Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review

Sometimes, in just one feel, you come to know that you have got something special. But, when you have to spend a reasonable amount of cash to buy the most appropriate exercise bike for you that decision cannot simply depend on your feeling only. You need to spend some time researching about the types of bikes available and which suits your preferences and pocket.

Probably, you all would have heard the name of Schwinn in connection with their popular outdoor bikes. I am happy that they have got the same success in the indoor market as well. All their exercise bikes are doing well among the consumers. The recently Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike is an absolute beast among recumbent bikes.

This is where, my website helps you all. As you proceed, you will come to know that with full modesty, I have reviewed the top exercise bikes for you. I have tried to analyze and put forward the both Pro’s and Con’s of the entire top models of various exercise bikes.

Comfort Level

Recumbent bikes are known to provide better comfort than upright bikes, and this model is not an exception to this fact at all. To guarantee a higher level of comfort to all its users, the modern bike from Schwinn features an enhanced lower back support along with the padded seat bottom.

If you share the bike with any of your family members, then you can easily adjust the padded seat in aft/fore positions to enjoy a custom-made posture perfect position. There is also an addition of a vented back and bottom that makes the rider cool during the workout. The above-mentioned feature is in addition to the 3-speed fan that is provided to keep the user cool while working out even in the hottest months. Thus, heat or sweat can no longer be your reason to avoid working out with this bike at home.

Assembly and parts

Even if you are not the soundest mechanical person, you still will be able to assemble the bike with ease in just an hour or two. I agree, assembly of the bike is bugging but the best part, you have to do it only once. The manual of the bike is very explicit and by simply following the instructions I was able to assemble the bike is about an hour without any help.


• Dimensions and Weight: The bike measures 64″ x 27″ x 50″ and weighs 39.3 Kg(86.6 pounds).

• User Weight – The bike is built to support up to 136 kg (300 pounds ) of weight. That’s a pretty good range.

Step-through frame – The step-through frame design of the bike makes it easy to use for both lighting and climbing aboard.

• Workout programs – The modern bike is built-in with 29 various workout programs that allow you to customize your workout regime to suit your fitness level. As your fitness and stamina improve, you can select the most challenging workout regimes provided.

The comprised programs are 9 for heart rate and 12 for the profile. You can also choose from 4 user-defined programs to suit your fitness level. The bike is provided with 2 fitness level tests, one each for beginners, and advanced users. The bike also comes with one recovery test and another quick start program for the ones who are in a hurry!

• Resistance – Select from 25 different level of eddy current resistance to giving a challenge to your body. Start from easy level and then gradually proceed to the super challenging ones. This bike from Schwinn proves to be amazing for interval training. To help you change the resistance levels immediately, 10 one-touch select keys come handy.

•  Dual window LCD display – The bike supports a dual backlit LCD screen that helps to track the different statistics comprising of time elapsed, calories burnt, RPM, resistance, speed, pulse rate, goals, % of workout completed, course profile and many others.

Multiple user capability –The bike has the ability to record the details for 4 users. Thus, multiple members of the family can record their fitness data and use the bike to get fit!

• Speakers –For the ones, who cannot workout without some entertainment, should be glad as the bike with inbuilt acoustic chamber speakers.

• Heart rate monitor – The heart rate grips to monitor the heart rate are provided on the sides of the seat. For the ones, who do not prefer them can use a chest strap monitor as well.

• USB port – The USB port provided on the bike is compatible with MyFitnessPal, and it allows you to transfer the date from and to the Schwinn Connect™ website. You can even connect your bike with your iPad or any other similar electronic device.

Automatic shut-down – The bike automatically shuts down ones you have completed the workout.

• Accessories – The machine is designed in a way that the user is extremely comfortable like the media tray help to keep your devices well within your reach and the water bottle holder is provided on the side of the bike so that without stopping, you can take your refreshment.

Transport wheels – If you are required to move the machine from one room to another, the transport wheels of the bike are of great help.

Warranty – 10 years warranty is provide for the frame, 2 years for the electrical and mechanics components and 90 days of the labor work.

Ease of Use

Surely, the manufacturers have kept the user-friendliness in mind while designing this recumbent bike. One thing that I have loved about his bike is that it can be easily alternated from one user profile to another. This makes it a very good family bike. Simply with the click of the button, you can shift the resistance levels. Also, the seat adjustment can be done easily with the help of the seat leveler.


The bike is much appreciated by the users for the durability. Even if one compares the bike with many other commercial bikes, the quality of Schwinn 270 is found to be better.

Customer reviews

The instructions provided for the assembly are clear and easy to follow. There were very few complaints some of which were regarding the heart rate monitor and console.


Always remember, there is nothing known as a perfect bike but Schwinn 270 is nearing perfection. I found out that the fan does not work optimally even at the best of its settings. Although, I didn’t face any problems with the LCD screen, some of the users have a complaint about its brightness.

Some prefer bright LCD’s and some dark; this is the fun part of exercise bikes!


The bike has some of the features which are included in the high-end bikes. If you compare with some other recumbent bike that are priced higher, you will not be able to spot some major differences. Overall, the bike is packed with some great features and a complete package. With an impressive and comfortable build, this is surely a great addition to your home gym.