Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle Review

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Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle Review

The Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle is revered as one of the best indoor cycle spin bikes for home as it offers the best cardio sessions with an inbuilt wireless heart rate monitoring for accurate tracking of the data.

It provides incredible workout sessions owing to the introduction of Dual SPD pedals that are accessorized with toe-cages and standard clips. Moreover, it is the first indoor cycle that offers the advantage of SPD Pedals and wireless heart rate monitoring at an affordable  price range of less than $500.

The Schwinn spin bike was launched in the second half of 2017 and features high-end flywheel capacity and better weight capacity as compared to the previous model of the brand Schwinn IC2.

The provision of racing style seat with a vertical/horizontal adjustment makes it a must buy exercise bike for fitness enthusiasts. Read more about the Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle Spin Bike Review 2021 to know more about the excellent workout possibilities by using this indoor cycle.

Also, it supports multi-grip, padded handlebars, a data monitor, and a water bottle holder. Furthermore, this exercise bike is considered a competition to the high-end Peloton exercise bike that is the current rage of fitness freaks. Overall, it proves to be an incredibly well-designed spin exercise bike for home use.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle Spin Bike is viewed among the best indoor cycles of the international market, offering impressive features for both beginners and pro users.

People who prefer to engage in intense cardio workout training and lower-body toning would find this exercise bike truly result-oriented. Those users whose primary aim is to lose weight by having a rapid burnout of calories can also resort to this exercise bike for incredible results.

But, users who require low-impact workout sessions for rehabilitative purposes should opt for recumbent bikes for reliable outcomes. People who need a steady exercise bike that can offer higher resistance levels with heavier flywheel for real-time uphill/downhill cycling experience must buy this Schwinn exercise bike.

Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The assembly of the Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle is quick and easy as this indoor cycle arrives in partially assembled form. The users require to attach the bases of the bike, the handlebar to its post, the seat to its post, and also attach the meter and pedals unit.

The crank, resistance, flywheel, and belt arrive as being connected to the mainframe. Therefore, it usually takes half an hour to do the entire process of assembling the bike.

The users also get the tools required for assembly in the package itself. Moreover, the step by step instructions in the user manual makes the assembling lot easier.

Design and Build Quality

The first look of the Schwinn Indoor Spin Bike makes it appear to be a thoughtfully designed machine with smooth contours and sleek appearance. The exercise bike is a compact indoor cycle that arrives with the dimensions measuring 45″ L x 23″ W x 49″ H and can support the maximum user weight of 300 Ibs.

The frame of the exercise bike is designed with steel that makes it sturdy enough to support incredible spin workout sessions. The users can experience robust sturdiness of the exercise bike owing to the use of precision-welding along the joints to make it more strong and durable.

There are only a few non-metallic parts in this indoor spin bike, and that incorporates a belt guard and various small covers. Also, the steel bars of the frame are designed in an oval shape that not only makes it look smarter but also adds to its overall strength.

The provision of a small-sized horizontal bar that is welded among the frame’s oblique tube and the upright tube of the seat offers easy entry and exit, but it is necessary for some spin workout sessions. Furthermore, the durability of the steel parts is enhanced with corrosion and resistant free with the double coating of a durable paint finish.

Moreover, the users can benefit from Q-factor in the pedals that is the adequate distance between the pedals. In this indoor cycle, it is not more than 7”, and as such, allows users to keep their ankles aligned adequately with their hips and knees. Also, the front-mounted wheels make it highly mobile fitness equipment for home use.

The Schwinn IC3 boasts of a fitness meter that is certainly more than the average LCD unit. It offers a six-panel LCD that shows entire workout statistics with incredible precision. Also, users derive the benefit of wireless heart rate monitoring as this indoor bike can easily connect with non-coded chest straps like Polar T31 for optimal results.

But, the Schwinn IC3 also provide a media tray that can be conveniently used for keeping the tablet, or a smartphone and user can use any popular fitness app say Peloton app without spending a huge amount of money. It is this added feature that makes up for the small-sized LCD monitor of the exercise bike.

Therefore, the Schwinn spin bike has got all the features that make it a recommended fitness equipment for all fitness lovers at less than $500.

Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle Features


The exercise bike from Schwinn arrives with a decent LCD monitor that has got six-panel display with workout vitals like distance, speed, RPM, calories, average RPM, time, and pulse. The distance can be measured in both metric and imperial units.

For pulse reading, there is no provision of integrated sensors. But, the console is designed with an internal sensor that can read the pulse as transmitted by the chest strap. Also, the chest strap should operate in the 4.5 kHz-5.5 kHz frequency interval to be compatible with the console.

The console is user-friendly with four buttons that include Mode, Reset, Up, and Down. The Mode button automatically operates On/Off the Scan function of the unit. When the Scan function is activated, the RPM values and speed rotate on the middle right panel.

The console doesn’t have a start button, so it initiates if the user pushes any of the given buttons, or if there is any movement of the flywheel. It is operated with two AA batteries and has a one-year warranty life and is replaceable as well.

Adjustable Saddle

This Indoor spin bike supports a saddle that can be adjusted both up/down and forward/backward for optimal comfort.

Caged Pedals

This indoor spin cycle arrives with toe-caged pedals and SPD clips for better grip and comfortable use even at a higher level of resistance. It also supports standard 9/11 threads to allow users to make required modifications if necessary for effective workout sessions.

Water Bottle Holder

This Indoor spin cycle arrives with a well-designated water bottle holder that is easy to access while working out.


The users can opt to enhance the intensity of their workout or decrease it as per their convenience using a knob dial on the bike.

An Adjustable Handlebars

This indoor spin bike offers a multi-grip design that is completely padded to provide a secure and comfortable grip. It incorporates a small-sized loop aero bar in the middle that connects to the bottle holder and the console.

Thus, this bar aims to provide a close parallel and additional grip. It is also adjustable four-way with up/down. Forward and backward for optimal results.

Emergency Stop

This exercise spin bike assures the safety of the users with an emergency stop.

Weight Capacity

The robust frame of the Schwinn indoor cycle supports a 3-piece crankset and solid arms to support optimal user weight. Therefore, the maximum user weight capacity of this exercise bike is 300Ibs.


The indoor spin bike is equipped with a felt pad resistance where the felt pad is utilized to generate resistance. The resistance created by the felt pad is extremely smooth and quiet owing to the use of superior quality materials in the felt pad.

The key feature of this resistance level is that the user gets access to infinite resistance as there is no fixed level, and users can turn the knob to derive the highly challenging workout sessions.

The infinite resistance makes this indoor bike perfect for all types of users as novice, pro and intermediate users can adjust the resistance as per their convenience. The LCD monitor of the bike doesn’t display resistance, but after regular practice, the users can determine their average and optimal point with the exact count of the turns of the knob.

There is also the provision of a resistance and flywheel guard that prevents the bike’s resistance pad from sweat and regular wear and tear. Even though this exercise bike can prove a bit noisy at higher resistance levels as compared to the magnetic spin bikes. But, still, the Schwinn spin bike is excellent as its resistance is far more powerful than the contemporary magnetic spin bikes of the market.


The Schwinn IC3 is equipped with a heavier flywheel of 40 Ibs that is an inertia-enhanced flywheel. It provides smooth pedaling motion with a consistent momentum. Users can also pedal in reverse motion with its bi-directional motion to enhance variable workout possibilities.

Furthermore, the transmission of the indoor bike is accessorized with a poly-v, rubber belt that is known for its durability and resistance to stretching. Besides, it offers advantages of generating less vibration than the chain, and thus, requires only frequent lubrication with silent pedaling motion.


The provision of front-mounted transport wheels in this exercise bike makes it highly mobile and easy to use anywhere at home.


The seat of this indoor spin bike offers four-way adjustability with amazing inseam capacity. This exercise bike is meant for different users as users having 29” to 40” inseam can use it comfortably. Moreover, it can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally for required adjustments.

Also, the seat is designed in a narrow racing style that is well-ventilated and cushioned to avoid overheating during intense workout sessions. Some users may find the seat a bit uncomfortable in the beginning owing to its narrow design, but users can use a soft gel cover to get accustomed to this spinning cycle seat.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring

The indoor cycle is equipped with the wireless telemetry enabled monitor that helps in tracking the heart rate adequately.

Self-Generating Power

This indoor spin exercise cycle does not have a self-generating power. It operates with two AA batteries that arrive with the bike for smooth functioning.

Other Features

  •  2” Speakers: The indoor cycle does not have any provision of inbuilt speakers.
  • iPod Compatibility: The indoor spin bike doesn’t support iPod compatibility.
  • CoolAire workout fan: No provision of an inbuilt cooling workout fan is made in this spin exercise bike.

Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle Workout Programs

The Schwinn indoor cycle is considered as one of the best exercise bikes of the fitness industry as it offers excellent cardio workout sessions. Moreover, it provides low-impact workout sessions that allow users with joint pains and aches to engage in cycling every day.

This exercise bike doesn’t arrive with any preset workout sessions, but considering the variable resistance levels, users can optimize their workout sessions with motivating results. Also, the basic workout vitals are displayed on an LCD monitor that makes users more energetic to achieve their fitness goals.

Cycling also helps to cut down stress levels and promote weight loss as well. Those users who need to improve their endurance levels can make their workout more productive by cycling on this Schwinn spin bike. Thus, users can maintain their total body fitness using the spin bike from Schwinn for leading a healthy and stress-free life.

Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle Warranty

The brand Schwinn is the acclaimed international fitness equipment brand that is known to provide exemplary fitness equipment to the users. The Schwinn IC3 Indoor Spin Bike is equipped with a five- year warranty on the frame, two-years warranty on parts and one year on electronics. There is also a 90 days warranty on labor as well.

Moreover, Schwinn offers a six-week money-back guarantee on its spin bikes. Thus, users can confidently buy this fitness equipment for optimal fitness outcomes in the long run.

Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle Pro & Cons


  • The sturdy steel construction of the bike adds to years of high-end performance
  • Provision of 40Ibs flywheel for smooth and consistent momentum while pedaling
  • It comes equipped with felt-pad resistance for challenging workout sessions
  • Provision of dual SPD pedals that are also equipped with toe-cages for better grip
  • It is budget-friendly fitness equipment that falls under the range of $500
  • It is compatible with wireless chest strap for tracking heart rate monitoring
  • Provision of a comfortable racing style seat
  • The availability of adjustable handlebars for optimal use
  • A reliable warranty backs it
  • Provision of a water bottle holder that is easy to reach
  • Provision of emergency brake makes it safer for the users
  • The transport wheels make it easy to use and store


  • No provision of preprogrammed workout sessions
  • No availability of an inbuilt cooling fan
  • Some users report that there is a need to add a gel seat topper on the racing style seat as it lacks cushioning
  • A few users claim that the exercise bike makes a noticeable sound at high resistance levels
  • No information is shown about the resistance on the bike
  • No provision of Bluetooth connectivity
  • The LCD monitor is not backlit


The Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle Spin Bike is recognized among the best portable stationary bikes on the market. Its top of the line features like a heavier flywheel, felt-pad resistance, wireless transmission of heart rate data, and robust build quality make it a superior fitness equipment.

It’s compact size, and adjustable handlebars, and seat add to the versatility in the workout. But, its downside is that it doesn’t have preset programs, a small-sized LCD, and no availability of an inbuilt fitness app.

So, if you seek these advanced features in your exercise bike, then we recommend the Peloton Indoor Cycle that offers 22” LCD. It can be easily synced with the Peloton app for regular tracking of data and is available under the range of $2500. It is a high-end exercise bike live streaming of workout classes and Bluetooth connectivity.

But, if you prefer to have a cost-friendly exercise bike that is revered as a close alternative to the Peloton exercise bike, then Schwinn IC3 is the top choice. Therefore, the Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle Spin Bike review states that it provides an excellent workout opportunities to the users who seek impressive performance, durability, heart rate data, and heavier flywheel for ultimate performance.

Overall, it is recommended for people who need realistic uphill/downhill cycling experience with incredible results.

FAQs of Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle

Does this Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle need batteries to operate - or it is self-generated?
The Schwinn IC3 is not a self-generated exercise bike. It operates with two AA batteries that are included in the package.
How should the Schwinn IC3 bike be adequately cleaned?
It its recommended to clean the Schwinn IC3 bike with a damp cloth using diluted water with mild liquid dish soap. It is essential to use Silicone spray on the flywheel to maintain it properly for long-term usage.
Can we wach videos on a tablet or a smartphone while working out on the Schwinn IC3 indoor bike?
This indoor cycle is intuitively designed with a media tray that provides ample space to keep the tablet, or a smartphone. Thus, users can watch their favorite workout videos, movies or listen to music while working out on this spin bike.