Precor Exercise Bikes Review
Precor Exercise Bikes Review

Precor Exercise Bikes Review

About the Brand

Precor is a US company, founded in 1980 by David Smith, and was named as Precision Corporation. Right from the beginning, it has garnered a lot of respect and recognition, mainly due to its innovation and quality. Its first cushioned treadmill came out in 1990, and they have never looked back since then.

Precor makes high-end, commercial-grade exercise bikes that have an ergonomic design. It ensures that its customers are happy and satisfied at all times. It has framed fantastic extended warranties on its products along with helpful customer service. Precor is a brand that will never let you down as it keeps coming up with the best of the best equipment in the market.

Why Precor Stands out Among the Rest?

Precor stands out among the rest, mainly because of its dedicated vision and mission to change the face of the fitness equipment industry. You will surely see a Precor Exercise Bike in every gym or health club you visit, as it is one of the top brands selected by fitness centers.

Its machines can withstand multiple users and long hours of use each day. Precor has the best to offer and at a comfortable price too.

Precor Exercise Bikes Series

Precor builds outstanding cardio machines, which have superior design and deliver a smooth, comfortable workout. These exercise bikes become very popular for home use and offer lower-priced versions for residential use. Let’s have a look at the types of Exercise Bikes built by Precor.

Precor Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Recumbent exercise bikes by Precor are known for delivering a great cardio workout. They help in strengthening the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and some significant muscles of the body. They help in good pumping of the heart and help in building stamina. They also develop muscles in a different way than upright bikes.

The reclined position of these bikes offer exceptional comfort and support the back muscles by reducing the amount of pressure on it. You can easily set and use the pedals comfortably on a recumbent exercise bike.

Following bikes come under the Precor Recumbent Exercise Bikes:

1. Precor RBK 615 Recumbent Bike Assurance Series – It is an entry-level bike and is one of the best-selling recumbent bikes for home use.

2. Precor RBK 835 Recumbent Bike Experience Series – It is one of the best commercial bikes under $4000.

Precor Upright Exercise Bikes

The Upright Exercise Bikes are the most used form of indoor bikes. They are easy-to-use by everyone and give excellent results. They deliver a low-impact cardio workout and are ideal cardio machines, even for senior people.

They are also called as Stationary Bikes. Precor makes upright bikes with a heavy-duty frame, large comfortable pedals, adjustable saddle and much more. It has Precor’s Standard Line of Consoles and some free entertainment options as well.

Here are the two Precor Upright Exercise Bikes:

1. Precor UBK 615 Upright Bike Assurance Series – It is a perfect bike for novice and intermediate exercisers and is one of the best exercise bikes under $2500.

2. Precor UBK 835 Upright Bike Experience Series – It is an excellent commercial bike and is one of the best upright bikes under $4000.

Precor Indoor Cycles

Precor comes with some world-renowned Spinning Indoor Cycles. They give a riding experience which everyone dreams of. These cycles come with numerous adjustments for a comfortable fit and have a heavy perimeter-weighted flywheel, which gives the iconic Spinner feel.

These bikes are durable, reliable and robust. They have an optional Studio console with a large backlit display. These cycles are designed with experience and expertise, which makes them the most-liked indoor cycles in the market. The

Spinner Indoor Cycles under the Precor Brand are:

1. Precor Spinner Rally – It is an affordable cycle for home and commercial use, and is one of the best Spinner Bikes under $2000.

2. Precor Spinner Shift – It is a commercial use exercise bike and is one of the best indoor cycles under $2000.

3. Precor Spinner Ride – It is an entry-level indoor cycle that is ideal for small commercial spaces. It is one of the best Spin Bikes under $2500.


Pros and Cons of Precor Exercise Bikes


  • The exercise bikes built for commercial use can also be used in homes
  • Precor has a reputation for innovation and quality in its products
  • All these bikes are self-powered
  • They feature Precor’s patented SmartRate Heart Rate System
  • They come with great adjustability options for a comfortable ride


  • They do not come with Bluetooth and entertainment options
  • No cooling fans


Precor Exercise Bikes are the top-rated biked in the fitness industry. They are the most-liked bikes due to their amazing built, fantastic features, adjustability options, entertainment options and safety features. You will not find a single health club that does not own a Precor equipment.

This brand stands true to its word and delivers the best with each new model. So, if you want to own a new machine for your home, or your commercial gym, then there is no other brand than Precor which will give you the latest innovative technology and designing in its machines.

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