Best Semi-Recumbent Bikes 2021

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Best Semi-Recumbent Bikes 2021

We have reached a point in time where workout has to be a part of our daily routine or else every other thing we usually have can’t be done because of bad health. People are well aware of the danger of an unfit body and are now ready to work out on a daily basis.

Find it like an exaggeration? Search on the web for home gym equipment and you will understand what we are talking about. You will find a huge number of options to choose from. The Semi-recumbent bike is one such equipment that has gained a lot of popularity these days. It offers comfortable workout experience and this may be the reason for its popularity.

We too felt the same, semi-recumbent exercise bikes are one of the best fitness equipment for home gyms. The best semi-recumbent bikes can be a great fitness companion for people with joint aches and back pain problems.

Top 3 Semi-Recumbent Bike For 2021


What Is A Semi-Recumbent Bike?

As the name suggests this is a hybrid machine, a perfect cross between upright bikes and recumbent bikes. Its specific design gives it an upper hand among all the other home gym equipment. You are not forced to change your position or bent back uncomfortably while using this bike. And that gives you a comfortable ride.

People often find it as comfortable as sitting on a sofa. So, you will be getting a comfortable sitting position with it. The seats are padded and the position can be adjusted by sliding it backward and forward. All these contribute to less fatigue while working out making you less bored and more motivated during workouts. This literally translates to more workout time, therefore better health. They don’t cause any damages to your knees and are in fact good for your joints.

Things To Look For In Semi-Recumbent Bikes

Factors to be considered while selecting a recumbent bike:

1. Space: The space available for you cannot be changed so it is a major concern for you to estimate the space that is actually available in your home. For this, reserve a space in your home where you are planning to place the bike, a place you can comfortably workout without any disturbance.

Then take note of the dimensions of the bike and match them with each other. If you have too little space then you can choose foldable bikes. It can be folded and placed wherever you want after the workout saving you a lot of space after working out. You can consider buying Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike.

2. Comfort: As we told, these are popular for one major reason. And that is the comfortable rides provided by them. So make sure that the best semi-recumbent bike you choose provides you with a comfortable riding experience. Padding on the seat is an important thing to consider. Premium machines even have well-ventilated seats.

These can keep your seat cool making it more comfortable. The pedal you ride on must be comfortable too. Adjustable pedals are also a good addition for a better ride. A good grip is always advised when you get any fitness equipment so that you get a good hold while working out. Get a well-textured handlebar for a firm grip on the bike.

3. Resistance: Workout intensity can be adjusted by changing the tension resistance. Cheaper variants usually have manually adjusted pedal tension. A mere turning of the knob is enough to change the resistance level. In advanced bikes, resistance levels can be changed by pressing buttons and using the monitor screens.

4. Weight Capacity: If you are normal weight, then this is not a big concern but if you are heavy then it must be a big concern. Semi-recumbent bikes usually have a capacity of 300lbs so if you weigh more than that get one with better weight capacity.

Extra Features to Help You in Finding the Best Seni-Recumbent Bike

Extra features are additional features so they may not be seen as an important thing to look for but maybe they will change your whole buying decision.

1. An LCD screen is always a good feature to get in the semi-recumbent bike. In cheaper bikes, you may see small screens while on expensive ones you can get better and bigger screens. For Example, Spirit XBR25 Recumbent Bike.

2. Bigger screens are always better because they give you detailed information like the calories burned, time and the heart rate.

3. Some models have water bottle holders and fans. They might look unimportant but they are quite useful when you workout for longer hours.

You must also know the difference between recumbent and semi-recumbent bikes to know what difference they have to offer.

How Do Recumbent and Semi-recumbent Bikes  Differ?

1. Joints: The recumbent bike is gentle on the joints and that’s a good thing because most of the equipment causes harm to joints. Unlike upright bikes, they cause less weight strain on joints due to their position because of this they are less impact exercise machines. Semi-recumbent bikes exert a little more pressure on joints but they aren’t that noticeable.

2. Muscles Worked: Both types of bikes are good on the lower body including the parts like glutes, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, and calves. If compared side by side, recumbent bikes gives more workout to glutes and hamstrings. Semi-recumbent bike helps in upper body workout more than recumbent ones because it needs more body support while working out.

3. Seat – Riding Position: In semi-recumbent exercise bikes, the seating is higher. You may need to step up in order to get on top of the bike. But the positioning of the seat is such that you will be more active as you will need to support yourself to stay firm. In recumbent bikes, you will be leaning towards the backrest more giving you more comfort.

4. Calories Burned: Calories burned are almost similar on both the bikes. Actually, it is much more dependent on the intensity of the workout you are willing to do with the bikes. If you are sitting in an active position then there is a possibility of burning calories when you are on a semi-recumbent bike as you will be engaging more of your upper body. But since you are having very comfortable seating on the recumbent bikes you will end up working out for longer thus burning more calories.

5. Stability: Both types of bikes are very stable exercise bikes but you might feel that recumbent bikes are more stable and they are too. They are much lower to the ground. Moreover, their bigger seats provide more support too.

6. Cost: Semi-recumbent bikes are comparatively cheaper than recumbent bikes. There are many basic models available for you to select from. A base variant can be bought for as low as $200 like Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Bike. Recumbent bikes are also available at this price point but you will be missing out a lot of features in them.

7. Extras: The best recumbent bikes have pre-installed workout programs, media centers and sockets for connecting your personal electrical equipment. You can play the music through the available speakers too.

8. Console: Semi-recumbent bikes have a basic console which will display the basic things that you require for your workout. If the recumbent bikes are priced above $300, then you can expect to get pre-installed workout programs, track your progress and have workout profiles and much more.

9. Comfort: Comfort usually is very much related to your seats. The better the seats the better is the comfort. Semi-recumbent bikes have oversized bike seats with proper backrest. Some people find the seats digging into the legs when riding on them because of the posture they are supposed to keep. With bigger seats and bigger backrest, recumbent bikes give better comfort to the users. You can easily replace the seats in semi-recumbent but it’s not that easy when it comes to other types of bikes.

10. Support for Back: Both the recumbent bikes and semi-recumbent bikes give proper support for the back. But recumbent bikes have a larger support making it very easy to lean on. But in semi-recumbent bikes, it is a bit difficult since the leg is in the front position.

11. Space: Recumbent takes up more space than the other type because your feet are in front of you while you take the ride. An extra room is therefore required to accommodate your legs. While in semi-recumbent bikes, this extra length is adjusted by the higher height. Moreover, semi-recumbent bikes are mostly foldable types too so you will be saving a lot of space in that way too. If space your concern, then Semi-recumbent bikes are the ones you are looking for.


We can guarantee that getting the best semi-recumbent bikes won’t ever be a bad decision. They can keep your body healthy in the comfort of your home. They will be a good investment for your home gyms. There are many options for you to choose from so check out the factors we mentioned before making the purchase. Even the minor factors might become important for you later on so don’t neglect our advice.

We found Exerpeutic WORKFIT 1000 to be a good performer if you wish to work out while working on your laptop. If you just need a basic one then Exerpeutic 400XL Exerpeutic bike is a good choice. For the people who need upper body workouts, they can also go for Sunny Health & Fitness Foldable indoor bike. Anyway, choose the best semi-recumbent bike for your needs. Ultimately, it depends on you to decide on your health.

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