper levels of resistance are quite challenging to beginners as well as mid-level trainees, but might not be much of a challenge to the most experienced cyclists.

Best suited to Whom?

The Sole B94 Stationary Upright Exercise Bike can assist beginners as well as mid-level trainers to tone their bodies, lose weight, or rebuild their strength by way of rehabilitative training.You can make use of this Sole B94 Upright Bike and workout comfortably in your own house.

This bike is good if you wish to workout at home at times, instead of hitting the gym. The bike has some amazing features along with a few extras which are quite useful and gives this bike an edge over the others. It has about 10 basic workout programs, in-built speakers, a cooling fan as well as a water bottle holder.

It is one of the best upright bikes for beginners.The Sole B94 Stationary Upright Exercise Bike was designed by Sole fitness as a stationary bike that will fit into any home. The design is ergonomic and comes with seats that are adjustable and oversized pedals.

Sole B94 Stationary Upright Bike Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The Sole B94 Stationary Upright Exercise Bike indeed will require a bit of assembly once it has been delivered. However, the main parts of this bike which are tough to assemble, come pre-assembled, i.e., the drive and the frame. Most people can complete the assembly process of this bike within an hour or two.

The Sole B94 Manual provides the necessary instructions which indicate that you will have to fix the rear stabilizer bar, the console, the console mast, the seat, pedals, handlebars, as well as the plastic pieces to the exercise bike. The assembly process has lesser steps in comparison to other bikes.

All the necessary tools come with the bike. And if you have your own toolkit, the job will be done quicker. The manual has very clear diagrams as well as for instructions which ensure that the assembling is easy and simple.

Design and Build Quality

The Sole B94 Stationary Upright Exercise Bike frame is made using a very heavy steel tubing along with stabilizer bars to withstand repeated use. This keeps the bike steady and ensures that it does not wobble or shake irrespective of the intensity of your workout.

For comparison, you can have a look at the Sole fitness SB700 exercise bike or even the Sole fitness SB800 exercise bike. The shroud covers the flywheel and is made up of aluminum and this prevents it from cracking or splitting due to the stress or any bangs.

You can check out the Sole B94 upright bike reviews to know more about the pros and cons. The bike has a light commercial bike rating which means that this exercise bike is suitable for approximately 5 hours of use in a day rather than the heavy use which takes place at a club or commercial gym.

This is enough for usage at home. If the bike is moving due to an uneven floor then the two leveling pads located on the rear stabilizer can be turned with the help of a 14 mm wrench to ensure balance in the bike.This bike is quite durable and reliable.

It can fit people in the height range of between 5 ft and 6 ft 4 inches. The Sole B94 Stationary Upright Exercise Bike does not need a cleaning routine. However, the main problem is sweat.

It is quite important to wipe the sweat from the bike in order to avoid corrosion on the bike. The bike has been designed and built in a way to protect against corrosion, but over a period of time, the sweat that gets collected will lead to rust and jamming the bike if it accumulates.

Hence, it is advised to wipe off the sweat from the bike post use, as it would take just a few minutes. Based on the type of floor the bike is being placed, you might consider placing the bike on an exercise mat to prevent the sweat from dropping on to it.

Sole B94 Stationary Upright Exercise Bike Features


The seat of the Sole B94 Stationary Upright Exercise Bike is adjustable and can be moved both vertically as well as horizontally to ensure the user gets the best fit and has an effective and comfortable workout.

The adjustment must be done when you are not sitting on the bike seat. The seat comes with a gel cover which gives you a very comfortable experience and lets your ride the bike for long durations. Check our list of best upright bikes for home use.


The LCD display is about 9 inches or 23 cm and it is big enough for a user to read the data easily and clearly. The display is very bright (it can be quite bright for a few people), easy to read and is visually appealing.

The display gives you a lot of data by way of numbers, graphics, and dials. The first dial which is at the left indicates the level of resistance, the central dial shows the time and distance, and the right dial indicates the RPM.

Magnetic Resistance

The Sole B94 Stationary Upright Exercise Bike comes with 20 magnetic resistance levels which offer a good range of difficulty level right from very easy to very tough.

The top resistance levels may not be liked by the experienced trainers and who look for really tough workouts. If you are looking for workouts wherein you stand on the pedals like in a spin bike, you can have a look at the Sole SB900.

The resistance levels are 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 and 20 and this helps in saving time on the pressing of buttons. You can also switch from one level to another smoothly and you will not experience any jerks.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The Sole B94 Stationary Upright Exercise Bike comes with a wireless telemetry system (chest strap included) which helps the trainees to make the best use of their workouts and also helps in assessing their fitness progress.

In addition to this, you can also opt for the grip heart rate sensors, which are a non-wireless option, and these can be found on the handlebars. There are two pulse-controlled workout programs that can be used for heart rate monitoring systems.

High Capacity

The B94 Upright bike might appear bigger than the other bikes which do not have consoles, but this bike has a weight of just 123 pounds and can handle a user weight of about 300 pounds. Other models without consoles, it only weighs 123lbs and can host riders up to 300lbs.


The bike is quite heavy in comparison to other bikes, with a weight of 123 lbs. It requires an area of about 23 by 44 inches when it is not being used. In this bike, most of its weight is on the wheels and it is easy to move around except while going around tight corners and this might need some negotiation.


Sole Fitness designs its bikes with low Q factors or a narrow pedal spacing. This ensures the body is positioned properly for workouts that are ergonomically correct. Pedals on this bike also tilt about 2 degrees inward and have straps that ensure safety.


The handlebars of the Sole B94 Stationary Upright Exercise Bike are covered which makes them non-slip and also gives a very comfortable grip especially when the hands become sweaty. You cannot change the position or angle of these handlebars.

They offer scope for using a variety of hand positions. However, leaning on the handlebars might be a little uncomfortable because of the manner in which it is attached to the console

Other Features

  • Water bottle holder – This bike has a water bottle holder that can accommodate just small bottles as it is not quite deep. It works well to keep your keys or even your MP3 player.
  • Speakers – The speakers of this bike give you only a standard sound. The selection of volume and program is controlled by a device that is plugged in and not your console.
  • Headphone Jack: Instead of the speakers, you can connect your headphones which might give you a better sound and this indicates that you can listen to your podcasts or music without disturbing others.
  • Media Shelf – This is located right beneath the display. However, once you place your tablet on the shelf, the workout progress gets covered and you cannot check or track it when you watch a movie or read emails. The bike is quite steady and the chance of the device falling off the stand is less.
  • Fan: The bike has a fan which is located on top of the console. It blows a gentle breeze and gives a slight cooling effect helps stop you from overheating.

Sole B94 Stationary Upright Bike Workout Programs

The Sole B94 Stationary Upright Exercise Bike does not offer a wide variety of workout programs. It has only 10 in-built workout programs wherein 2 can be customized. However, it offers a little variety and challenge to the workouts.
The programs offered are as follows:

(i) Quick Start – You just have to press the start key and can begin your workout. You can also adjust the resistance as you move ahead with the workout. The progress display indicates the track and isn’t a dot matrix display of your workout.

(ii) Manual Program – This is quite similar to the first program – the quick start program. However, you just have to press the manual button and enter your age, time and weight. You can also adjust the resistance level which starts at level 1.

(iii) Profile Programs – There are about 5 preset profile programs – hill, cardio, fat burn, strength, and interval. The names itself will give you an idea about what you can expect from each program and the manual shows the description of the profile.

Post this you have to enter your weight, age, duration of the workout as per your requirement you want the workout to last and also the maximum level of exertion which helps you to modify the workout programs as per your fitness level. You can also adjust the resistance level when you workout if in case you want it to be more challenging.

(iv) Customize Programs – You can create 2 customized profile programs. You can enter these profiles by pressing User 1 or User 2. If a program is already set up by you, you just follow it or even modify it before you begin the workout. You can change the program at any time just by pushing the up/down buttons.

(v) Heart Rate Control Programs – The heart rate monitor control programs of the Sole B94 Stationary Upright Exercise Bike have theoption of adjusting the resistance automatically in order to keep the heart rate at the specifically selected percentage of the maximum heart rate.

You can either opt for HR1 which is 60% or even HR2 which is 80%. In order to calculate this percentage, you must feed your age, and for the calories, the weight has to be entered.

Post this, a time can be fixed for your workout. Before you begin the workout or even while working out, you can change the percentages of what you wish to achieve. For this program, you have to use the hand pulse sensors or the heart strap. You can have a look at some of the best upright exercise bikes under $2000.

Sole B94 Stationary Upright Exercise Bike Warranty

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the frame of the Sole B94 Stationary Upright Exercise Bike. The bike also comes with a three-year warranty on its parts and electronics and 1 year of labour coverage.

The warranty itself reflects that this bike can be used for both light commercial applications and for home use. A 30-day return period is also offered by Sole Fitness.

Sole B94 Stationary Upright Exercise Bike Pros and Cons


  • The bike is designed specifically for home use
  • It comes with an ergonomic design which can accommodate many users
  • The bike has 20 resistance levels
  • The bike has 10 workout programs of which, 2 can be customized
  • It has hand pulse grip sensors as well as a chest strap
  • The bike has a dock for your iPad
  • It has in-built speakers which let you play your favorite music
  • It has a water bottle holder
  • It has an LCD screen of 9”
  • The manufacturer offers an excellent warranty and guarantee period


  • The water bottle holder is suited for very small bottles
  • There is no port to charge your devices
  • The bike must be plugged in in order to change resistance and use the console
  • It does not have a Fitness App or Bluetooth
  • It is expensive
  • It has very few workout programs for the price
  • The user has to record their workouts manually


The Sole B94 Stationary Upright Exercise Bike is one of the best upright bikes 2021. The bike with its steel frame shows its durability and reliability. The bike comes with 20 levels of resistance and 10 preset workout programs.

The B94 from Sole Fitness is good for beginners as well as mid-level trainers, however, it might not be the best option for an experienced trainer. The bike has some amazing features like heart rate monitoring and various workout programs which make the workout more challenging and effective.

This bike is the best for those people who appreciate a bit of exercise guidance and will make the best use of the in-built sound system. If you are a beginner who is looking out for a good upright exercise bike, then this is the perfect choice for you.

FAQs of Sole B94

Does the display light of Sole B94 go out automatically without turning it off?
Yes, after 15 minutes of the workout, the display light will go off automatically.
Does B94 allow backward pedaling?
Yes, you can pedal backward, though there is no resistance backwards.
How much weight does the bike Sole B94 handle? I weigh more than 300 lbs
The bike is very sturdy and has an excellent design, it will be able to take your weight without any issues.