ProForm 400 SPX Indoor Spin Bike Review

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ProForm 400 SPX Indoor Spin Bike Review

ProForm 400 SPX Indoor Spin Bike is viewed among the best exercise bikes 2021 for home-users that offers intuitive designing, engaging features, and amazing performance levels.

This is an entry-level spin bike from the brand that comes packed with technologically-driven features that are found in all ProForm equipment.

The exercise bike comes packed with 40 Ibs inertia-enhanced flywheel with smooth pedaling motion and interactive LCD screen. The steel durability of this exercise bike along with easily adjustable knob and Quick stop braking system makes it par-excellence fitness equipment.

Read more here with detailed ProForm 400 SPX indoor spin Bike review 2021. Also, this exercise bike supports adjustable seat with padding, large-diameter adjustable leveling feet, and a chain drive offers a better and enriching experience of bike exercise sessions.

Best Suits to Whom?

The ProForm 400 SPX Exercise Bike is a recommended fitness equipment for those users who require to lose body fat and enhance the flexibility levels of the body. People who are inclined to tone their muscles, particularly the leg muscles can optimize the results by working out on this exercise bike.

Users who need to maintain a check on their cardio health should get ahead with this exercise bike. As it helps to improve blood circulation and reduce stress levels with a considerable improvement in the working out the lungs and enabling the body to have better utilization of the oxygen.

It, in turn, improves the respiratory function and amazing workout experience.Furthermore, the workout on this exercise bike proves to be offering the low-impact sessions that make it viable equipment for people having joint pains.

Overall, it is recognized among the top-selling indoor spin bike under $500 that shows impressive functioning with basic features.

ProForm 400 SPX Indoor Spin Bike Assembly, Design and Build Quality


This exercise bike weighs 130 Ibs and requires the assistance of at least one person who can help you to assemble the machine. The assembly becomes all the more easy and quick when the guidelines and instructions are followed thoroughly.

Besides, the user can also opt for the professional assembling services, but that won’t include in the total cost of the equipment.

Design and Build Quality

The first thing one notices about ProForm 400 SPX indoor Bike is its sturdy build quality as it showcases a steel-welded frame. The frame’s reliable build quality makes this equipment highly durable and result-oriented. Also, the corrosion-resistance paint adds to the shelf-life of this equipment.

The dimensions of this equipment are 40″L x 21″W x 42″H, and it supports a fully adjustable knob for changing the resistance levels. The exercise bike can provide excellent results with its maximum weight capacity of 250 Ibs.

The LCD display of this exercise bike is quite interactive as the users can have workout statistics. The flywheel offers the natural striding experience along with the smooth pedaling motion.

It offers the comfortable seat with padding, multi-position handlebars, pedals with toe-clips for convenience of the users. The provision of transport wheels, the Quick Stop button, and ease of usage make it rank among the best exercise bike of the year 2021.

ProForm 400 SPX Indoor Spin Bike Features

LCD Display

The exercise bike comes equipped with an LCD screen that provides valuable input about speed, distance, time, and calories burned. There is also a scan feature in the LCD monitor that helps to show the workout statistics automatically, and the inbuilt odometer displays the total distance covered by the user.

Adjustable Seat

This exercise bike offers a comfortable padded seat that has the provision of the adjustable feature. Thus, users can adjust the seat either vertically or horizontally to customize their seat as per their comfort level.

Manual Adjustable Tension

This fitness equipment comes packed with the manual adjustment tension knob that allows the practical use of the bike. The provision of dial tension adjustment with a pushdown brake provides an impressive workout challenge.

Also, the availability of wool felt pad provides a much smoother experience of cycling with even resistance.


The exercise bike is designed with adjustable pedals that are equipped with straps and toe-cages. Thus, the comfort of the user is maximized as he can adjust the pedals according to his requirement.

Flywheel Weight (lbs)

This exercise bike offers the smooth pedaling motion with a 40 Ibs inertia enhanced flywheel. The better distribution of weight and faster gear ratio allows for the smooth and natural striding.

Quick Stop Braking System

The exercise bike can be stopped by pushing the resistance knob downwards. It would help to stop the exercise bike immediately. Thus, the Quick Stop braking system adds to the safety of the users.

Pulse Grip Type

There is no availability of pulse grip sensors on this bike. But, the users can read their heartbeat by working out for the four minutes on the exercise bike, then stop it.

After that, the user needs to put first two fingers on the wrist and get the six-second count on the heartbeat, and multiply it by 10 to get results. For example, if the heart rate count is 16 in a six-second time, then multiply it with 10 and the heart rate is 160.

Adjustable Handlebars

This fitness equipment supports the adjustable handlebars that can be customized in a vertical direction to help avoid overstretching. Besides, the extra-large handlebars with commercial-grade quality and non-slip coverage make it a premium feature of the exercise bike.

Electrical Outlet Required

The power adaptor helps to make this equipment work efficiently.

Compact Size

Weighing 130 Ibs, this machine is heavy equipment that needs adequate care in the use and maintenance.


The transport wheels make it convenient for users to store the exercise bike after workout sessions.

High Capacity

The exercise bike is equipped with a sturdy frame that can support a maximum weight of 250 Ibs.

Direct Chain-Drive System

This exercise bike supports the direct chain-drive system that is meant to provide a realistic experience of cycling in a much better way.

Adjustable Leveling Feet

The fitness equipment comes packed with adjustable leveling feet that prevent the wobbling of the bike in the uneven surfaces.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The ProForm exercise bike doesn’t provide heart rate monitoring. But still, the users can keep a close check on their calorie count in the display of workout statistics.

Other Features

  • Sound System: This exercise bike doesn’t support an inbuilt sound system.
  • Water Bottle Holder: The exercise bike comes packed with a water bottle holder to keep the user well-hydrated during workout sessions.
  • Cooling Fans: This exercise bike is a simple machine that doesn’t have cooling fans. But, many other features make this equipment worthy of investment. These features include a commercial-grade steel frame, durable chain drive system, and a lot more.

ProForm 400 SPX Indoor Spin Bike Workout Programs

This exercise bike is not packed with inbuilt workout programs. But, the user can achieve their fitness goals using the adjustable resistance knob on the bike.

This exercise bike can be used to have improved cardiovascular strength, stamina, and lose body fat as well. It is advised to begin by simple stretching exercises as a warm-up session, followed by 20 to 30 minutes of cycling.

The whole session must be concluded with a cool-down session to give adequate rest to the entire body. Thus, users can achieve their fitness goals by effectively working out on this exercise spin bike.

ProForm 400 SPX Indoor Spin Bike Warranty

The fitness enthusiasts prefer to buy fitness equipment that must support valid warranty coverage. Thus, ProForm offers the 5 years warranty on frame, 90 days on parts, along with 90 days warranty on labor. Therefore, the warranty back up makes ProForm equipment more reliable, and users have the confidence to rely on the brand.

Pros and Cons of ProForm 400 SPX Indoor Spin Bike


  • Commercial-grade steel build quality
  • 40 Ibs flywheel for smooth striding experience
  • Provision of manually adjustable knob for resistance settings
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Direct chain drive system offers a realistic biking experience
  • Valid warranty support
  • The Quick-Stop braking system for the safety of the users
  • Transport wheels make it a mobile equipment
  • Non-slippery, large-sized handlebars
  • Provision of adjustable leveling feet adds to the stability of the bike
  • Provision of the water bottle holder


  • Some users find it a bit noisy machine as compared to other high-end exercise bikes.
  • Require regular lubrication for smooth performance
  • No provision of heart rate monitoring
  • No access to Bluetooth connectivity
  • No provision of inbuilt audio system


The ProForm 400 SPX indoor spin Bike is a power-packed performer whose interactive features and high-grade built quality makes it the best buy equipment for home users.Being an entry-level spin bike, it offers easy to use features that make it a recommended equipment for users who require simple exercise bike.

Considering its prominent features of adjustable resistance knob, adjustable seat, multi-position handlebars, the bike offers easy access to any user. Also, the safety of the users is given holistic relevance with Quick Stop button and adjustable leveling feet that don’t make it unstable in uneven platforms.

But, if you prefer to have a heart rate monitoring along with Bluetooth connectivity and a cooling fan, then you must upgrade to NordicTrack GX 2.7 U Upright Exercise Bike. It is available under $500.

However, if you prefer to have a commercial-grade quality exercise bike that offers all basic and essential features; then buying the ProForm 400SPX indoor spin Bike is recommended for your fitness goals.