ProForm Studio Pro Indoor Bike Review

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ProForm Studio Pro Indoor Bike Review

The ProForm Studio Series has only one indoor cycle – the ProForm Studio Bike Pro. It is a mid-priced indoor cycle and blends technology and performance to give its users a challenging workout. It is an upgrade over the previous Tour De France models.

The ProForm Studio Bike Pro has dimensions of about 64.75″L x 25″W x 59.25″H. This bike offers 22 levels of digital resistance and has a 10” smart HD touchscreen which will show you the workout statistics and help you track your progress.

Read through our ProForm Studio Bike Pro 2021 Review to learn more about its specifications, features, pros, and cons. The bike is quite mobile and can be moved around with ease due to its large transport wheels. The bike is quite sturdy and durable because of its construction which is made out of commercial-grade steel.

The seat is quite comfortable as its design is quite ergonomic and it also has padding. This indoor cycle comes with handlebars that are adjustable in various positions. This exercise bike comes with some amazing features and is on our list of best indoor cycles for home use.

Best Suited to Whom?

The ProForm Studio Bike Pro has been designed in a way that it can fit anybody of any size. The bike’s handlebars, pedals, seat, and resistance can be easily adjusted. This bike is perfect for trainees who can benefit from personalized coaching as well as on-demand studio classes.

This ProForm bike is the best machine for workout goals like weight management, cardiovascular health, and muscle toning. Check out some of the best indoor bike exercises to know which workouts you could probably do with your bike.

ProForm Studio Pro Indoor Bike Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The Proform Studio Pro Bike Assembly process should not take you more than about 40-60 minutes if you follow the bike manual/instruction properly. Also, the required tools come with the bike.

There are not many parts that have to be assembled and hence the process is quite easy. However, ensure that you assemble it properly, as in case you do not do so, the warranty does not cover any damage.

Design and Build Quality

The ProForm Studio Bike Pro makes use of a Watts display that is color-coded. This is quite a useful feedback regarding the level of exertion. It also gives you a clear picture of your speed, heart rate, calories burned, and similar session data. All this data is logged in your iFit profile for future reference.

When it comes to ergonomic adjustability, the ProForm Studio Bike Pro can be used by a range of riders. The seat of this bike comes with vertical as well as horizontal adjustment.

The handlebars can either be raised or lowered to match your required riding posture. For the purpose of comparison, you could check out our NordicTrack GX 4.4 Pro 2021 Review.

The indoor cycle makes use of Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR) which increases durability and ensures quiet operation. The pedals on the ProForm Studio Bike Pro are dual-sided and the user has the option of toe straps and clips.

The pedals and seat of this bike are universal and give their owners the choice to choose their preferred components. Have a look at some of our best indoor bikes 2021.

The seat of this bike is padded and is ergonomic. This seat can be adjusted about 4” horizontally (Forward and/or backward) as well as 13” vertically. The console comes with a water bottle holder which ensures you stay hydrated during the workout.

The bike also comes with a holder for dumbbells of 3 pounds which are offered with this bike. There are transport wheels which make it quite convenient to move the bike around easily.

The console is iFit-enabled and has a full-color touchscreen of 10-inches along with WiFi connectivity. It is well-equipped with Bluetooth as well as in-built workout programs which are a great advantage when you purchase the ProForm Studio Pro bike.

The manufacturer also offers a one-year iFit Coach subscription free of cost which enables the user to select from a wide variety of workouts inclusive of high-intensity studio workouts and cycling trails across the world. You can always renew the subscription at a monthly fee.

ProForm Studio Pro Indoor Bike Features


The ProForm Studio Bike Pro comes with a full-color touchscreen of 10”. This enables the user to have a look at their workout statistics and various data like speed, calories burned, distance, etc. The console enables you to begin your in-built workout program or get connected to the iFit Coach.

In addition to this, the console pivots at 180 degrees. Once you get off the bike, the console can be shifted in case you have to do any off-bike workouts like stretching or yoga, etc. Have a look at the other exercise bike reviews to know about the various offerings of the brand ProForm.


The bike comes with a very comfortable seat. It can be adjusted as per the requirement of the user. It is a 4-way adjustable seat and can suit users of various heights. The user can also interchange it with a standard bike seat in order to get a custom fit.


The handlebars of the ProForm Studio Bike Pro can be adjusted upwards or downwards and this ensures it is a good fit for most of the riders. The bike itself has an ergonomic design and the multi-position adjustable handlebars are non-slip and reduce the fatigue which allows the user to ride for a longer duration.

Incline Decline

The bike offers a 20% incline and decline. This adds a realistic training experience to the user’s workouts. The bike can integrate with iFit Coach and adjusts the incline and decline automatically to imitate the actual landscape which you are riding.


Going uphill or downhill, the resistance varies to make your ride more enjoyable for you. The bike comes with 22 levels of digital resistance which can be adjusted via the touchscreen as well as buttons that are on the sides of the monitor.

Caged pedals

Similar to the bike’s seat, the pedals of the ProForm Studio Bike Pro are interchangeable. The pedals offer the user a choice of either toe clips or toe straps.

The user has the choice to swap out and has their preferred components in case they want to change a few things. Though the pedals are cage clips, they can be switched to either SPD clips or any other preferred pedals.

Weight Capacity

The Studio Bike Pro can withstand a user weight of 250 pounds. So, this bike will work well with most of the users.


The ProForm Studio Bike Pro comes with a flywheel that weighs about 25 pounds. The flywheel is fixed as the bike is a fixed-gear bike.


The bike comes with two large transport wheels which help in easy movement of the Studio Pro.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring

The bike is iFit-enabled and comes with a 1-year free subscription as well. It is also WiFi-enabled which lets the user connect the device with the iFit app or any heart rate straps.


(i) 3 Pound Dumbbells: The bike comes with a free pair of dumbbells of 3 pounds each. These are stored conveniently in the console area. These help you work out on the upper body as well.

(ii) Tablet Holder: The bike has an adjustable tablet holder located right above the console. This enables the user to watch their favorite movies, tv shows, or even access emails or social media while working out.

(iii) Speakers: The ProForm Studio Bike Pro comes with two small speakers that are in-built into the console. An auxiliary port is also provided which enables the user to connect the bike to a good sound system and listen to the spin class workouts of iFit.

ProForm Studio Pro Bike Indoor Workout Programs

The ProForm Studio Bike Pro has access to LiveCast studio classes as well as Personal training from the iFit Coach Plus.The LiveCast classes ensure that the user gets a new spin class every day.

The instructors create workout sessions that engage the whole body and you can also make use of the dumbbells provided with the bike to work on your upper body, do push-ups, etc. You can also flip the screen of the bike as it is adjustable. You can also compare the Proform Studio bike Pro vs NordicTrack S22i.

The ProForm Studio Bike Pro comes with a free 1-year iFit Coach Plus membership which helps the user to create customized workouts and gives recommendations for nutrition, fitness, and sleep.

Also, the workouts are being filmed in amazing scenic settings from all over the world which ensures your workout choices are fresh and motivating.

ProForm Studio Pro Indoor Bike Warranty

The ProForm Studio Pro bike has an excellent 10 years warranty on its frame. The manufacturer also offers a warranty of 2 years on its parts and one year of labor coverage. ProForm exercise bikes also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ProForm Studio Pro Indoor Bike Pros & Cons


  • The bike has a large 10” HD full-color touchscreen that pivots
  • It comes with free one-year membership of iFit Coach Plus
  • The bike has 2 speakers along with an audio port
  • The bike has two dumbbells of 3 pounds each which helps you work on the upper body
  • It makes use of Silent Magnetic Resistance System
  • The pedals are dual-sided
  • The handlebars and seat of the bike are adjustable
  • The bike comes with a water bottle holder
  • The bike has transport wheels
  • The manufacturer offers an excellent warranty


  • The bike does not have a fan
  • The handlebars are only 2-way adjustable
  • The bike is not compatible with the iPod
  • It does not have ANT+ Connectivity


The Proform Studio Bike Pro is indeed a next-generation indoor workout bike that has been created to offer its users a realistic experience. It also ensures the users get a personalized training feel. The bike has a lot to offer – from a free iFit subscription for a year to adjustable seats, handlebars and pedals,this exercise bike is not just an average bike.

The 22 resistance levels along with the incline and decline ensure that the user gets a challenging workout every single day. This bike is best suited for beginners as well as intermediate level fitness enthusiasts.

Experienced cyclists will definitely love the amazing features of this bike and take their training a level ahead. This is one of the best indoor exercise bikes for home use and if you are looking for a good bike with technology and some amazing features, then this one is a good pick!

Proform Studio Bike Pro FAQ

I live in small apartment^ is this bike best suited for me?

The Proform Studio Bike Pro is silent, the only sound it makes is the iFIT volume, thus the bike is literally on mute with no sound. Although, the bike doesn't fold it comes with wheels in front to move it after the workout, if you don't have a dedicated place for it. 
Can the bike incline?
There is no incline or decline on the Studio Pro. If you are looking for a bike with this feature then we suggest you NordicTrack s22i or s15i. 

Where all the bike can be adjusted?
The bike can be adjusted at three points. The handlebars of the bike move up and down. The seat post also moves up and down. you can also move the seat carriage forward and backward. Thus, customize the bike to suit your height for maximum output.