ProForm 8.0 EX Upright Bike Review

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ProForm 8.0 EX Upright Bike Review

ProForm 8.0 EX Upright Bike is recognized as one of the best-selling exercise bikes 2021. It is an entry-level upright stationary bike that offers all the premium features of an advanced exercise bike at affordable pricing.

The key-selling features of this upright bike include iFit Coach compatibility, Bluetooth connectivity, Silent Magnetic Resistance, 16 Ibs inertia-enhanced flywheel. Proform upright stationary bike offers the build quality of commercial-grade fitness equipment.

The 30 workout sessions, EKG heart rate monitor, pre-programmed resistance buttons make a viable choice for home-based users. Read the detailed ProForm 8.0 EX Exercise Bike review 2021.

Besides, the provision of an auxiliary port, tablet holder with a firm grip feature, 3-piece crankshaft, and oversized cushioned seat makes a reliable partner in your quest to become fit and healthy.

Best Suits to Whom?

The ProForm 8.0 EX Upright Bike is viewed among the best upright stationary exercise bikes that is designed for low-impact cardio sessions. This exercise bike proves a boon for those who need to torch extra calories and get back in perfect shape.

This exercise bike works on the abdominal muscles by keeping the body in an upright position as compared to the reclining position in a recumbent exercise bike. Thus, the upright position helps to bring the torso and upper body muscles in toned shape with improved fitness levels.

This fitness equipment turns out to be an excellent deal for those users who require to enhance their metabolic rate and burn fat at a much faster rate. Also, the users who require constant guidance from a fitness coach would find this upright bike highly beneficial for their fitness requirements.

The iFit Coach Ready feature of this exercise bike makes the customized workout sessions for the different users. Overall, this fitness equipment proves to the best deal for fitness enthusiasts with its pricing at less than $500.

ProForm 8.0 EX Upright Bike Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of the ProForm exercise bike is pretty time-saving and straightforward as it comes in the partly assembled form. The crank, resistance mechanism, flywheel, and transmission belt arrive in the pre-assembled form. The users have to add the console mast, seat, pedals, console, bases, and handlebars.

The machine is ready to use after you attach the console wires to the bike. The Proform 8.0 ex upright bike manual provides detailed and easy instructions to finish the task in one and a half-hour. If the user prefers to opt for assembly by a professional, then he has to pay for it separately.

Design and Build Quality

The first look at ProForm 8.0 EX Exercise Bike is quite impressive as its commercial-grade built quality with steel tubing with anti-corrosion paint makes it durable. This upright bike is sleek and aesthetically pleasing with its cushioned and padded seat.

Also, the padded seat is vertically placed above the pedals that make the cycling experience more realistic like an outdoor bike. There are 14 holes for adjustment in the seat bar at 1” distance that allows the user to comfortably adjust the height of the seat as per their convenience.

The handlebars have a multi-grip feature with elbow rest that makes them highly convenient for users. The bike is designed with a smaller footprint measuring 42″L x 23″W x 61.5″H, making it a compact bike for space-crunched areas.  The 18 Ibs inertia-enhanced flywheel with a belt drive system provides a smooth pedaling motion.

The console is another highlight of the upright bike that offers a backlit display with heart rate monitoring. The exercise bike supports auxiliary port for music, CoolAire workout fan, a dedicated tablet holder, and a water bottle holder.  Therefore Proform exercise bike proves to one of the best-selling portable stationary bikes of the brand.

ProForm 8.0 EX Upright Bike Features

Heart Rate Monitoring

The ProForm upright stationary exercise bike is equipped with an EKG heart rate monitor. The users have immediate and direct access to their heart rate monitoring through the hand-grip sensors that are located on the handlebars.

Also, users can view their heart rate continuously while engaging in a simple to rigorous workout sessions.

LCD Display

This equipment by ProForm comes accessorized with a 5” backlit LCD. It displays essential workout parameters like speed, calories burned, time, distance, rpm, and heart rate. Also, the LCD console’s angle can be suitably adjusted by tilting and pushing the screen and thus, get an accurate view of the workout.

Adjustable Seat

ProForm 8.0 EX Exercise Bike supports a comfortable seat that can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. Furthermore, the seat is oversized and adequately cushioned to provide the necessary support to the users.

Silent Magnetic Resistance

8.0 EX Exercise Bike has got a Silent Magnetic Resistance that provides a frictionless and smooth pedaling stroke without any noise. Thus, the users can enjoy cycling with 25 different levels of resistance and can achieve the desired results with various intensity levels.


The oversized pedals easily fit into any user’s feet with comfort and added safety of the straps. Thus, the user can enjoy his workout rather than fixing his feet on the pedals.

Flywheel Weight (lbs.)

ProForm exercise bike comes equipped with 16 Ibs inertia enhanced flywheel. It helps to provide the smooth pedaling stroke each time you start a workout on the exercise bike. Whatever the intensity of your workout, the pedaling motion is perfectly smooth.

3-Piece Crank System and Freewheel Clutch

The three-piece crank system of this exercise bike makes it durable for intense performances.


8.0 EX Exercise Bike comes equipped with comfortable multi-grip handlebars having the elbow rests as well that help to ease out unnecessary pressure from arms.

Electrical Outlet Required

The power adaptor helps to charge the console of this exercise bike.

Compact Size

8.0 EX proves to be a compactly designed machine with its smaller footprints measuring 42″L x 23″W x 61.5″H.


The front-mounted transport wheels play a crucial role in using and storing the exercise bike efficiently after the workout.

High Capacity

The upright exercise bike supports a maximum user weight of 300 Ibs.

Inertia-Enhanced Resistance

The inertia-enhanced flywheel is meant to provide comfortable and smooth exercise sessions to the users. As there is a perfect correlation between the quick gear ratio and the total amount of weight distribution on the bike, the user can experience real-time cycling with confidence.

Oversized Leveling Feet

The oversized leveling feet of the exercise bike helps to avoid wobbly situation even on the surfaces that are not flat.

Tablet-Holder above Console with DeVice Grip Design

The users can watch workout videos or their favorite movies with the use of a tablet. This upright bike is designed with a dedicated tablet-holder just above the console having the DeVice Grip design that assures the quality-driven performance with close access to the tablet.

Other Features

  • Sound System: There are inbuilt dual 2” speakers on this exercise bike that supports iPod and MP3 along with offering a USB charging station as well.
  • Water Bottle Holder: A water bottle holder on this exercise bike keeps the users well-hydrated and motivated during the intense workout sessions.
  • Cooling Fan: Provision of the cooling fan is there to make you comfortable during the intense workout sessions.

ProForm 8.0 EX Upright Bike Workout Programs

Pre Set Workout Programs: This upright stationary exercise bike offers 30 inbuilt workout programs to the users. The users can pick up their preferred goals like calorie burnout, intensity, performance, and incline.

The users can optimize their performance with iFit Coach Ready facility that comes with a $144 annual subscription. But, it is a yearly payment and offers a plethora of customized workout training programs to the users that are supervised by the coach.

The users can connect their exercise bike with iFit via Bluetooth, and the whole world of GoogleTrek workout sessions is open for the users. Furthermore, the user can maximize his potential by using the vast library of LiveCast workout classes to make their workout more challenging and result-oriented.

The weight-loss workouts programs designed by Jillian Michaels and audio lessons from her make you work harder even more. Therefore, the user can transform his exercise room into a customized gym having a personalized coach for deriving excellent outcomes.

ProForm 8.0 EX Upright Bike Warranty

Proform believes in offering the par-excellent services to its customers and warranty is one of them. On this upright bike, the user derives lifetime warranty on frame with two-year on parts. Besides, there is a one-year warranty on labor. Thus, a reliable warranty on this fitness equipment makes it a recommended choice for users.

Pros and Cons of ProForm 8.0 EX Upright Bike


  • Commercial-grade built quality with 16 Ibs flywheel
  • 25 resistance levels with SMR resistance
  • EKG heart rate monitoring
  • Provision of iFit Coach Ready
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB charging port with an auxiliary audio port
  • Provision of 30 workout programs
  • Front-mounted transport wheels for mobility
  • 300 Ibs user capacity
  • Provision of extra-wide pedals and straps for added safety
  • 5” backlit console with adjustable console angle
  • Provision of a CoolAire fan and a water bottle holder
  • Compact size fitness equipment with a smaller footprint
  • Cost-effective as it falls under a range of less than $500


  • 16 Ibs flywheel is not sufficient for avid users
  • Regular maintenance is required
  • For using iFit Coach benefits, the users have to buy an annual subscription for $144
  • It is an entry-level model that is recommended for beginners only
  • The chest strap is not included in the bike


The ProForm 8.0 EX Exercise Bike is generally accepted as one of the best upright stationary exercise bikes. As it put forth the advanced features of iFit Coach Ready feature with Bluetooth connectivity and personalized workout sessions, this exercise bike is recommended for starters.

The key striking features of the Proform upright bike with a cooling fan, water bottle holder, heart rate monitoring makes it perfect for fitness enthusiasts. But, this exercise bike has a small flywheel with 16 Ibs capacity that may not provide compelling workout sessions for seasoned fitness enthusiasts.

So, the users can opt for Nordictrack GX 4.6 Pro that offers a heavier flywheel and all premium features at less than $1000.But, you are a beginner and requires a smart and well-designed bike with features of a gym-quality bike. Then Proform 8.0 EX Upright Bike is the best buy exercise bike 2021 for your fitness goals.

ProForm 8.0 EX Exercise Bike FAQ

What are the extra features provided in 8.0 EX bike?
The extra features provided in the bike are a removable tablet computer shelf that can securely hold your computer thus you can enjoy a movie, videos, or an interactive iFit Coach views. There’s also a jack for your smartphone player. A set of 2″ speakers is built into the bike’s console thus, you never get bored while working out. 

For accurate heart rate monitoring, 8.0 EX is equipped with a CardioGrip™ heart rate monitor and is fully compatible with Bluetooth Smart wireless chest straps. To help you keep cool, there is a water bottle holder and a two-speed console fan. Small wheels are attached for moving the bike after exercise though the bike is not foldable. 
How do you compare 8.0 EX with other bikes?
The 8.0 EX has pulse grips to help to stay in your heart rate target zone. Though, it doesn’t provide telemetric heart rate monitoring like the Schwinn 270 Recumbent and the Nautilus U618. The maximum user weight is 300 pounds which are good as compared to Proform bikes where normally the weight range is 275 lbs. The XTERRA Fitness FB350 accommodates 225 pounds. 
Who Should Choose the ProForm 8.0 EX Upright Stationary Bike?
The 8.0 EX is an entry-level fitness machine due to the light resistance offered. The training programs can help people maintain manage weight, flexibility, and get cardiovascular conditioning with light strength training.