Schwinn 250 Recumbent Bike Review

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Schwinn 250 Recumbent Bike Review

If you are interested in buying an exercise machine that is great value for money deal then the Schwinn 250 recumbent bike Review offers the perfect solution. As a matter of fact, this machine is much more technologically advanced and also supports better features. Like the other Schwinn products, even this equipment is well known for durability and great quality.

It is a well-known fact that Schwinn has made a prominent place for itself in the fitness and health market. This specific model is an amazing and award winning exercise bike. It is fantastic for all those who are interested in the workout of low impact types.

Also all those who are recovering from any injury or expecting a baby can use this product with ease for achieving a decent heart rate. You will be getting the chance to set your workout programs according to your requirement and endurance level. In fact, this is superb equipment that will motivate you to exercise and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Comfort level

You will be getting comfortable backrest and seat base is sculptured. It efficiently helps in reducing the amount of pressure that you will be experiencing on your back and also help in providing relief from joint swellings. The ergonomic seat is extra-wide, and you can adjust it as per convenience. The seat pad of the bike is found to be comfortable as it is made from a rubbery that makes it durable too.

There is a console that can be adjusted with great ease on the aft, fore as well as angle position for accommodating different kinds of users. You will be getting a utility tray, bottle holder (integrated) and a blower fan that will help in keeping you cool while you are exercising. The oversized pedal design helps in adjusting diverse shoe sizes with great ease.

Parts and Assembly

This Schwinn bike is delivered to all the customers in a good package from Amazon. All the parts are labeled and well protected. The assembly is not complicated, but the inexperienced users can find it a bit confusing. But I was able to assemble the whole cycle is about 20 minutes. In case you are finding it difficult then you can refer to the instruction manual.

There are pictures given for making the task simple. If you have never really assembled this kind of equipment, then make sure that you spend at least one hour to check if all the parts are in place. But the best part is all the necessary tools are available with the package at the time of delivery. You might need someone’s help in trying to move the bike from one place to another in your house.

Specifications and Features

I won’t be getting into a detailed description of the machine’s features. I will just be talking about the major ones that include the 16 resistance levels, 16 workout programs, speakers, an input port for mp3 and telemetry as well as heart rate monitoring. The bike supports an amazingly clear LCD monitor that makes sure that you can personalize your workout without any hassles. The flywheel is perimeter heavy and offers the consistent workout as well as feel of a trouble free road. There are stabilizers and oversized levelers (built-in) that offer a great platform for stable workout irrespective of the workout’s intensity. Some of the other attractive features include:

  • Transport wheel
  • Additional storage
  • Oversized Saddle
  • Deluxe pedal that is oversized
  • Water bottle holder
  • Reading rack (retractable)

The profile editor helps in completely customizing your workout. You can also easily keep a track of your daily workout and enhance your endurance level. The monitor allows you to track down the heart rate and also change the level of resistance. The magnetic resistance system is advanced and quiet.

Thus, you can listen to your favorite tunes while working out or watch something entertaining. The magnetic resistance is totally smooth, and the construction is rugged. I feel that one of the best features is the two Polar Heart rate control program. You can easily set the desired heart rate and after doing this the resistance level is automatically adjusted to match with it. Usually, this feature comes in very expensive models like the commercial exercise bikes. The fact that this bike offers this fantastic feature shows that investing in this model is a practical choice.

Ease of Use

The exercise equipment is very sturdy and easy to use. At the same time, you get to work out as per your requirement. It supports several features and programs, but it is not very tough trying to understand the functioning of the bike. The display is clear, readable and easy to use. You get to work with two different profiles and track your entire performance.

Another attractive feature is the big console where you get to place your iPad/Kindle or reading material. You will be getting an extended pause. Thus, you can conveniently get off the cycle for taking a break and get started from where you left without any difficulty.


There have been a few concerns about the translation of the list of features given in the manual to the real ones on the bike. Many users find the whole concept that one level means one program very confusing. Although the bike is very quiet, you get to listen to a click sound when you change the resistance levels. You actually can let go off these minor cons with pros of the bike being impressive.

Customer Reviews

Most of the customers say that they have faced no problem with the bike even after years of use. This makes it a perfect value for money. Also, some of them complained about the seat being uncomfortable.


If you are looking for a good quality and reasonably priced bike, then you must go for this smart product. You shall not regret your decision after you plan to invest in this bike. The machine is an amazing investment and will help you to reach the desired fitness goals easily.  You get to select from a wide variety of workout options, and you will never get bored.