ProForm 440 ES Recumbent Bike Review

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ProForm 440 ES Recumbent Bike Review

ProForm 440 ES Recumbent Bike is acknowledged as one of the best exercise bikes 2021 for low-impact workout sessions as it comes packed with all premium features. The pivotal feature line of this exercise bike supports advanced iFit compatibility, Bluetooth connectivity, and in-built training programs.

The key striking feature of this exercise bike is its comfortable mesh chair that offers adequate lumbar support to the users making it a referred equipment for physical therapy. Proform recumbent bike is an entry-level model from the brand, and its current price drop makes top-selling fitness equipment for users.

It supports advanced heart rate monitoring with 18Ibs flywheel, and an auxiliary port for iPod dock or MP3 player, that makes it rank among the recommended choice of the home-users. Read the detailed ProForm 440 ES Exercise Bike review 2021.

Along with this, the recumbent bike provides the large pedals, three-piece crank system along with a freewheel clutch, adequate resistance levels, and workout fan that makes exercise sessions more engaging.

Best Suits to Whom?

The ProForm 440 ES Recumbent Bike is revered among the top-selling exercise bikes for home-use as it supports the low-impact workout session. It is beneficial for relieving the pain in the back, spine, and other sensitive joints. This recumbent is ideal fitness equipment for those users who require to lose weight, maintain a healthy body, and toning the muscles.

It is also highly advised fitness equipment for users who are in the process of physical therapy. Its comfortable and padded seat helps in engaging in different workout sessions. Some people prefer to have a lot of variation in their daily exercise regimen; then those users can enjoy their workout with inbuilt exercise programs.

Along the iFit Coach brings an unlimited option for the users as well. Therefore, this exercise bike is recognized among the best recumbent bike for the home under $500 that offers advanced features with incredible performance.

ProForm 440 ES Recumbent Bike Assembly, Design and Build Quality


This assembly of Proform recumbent bike is easy and quick as the mainframe, seat system, and resistance system come in the pre-assembled form. As the instruction guidelines are explicitly mentioned in the user manual, it becomes super-effective for the users to attach the remaining parts.

But, the assistance of another person is highly recommended as attaching the LCD console, seat and handlebar would require precision. However, the user can seek professional help with extra payment.

Design and Build Quality

The key striking feature of ProForm 440 ES Exercise Bike is its step-thru design without any bike bar that makes it simple and easy to use the machine. The frame of the recumbent bike is sturdy enough to support intense workout sessions with its steel build.

The exercise bike is equipped with Silent Magnetic Resistance and operates with a smooth and quiet flywheel. The 3-piece crankshaft supports the pedaling through the challenging resistance targets. Also, the freewheel clutch provides real-time outdoor cycling experience to the users.

The dimensions of this exercise bike are 52″ x 22.25″ x 58.9″. This bike provides the reclining position to the user that supports the back, hips, and provides a wide area for leg section, unlike other stationary upright bikes. The less stress on the upper body and open space for legs makes it an ideal bike for physical therapy.

The exercise bike can support 350Ibs user weight and has a backlit LCD with Bluetooth support and iFit Live Coach provisions. The lumbar support provided by the fully-ventilated mesh seat with support handlebars and extra-large pedals makes the design of this recumbent bike more comfortable for versatile usage.

The availability of a water bottle, a cooling fan, transport wheels, heart rate monitoring, tablet provisions makes it rank among the premium fitness equipment of the market.

ProForm 440 ES Recumbent Bike Features

Heart Rate Monitoring

The ProForm recumbent exercise bike arrives with an EKG heart rate monitor. The two inbuilt hand-grip sensors are designed into the handlebars of the exercise bike. The easy access to the cardio grip sensors makes it quite effective for users to monitor their heart rate conveniently throughout their workout session.

LCD Display

ProForm 440 ES Exercise Bike is designed with a 5” backlit LCD that shows workout parameters in speed, time, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and rpm. The angle of the console can also be adjusted by pushing and tilting the screen to meet the requirements of the workout.

Thus, users can view the LCD screen in front of them at the right angle that helps to attain an accurate view of the workout statistics.

Adjustable Seat

This recumbent bike arrives with the provision of a comfortable seat that is well-ventilated. The mesh seat provides adequate cushioning and support. The users can customize the fit by using the easy-glide support of the seat. Further, users can adjust the seat both vertically and horizontally to have an optimized comfort level.

Silent Magnetic Resistance

440 ES comes packed with Silent Magnetic Resistance that offers a smooth and quiet pedaling motion. The 25 levels of resistance allow users to improve their strength and stamina by using different levels of intensity.

Also, the users can make transitions from low to high-intensity levels and vice-versa by using the one-touch control that is adequately positioned on the console.


It has oversized pedals that can easily fit any user and the straps further help to keep the feet on their place firmly.

Flywheel Weight (lbs)

This ProForm exercise bike supports 18Ibs inertia enhanced flywheel that offers a smooth pedaling motion. Thus, users can experience real-time bike riding at outdoor locations.

3-Piece Crank System and Freewheel Clutch

The exercise bike comes packed with a three-piece crank system and a freewheel clutch. These features make this bike durable for steady performance even during intense sessions. Besides, the bike simulates the biking sessions on real-adventurous trekking locations.

Cardio Grip Sensors

There is a provision of cardio grip sensors that are positioned on the handlebars for effective heart rate monitoring. No wireless heart rate monitoring offered.


This recumbent exercise bike supports the handlebars that are meant to provide added support and stability to the users. They are stationary.

Electrical Outlet Required

The power adaptor makes this exercise bike operate with accuracy.

Compact Size

With smaller footprint 22.25” W x 59” D x 52” H, this exercise bike is a compact fitness equipment. It is highly suitable for all rooms and spaces whether large or small.


The front-mounted transport wheels make this fitness equipment a highly mobile bike that is easy to use and store.

High Capacity

440 ES exercise bike supports 350Ibs user weight owing to its sturdy build quality.

Inertia-Enhanced Resistance

The provision of inertia-enhanced flywheel helps to provide smooth and natural pedaling motion. The provision of a faster-gear ratio along with perfect placement of weight makes this recumbent bike durable for intense workout sessions.

Adjustable Leveling Feet

ProForm 440 ES Exercise Bike remains stable owing to the leveling feet that avoids disbalance of the machine on a rough surface.

Tablet-Holder above Console

The users have access to the tablet holder that is placed above the console. It provides a clear view of workout videos, movies, or Netflix series in an uninterrupted manner. Also, the user can keep himself motivated by watching his preferred videos while working out.

Other Feature

  • Sound System: This exercise bike supports a 3.5 mm jack that supports an iPod unit or MP3 player along with a USB charging port.
  • Water Bottle Holder: The recumbent bike supports a water bottle holder that helps the users to stay hydrated and well-motivated during workout sessions.
  • Cooling Fans: This exercise bike is accessorized with a CoolAire workout fan that comes equipped with two setting options and can be accessed through one-touch controls.

ProForm 440 ES Recumbent Bike Workout Programs

Pre Set Workout Programs: This exercise bike comes packed with 32 inbuilt workout programs that offer a wide variety of workout options for users. The users can prefer to opt for workout programs, including calorie burnout, speed programs, and enhancing endurance levels.

This exercise bike helps in toning the body, with low-impact and high-result cardio sessions that prove encouraging for different users. The recumbent bike supports iFit Live Coach via Bluetooth connectivity on the tablet screen.

The users can virtually train themselves on the different terrains of the world with the help of Google maps or use the pre-planned routes. Using the iFit Live feature, the users can download the workout programs of Jillian Michaels.

She is a celebrated fitness trainer who also helps the users to have personalized training programs, diet consultation, and tracking performances. Thus, users can turn their training room into a personalized gym with live audio lessons from the coach to enjoy ultimate fitness levels.

ProForm 440 ES Recumbent Bike Warranty

Proform brand equipment is known for its reliable performance and strong warranty support. Therefore, ProForm provides the lifetime warranty on frame, two-year on parts, along with a one-year warranty on labor.

Thus, having an adequate warranty on the recumbent bike builds the reputation of the brand for providing high-end support to its users.

Pros and Cons of ProForm 440 ES Recumbent Bike


  • 18-Ibs inertia-experienced flywheel
  • Silent Magnetic Resistance for quiet and smooth workout sessions
  • Cost-effective bike at less than $600
  • 32 inbuilt workout programs for versatility with iFit Coach
  • Adjustable tablet holder, water bottle holder and cooling fan provision
  • Bluetooth connectivity and a USB charging port
  • Provision of extra-wide pedals with straps
  • The comfortable and padded mesh seat
  • Availability of iPod connectivity with two inbuilt speakers
  • Easy mounting and demounting from machine
  • One-touch controls for amazing results


  • 18Ibs flywheel may not prove challenging for serious trainers
  • Using the iFit Coach includes $99 annual subscription that every user may not prefer to use
  • The use of iFit Coach facility requires the tablet as the LCD doesn’t display the workout screen
  • Access to the heart rate monitoring buttons quite uncomfortable on the front of the console screen instead of on the side of the seat


The ProForm 440 ES Exercise Bike is indeed one of the best exercise bikes of 2021 that offers a plethora of advanced features at competitive pricing.

This recumbent bike stands out for its cutting-edge workout programs, iFit Coach, unlimited access to workout provisions, high-build quality. It offers all the advanced features that make it perfect for home-based users. But, its limited flywheel capacity with 18 Ibs can’t be motivating for serious fitness enthusiasts.

So, if you prefer to have sound flywheel for intense workout sessions, then NordicTrack Commercial Vr21 Recumbent Bike is recommended. It offers all break-through features at less than $1000.However, if you require an affordable and easy to use the machine with impressive features, then nothing comes close to ProForm 440 ES Exercise Bike.

It is a progressive machine with state of the art design to provide a decent cardio workout for beginners and advanced users. Therefore, users can keep themselves fit and healthy with the best exercise bike for incredible health benefits.

ProForm 440 ES Recumbent Bike FAQ

I live in a sharing apartment^ thus do not want a noisy bike. Will 440 ES suit me?
The ProForm 440 ES is almost silent, even when you pedal hard, the bike doesn't make any sound that will disturb your flatmates. Also, you get to choose from 25 resistance settings just with the push of a button. Plus, the bike was designed to give you smooth pedaling the whole time.
Why should I buy ProForm 440 ES?
The Proform Bike comes with iFit membership that offers thousands of workouts across the globe led by some of the best trainers across the world. Thus, you are engaged throughout and reach your fitness goals easily. You do not get bored while on the Proform Bikes. 
Does 440 ES bike burn belly fat?

With 440 ES, you can build your core and leg strength slowly while building up your endurance at the same time. Apart from losing fat on your belly, you can also lose fat in other parts of your body as well. The more calories you burn while you're working out, the more fat you'll burn from all over your body. Thus, slowly you should increase the resistance levels provided and increase the intensity of the workout.