Proform Folding X-Bike Elite Upright Bike Review

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Proform Folding X-Bike Elite Upright Bike Review

The Proform X-Bike Elite Upright Exercise Bike is one of the best exercise bikes for home use. This bike falls into the affordable range of exercise bikes and has offered some upgrades thereby improvising on the original version of the X-bike of ProForm.

The ProForm X-Bike Elite Exercise Bike is one of the least expensive exercise bikes by ProForm, however, there are a few main features that are generally found in the high-end machines of ProForm which have been included in this Bike.

This bike falls in our list of best indoor spin bikes under $500. This bike offers the iFit Bluetooth capability, 10 levels of resistance, cushioned seats that are oversized, an EKG Grip Pulse to track the Heart Rate, and also 2 dumbbells of 2 pounds each.

Read through our ProForm X-Bike Elite Exercise Bike 2021 review to know more about the features and specifications of this exercise bike. The bike with its minimalistic design saves on space and is good for those who have small houses or live in apartments.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Proform X-Bike Elite is a good exercise bike for light workouts or workouts that are moderately low-impact. This bike works well for many levels of fitness.

A rider who is less experienced might be able to use this bike for intense cardio workouts along with a little strength training which is possible due to the 2 dumbbells of 2 pounds each that come along with the bike.

The ProForm X-Bike is a good option for people having a lower budget. The bike comes with about 10 resistance levels which are an improvement over the original version. However, for a professional or fitness expert, this might not be good enough.

A professional rider may find this bike good for a light ride or a warm-up. This ProForm exercise Bike is best-suited for users weighing around 200 pounds or lesser.

Proform Folding X-Bike Elite Upright Bike Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The ProForm X-Bike Elite exercise Bike Assembly is an easy task. The manual comes with pictures that help in the easy assembly of this bike.

Design and Build Quality

The ProForm X-Bike Elite exercise Bike is an upright exercise bike that ensures its users get an intense workout. The seat is located right over the pedals and this has recreated the feeling of riding a traditional road bike and gives its users the capability to move freely while they train.

Additionally, upright bikes require lesser space and they are ideal for small workout areas. The handlebars of this bike have EKG Grip Pulse Heart Rate Sensor which is quite easy to read and access. The seat is oversized and cushioned which makes them quite comfortable, thereby making a long ride go easy on your backside.

The exercise bike offers two dumbbells of 2 pounds each which are placed at the back of the seat. This allows a user to include strength training to their cardio programs. The pedals of the ProForm X-Bike Elite exercise Bike run very smoothly and it ensures that your ride is very quiet and nobody else is going to be distracted by the sound of the bike ride.

Check out some of our best exercise bikes 2021 for comparison of models. The ProForm X-Bike Elite exercise Bike is very compact and has a foldable design which ensures that space is not an issue. It weighs about 43 pounds and is easy to move around when you finish working out.

Proform Folding X-Bike Elite Upright Bike Features


The inertia-enhanced flywheel ensures the ride is smooth and quiet which is great for working out early in the morning or while you watch TV and workout simultaneously. This lets you work out without disturbing anybody at any time of the workout.

Magnetic Resistance

The bike comes with 10 levels of resistance. The user can begin with a light resistance as a warm-up and then move on to levels of higher intensity as and when your stamina builds up.


The bike comes with an oversized, cushioned, and adjustable seat. The seat ensures all your workouts are very comfortable, and this helps you ride for longer durations and also helps in increasing your level of fitness and endurance.

The seat can be adjusted to suit the height of any user. Just like the X Bike, the ProForm X-Bike Elite Exercise Bike comes with a seat that can be adjusted only vertically and you cannot move the seat back and forth.

LCD Display

This ProForm Exercise bike comes with an LCD display that provides basic yet important feedback on the time elapsed, distance, calories burned, and speed.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Users can monitor their heart rate with the help of a heart rate monitor which is in-built as sensors on the handlebars. The two grip-sensors on the handlebars have been built-in conveniently. In a few seconds, you can have a look at your heart rate as and when you train.

Cooling Fans

The bike does not offer cooling fans.


The bike has pedals with straps. It holds the feet in place firmly when you work out on the bike. The pedal runs quite smooth and the bike ride is very quiet so nobody will get distracted by the bike sound when you ride it.

Compact and Foldable

The bike can be easily folded up and is light in weight. It weighs about 43 pounds and can be moved around easily. Once you have finished using the bike, it can be folded and stored easily. The frame of the bike is quite small and the bike requires very little space.

Transport wheels

The bike has in-built wheels which make the movement of this bike quite simple, fast, and easy.

High Weight Capacity

The ProForm X-Bike Elite exercise Bike can withstand a user weight of 250 pounds.

Two dumbbells

The ProForm X-Bike Elite exercise Bike comes with two 2 pound dumbbells which allow the user to do get some strength training done during their cardio workout.

Proform Folding X-Bike Elite Upright Bike Workout Programs

Though The Brand Proform, X-Bike Elite Exercise Bike is minimalist in nature and does not offer any pre-set workout programs, it does have the feature of being iFit Bluetooth Coach-enabled. You can access the iFit Bluetooth Coach with the help of your Bluetooth-enabled tablet or smartphone.

A lot of amazing features are offered like the GlobeTrek – it functions with Google Maps and provides the users with the option of riding in any location all over the world. You could also get into a virtual spin class which is motivating as well as fun. The iFit program comes at a cost of $15 per month, according to the iFit website.

However, the iFit subscription is not offered with the ProForm X-Bike Elite exercise Bike. You will have to purchase the subscription separately.

Proform Folding X-Bike Elite Upright Bike Warranty

Proform offers a warranty of 1-year on the frame and 90 days on the parts. The warranty is quite short for this bike.

Proform Folding X-Bike Elite Upright Bike Pros and Cons


  • It is an iFit Coach Bluetooth Smart Enabled Bike
  • The bike has in-built EKG Grip pulse sensors
  • The bike comes with 10 resistance levels
  • It has an adjustable, oversized and cushioned seat
  • Two dumbbells of 2 lbs each are offered with the Bike
  • It is foldable, light-weight and saves on space
  • The inertia-enhanced flywheel gives you a smooth and quiet ride
  • The pedals have straps which hold your feet in place
  • It has an LCD screen which helps you monitor your progress


  • The bike offers only low-moderate resistance
  • The user weight capacity is low at 250 pounds
  • The warranty offered on the frame and parts are very short
  • The bike does not include an iFit subscription
  • The seat cannot move backward and forward but can be adjusted only vertically


The ProForm X-Bike Elite exercise Bike is a good entry-level ProForm Exercise bike that is available at a reasonable price. It is a good bike for a beginner who wishes to add some cardio workouts into their workout routine, without splurging on a high-end and expensive machine which will need a lot of space in your house as well.

ProForm has improvized its original Proform X Bike by the addition of certain features which are standard requirements that can be found on other bikes. What appeals to us is the simple design of the ProForm X-Bike Elite exercise Bike!

The bike is iFit Bluetooth enabled and this covers up for the lack of pre-set workout programs, however, this iFit subscription has to be purchased separately, and this extra expense brings down the appealing factor of the bike. You can look into some of our best exercise bikes for home use.

The X Bike Elite has a small frame and its foldable SpaceSaver design are the features that set it apart. The bike can be easily stored once you are done working out. So, if you are not very keen on the high-end features and want an exercise bike that can give you a moderate-impact workout at an affordable price, this exercise bike is a good pick.

Proform X-Bike Elite Exercise Bike FAQ

I weight around 150 lbs and a beginner^ will this bike suit me?
Proform X-Bike Elite is ideal for light to moderate low-impact workouts. Thus, if you are a beginner, the bike works very well with your present fitness goals. Also, you can add some strength training to your regime as it contains dumbbells of 2-lb weights. The bike is best suited for people who weigh around 200 lbs or less.

Also, the pro-riders find the machine ideal for warm-up or light ride.

We live a small apartment^ will this bike suit us as we have space contraints?
The Proform X-Bike Elite Exercise Bike easily folds up and is lightweight as weights under 43 lbs thus very easy to move. It is great for storage purposes and can be folded up after using. 
I am 5'2"^ is the seat adjustable to suit my height?
Yes, the height is adjustable and suits all varied heights. We must say that the seat is highly comfortable due to oversized cushioning. Thus, makes it really comfortable to exercise.