ProForm Duo Exercise Bike Review

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ProForm Duo Exercise Bike Review

ProForm Duo Exercise Bike is recognized as one of the top-selling exercise bikes for home use as its dual functionality adds to its impressive performance. The striking feature that makes it top-notch fitness equipment at affordable pricing is its effortless transition from an upright bike to a recumbent bike.

The provision inertia-driven flywheel makes the workout extremely smooth and noise-free. Also, the availability of 14 workout programs offers an exciting opportunity to the users to make their workout more engaging and challenging.

Proform Duo exercise bike boasts of Bluetooth connectivity and iFit compatibility to provide additional workout programs to the users. Additionally, Google map training routes offer a plethora of workout options to the users. Read the detailed ProForm Duo Exercise Bike review 2021.

Furthermore, the recumbent bike comes packed with a comfortable chair that can be adjusted in an upright or semi-recumbent bike position. The self-leveling pedals, handlebars, media shelf, LCD, and folding design makes it one ofthe best buy equipment of the year 2021.

Best Suits to Whom?

The ProForm Duo Exercise Bike is approved among the fitness enthusiasts as the most preferred exercise bike for home use. This exercise bike is ideal for people who need to reduce their calories and get in a perfectly fit shape.

As this fitness equipment quickly switches from an upright bike to a recumbent bike, so, it turns out to be a great deal for home users for having low-impact workout sessions. Also, this fitness equipment provides a gentle and quiet workout that is required for people having back, joints, and knee problems.

Those users who require versatility in their daily exercise regimen can find this exercise bike incredibly useful as they can utilize Google map training routes. Along with this, the users can maximize their output with iFit connectivity for optimal results.

Consequently, this exercise bike is revered as the best exercise bike for the home below the price of $250 that makes the workout more promising and result-oriented.

ProForm Duo Exercise Bike Assembly, Design & Build Quality


This assembly of Proform exercise bike is easy and straightforward as all the guidelines are explicitly mentioned in the manual. It usually takes one and a half-hour to assemble it correctly, and it is ready for use. Besides, if the user prefers to opt for professional services for assembling, then he requires to incur extra cost for it.

Design and Build Quality

When you first look at the ProForm Duo Exercise Bike, you can notice its minimalistic design that combines a recumbent and an upright bike. Also, the space-saver design of this exercise bike makes it precise for space-crunched areas as it can be folded easily after the workout.

The steel frame of the bike supports intense workout sessions with a maximum user weight capacity of 250 Ibs. The exercise bike functions with Silent Magnetic Resistance and inertia enhanced flywheel that offers smooth and quiet operational efficiency.

This exercise bike has got the dimensions measuring 40.25″ x 20.25″ x 49, and it is accessorized with a comfortable seat. The pedals of the bike are convenient with pedal straps and provide a natural pedaling motion without putting pressure on knees and joints. Handlebars are designed for an upright position at the front.

Also, there are handles at both sides of the seat for reclining position for using as a recumbent exercise bike.The exercise bike provides an LCD screen, Bluetooth connectivity, and a dedicated tablet holder along with transport wheels. Overall, it is one of the best exercise bikes for home-based users.

ProForm Duo Exercise Bike Features

Heart Rate Monitoring

The ProForm Duo exercise bike doesn’t come equipped with a heart rate monitor. The users are required to buy an additional device and tie it to their body to monitor heart rate.

Nevertheless, the users can measure the speed, distance covered, and miles and can improve their performance with different resistance levels available on the bike.

LCD Display

The exercise bike is accessorized with an LCD that displays time, distance, speed, calories burned, and miles. The LCD console’s angle can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the user. Thus, users can view the vitals of their workout easily by simply adjusting the angle of the console.

Adjustable Seat

This dual exercise bike supports a comfortable and padded seat that can be adjusted vertically. Thus, the users can make a quick transition from a reclining position to an upright position and changing the level of the seat as well.

Silent Magnetic Resistance

This exercise bike is equipped with a Silent Magnetic Resistance that allows for a smooth pedaling motion every time the user exercise on the bike.

The quiet motion of the bike makes it suitable for home use, and users can exercise with varied resistance levels ranging from high to low intensity and vice-versa.


The exercise bike comes equipped with comfortable pedals along with pedal straps for safety and smooth pedaling motion.

Flywheel Weight (lbs)

The ProForm exercise bike is equipped with 14Ibs inertia enhanced flywheel that makes exercise sessions smooth and consistent with natural stride.


This exercise bike supports front handlebars for the upright stationary bike. The recumbent bike users can opt for the side handlebars that are placed on both sides of the seat.

Electrical Outlet Required

The power adaptor helps the functioning of this exercise bike with precision.

Compact Size

This exercise bike supports a smaller footprint with dimensions 40.25″ x 20.25″ x 49, making it highly suitable for small areas.


The front-mounted transport wheels make it easy to store this fitness equipment after use.

High Capacity

The exercise bike proves effective for 250Ibs user weight offering durable performance.

Inertia-Enhanced Resistance

The inertia-enhanced flywheel offer provides natural pedaling motion with consistency. The faster-gear ratio along with accurate placement of the weight helps this bike to endure intense workout sessions.

Tablet-Holder above Console

The users can place their tablets on the well-designed tablet holder to enjoy their workout videos or movies and a lot more.

Other Features

  • Sound System: This exercise bike doesn’t support an auxiliary port for music.
  • Water Bottle Holder: No provision of a water bottle holder in this exercise bike.
  • Cooling Fans: This exercise bike is not equipped with a cooling fan.

ProForm Duo Exercise Bike Workout Programs

Pre Set Workout Programs: This exercise bike arrives with 14 inbuilt workout programs that offer versatile options to the users to achieve the desired level of fitness.

This exercise bike enables the users to burn calories, tone the lower body, and provides overall fitness of the body. Moreover, this exercise bike comes packed with a smart app called iFit, and the user can connect the bike to the app via Bluetooth.

This app is compatible with Apple and Android devices and the users can select their workout from infinite possibilities. There is the availability of Google map training routes that allow users to choose their workout program as per their convenience and fitness level.

The iFit app also enables the users to create their customized workout programs and suggest recommendations according to records. Also, the users can benefit from the recommendations of the app regarding food, sleep and diet plans for attaining optimal fitness levels.

ProForm Duo Exercise Bike Warranty

The Brand Proform believes in offering reliable customer services to its users, and warranty forms an essential part of their services. On this exercise bike, ProForm provides a five-year warranty on frame, with a ninety-day warranty on parts and labor.

ProForm Duo Exercise Bike Pros and Cons


  • A sturdy steel build for durable performance
  • The dual benefit of an upright bike and recumbent bike
  • 14 Ibs flywheel for smooth pedaling
  • 14 inbuilt workout programs
  • Provision of Silent Magnetic Resistance for quiet operational efficiency
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • iFit compatibility along with access to Google maps training routes
  • Compact and foldable design for easy use and storage
  • Transport wheels add to the flexibility of usage
  • Cost-effective equipment under the range of $250
  • Provision of adjustable LCD console
  • Integrated tablet holder
  • Easy assembly
  • Padded seat that can be adjusted vertically
  • Comfortable pedals and handlebars for easy use


  • Some users find the iFit subscription costly
  • The LCD is not backlit that makes it difficult to view the workout data
  • Not suitable for tall users
  • Some users feel customer service is not up to the mark
  • Users need to purchase separate equipment for having wireless heart rate monitoring
  • Warranty is too less
  • The resistance level may not be perfect for expert users
  • No provision of a music port
  • No provision of a water bottle holder and a cooling fan


The ProForm Duo Exercise Bike is one of the best exercise bike as its dual designing makes it an excellent option for users.This exercise bike proves to be the perfect fitness equipment for beginners. As its 14 Ibs flywheel with smooth pedaling motion makes it great for torching calories with low-impact workout sessions.

The access to Bluetooth connectivity with iFit membership brings a lot of challenging workout sessions for users.But, if you require an exercise bike for intense sessions, then Bladez Echelon GS Indoor Cycle is recommended. It offers 40 Ibs flywheel with advanced features at less than $400.

Conversely, ProForm Duo Exercise Bike would be a great addition to your workout schedule if you are a novice user and have budget constraints. It offers all necessary features rolled in a dual design that makes it incredible fitness equipment for home users.