Precor UBK 615 Upright Bike Review

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Precor UBK 615 Upright Bike Review

Precor UBK 615 Upright Bike Assurance Series is a commercial-quality exercise bike, built for home use. Precor manufactures club-like machines with great innovation, even for home use. This is the reason it is one of the leading manufacturers of health equipment.

This upright bike comes from Precor’s Assurance Series and is a versatile machine. It is loaded with a plethora of features and is designed with excellent biomechanics. It delivers the smoothest and most natural cycling motion due to its pedaling biomechanics. It can cater to people of all body types and heights.

Read the Precor UBK 615 Upright Bike Assurance™ Series review 2021 here and know more about this beautiful machine and how it will help you achieve your fitness goals faster.

Best Suits to Whom?

The Precor UBK 615 Upright Bike Assurance Series is a club-quality machine built for home use. If you are looking for a health-club like performance at home, then you must go for this Assurance Series Upright Bike.

It is perfect for novice and intermediate trainees as it is gentle on the knees. Also, it is a low-maintenance bike but has a high level of comfort, build quality, and workout variation. It is rated as one of the best upright bikes for home use. Its price is entirely justified by the number of features it offers. It is one of the best upright exercise bikes under $2500.

Precor UBK 615 Upright Bike Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The manufacturer does the majority of the assembly of this Upright Bike by Precor. The main body, i.e., the pedal crank and resistance system comes pre-assembled. You have to set it on the base stabilizers with bolts.

The user manual which comes along the package contains illustrated diagrams and explanations to carry out the rest of the assembly part. The overall ordeal will take a maximum of 30 minutes, and since it is not a heavyweight machine, you can easily lift it.

Design and Build Quality

The design of this Assurance Series Upright Bike by Precor is perfect. It is a reliable exercise bike with a very low level of maintenance. It delivers a smooth and efficient cycling motion. Its seat is intuitive and adjustable for a wide range of users to use.

The saddle design allows more freedom of movement in your legs; the touch sensors help in accurately measuring the heart rate, the handlebars are ergonomic, custom-designed, and are over-molded. They allow three-riding positionscruising, upright, and road racing. The pedals of this bike are wide and dual-sided.

The display is a streamlined LED window which displays the workout readouts like – Resistance Setting, Speed, Workout Duration, Heart Rate, etc. The six workout programs and 25 levels of resistance provides a wide variety of workout options.

The built of the UBK 615 Upright Exercise Bike is of high level. The brand Precor has given a commercial-machine like build quality to this bike. It has a rust-resistance steel frame and a cosmetic topcoat which makes it more durable. It delivers a versatile cardio workout without impacting the knees and joints.

It is biomechanically engineered to provide comfort and efficiency. It has an improved KOPS (Knee Over Pedal Spindle) geometry to give an efficient pedal motion. It is a compact machine that comes with integrated transport wheels. Its size is ideal to fit into the corner of an average-sized room.

Precor UBK 615 Upright Bike Features


The seat of design of this upright bike by Precor is an improved, ergonomic design which gives excellent comfort due to the injection-molded polyurethane. It has a custom density for optimal riding comfort.

This seat has a wide range of seat adjustment settings with the help of a pop-pin. You can achieve the desired height for pedaling by adjusting the seat. To achieve proper pedaling biomechanics, the seat post angle should be 74 degrees with a 5-inch offset from the crank axle.


The console of Precor UBK 615 upright bike is a streamlined LED window. The console has many language settings – English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanized Russian. It displays the electronic readouts like Calories, Speed, Distance, Profile, Heart Rate, SmartRate, Time, Percent Complete, etc.

It is also adapted for high tech entertainment like it has optional 15-inch Personal Viewing Screen (PVS) and iPod/iPhone compatibility. This is a standard Precor console but does not support Preva Fitness app integration for tracking the performance.

For the Preva Integration facility, you may check the Precor UBK 835 Upright Bike Experience™ Series. It also comes with a QuickStart option wherein you can start the workout with just a push of a button.

Magnetic Tension System

This Precor Upright Bike has a single-stage drive system which yields quiet and smooth operation of the bike. It gives a consistent resistance progression due to the 3-phase generator/eddy current system.

It needs less maintenance and provides noiseless operation. This machine offers 25 resistance levels, which lets you work on each body muscle at different levels.

Heart Rate Monitoring

You can measure your heart rate via the touch sensors which are mounted on the handlebars or by the Telemetry. Its advanced pulse readouts let you know whether you are working in the optimal heart rate zone or not.

This machine is also equipped with SmartRate Program, which helps in keeping you within your target heart rate zone.

Crank System

This upright bike has a 3-piece compact crank system which is tightened nicely and does not need periodic adjustments. The 170mm crank arm is capable of accepting a mountain bike or a road pedal.

High Capacity

This is a light-weight machine, but extremely robust. It can take weights up to 350 lbs without wobbling during the workout.


The foot pedals of this Assurance Series exercise Bike by Precor are over-sized and dual-sided. The pedals are weighted with adjustable straps to fit in any foot size. The bearings and axles of the pedals are designed for smooth operation and have a great service life.

Leg Stabilizer

This machine comes with base stabilizers, which add sturdy to the whole system.

Other Features

  • Play Music: You have an option of connecting your mobile device with this unit, to enjoy music while working out.
  • Water Bottle Holder: The UBK 615 upright bike comes with an integrated water bottle holder to keep you hydrated while exercising.

Precor UBK 615 Upright Bike Workout Programs

Preset Workout Programs: The Precor UBK 615 Upright Bike Assurance™ Series offers six workout programs. These are – Hill Climb, Interval, Heart Rate, Manual, Random, and Weight Loss.

They are well-designed and can turn your regular workout session into a fruitful and effective one. These programs are good enough to provide your daily dose of exercise. These workouts are exciting and prevent muscle adaptation.

Precor UBK 615 Upright Bike Warranty

Precor is a brand also famous for its finest warranties on all its products. The UBK 615 upright bike comes with a Lifetime Warranty on Frame and 10-years on Parts. Customer Support is efficient and prompt to provide you with expert solutions and makes sure you have a working machine at home, all the time.

Their Return Policy is great, which states that you can return the machine within 30 days of purchase, if you are not satisfied.

Precor UBK 615 Upright Bike Pros and Cons


  • The handlebars have three positions for holding
  • The pedals are dual-sided and oversized, with adjustable straps
  • The 25 resistance levels offer a wide range of workout options
  • The six preset programs help in achieving your fitness targets
  • The seat is adjustable to a user of any height


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • No performance tracking option


The above review of the Precor UBK 615 Upright Bike Assurance Series tells us that is Precor’s lowest-priced upright exercise bike for home use. It gives a super-smooth cycling experience and three different riding positions – cruising, upright, and road racing.

This machine is the most affordable way to get a gym-like workout at home. Its 25 resistance levels, six workout programs, P10 console, KOPS ergonomics and adjustable saddle makes it a perfect choice for the home.

You also have the option of upgrading it with mobile device compatibility and 15-inch personal viewing screen. It can fit in any household and can be easily maintained. It is truly one of the best-selling exercise bikes for home.

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