NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike Review

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NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike Review

NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike is recognized as one of the best exercise bikes for home use as it offers low-impact cardio workout sessions. It is a recumbent style exercise bike that is packed with features at affordable pricing. Know the details with our in-depth NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike review 2021. 

This exercise bike arrives with a step-thru design that makes it extremely comfortable for the users to get in and out of the bike quickly. The exercise bike has got 22 levels of resistance with a traditionally designed bike base. The well-ventilated and cushioned seat along with the cushioned pedals.

Make the users extremely comfortable while working out. This exercise bike boasts of 5” LCD screen that has got iFit compatibility and 24 inbuilt workout programs. Also, the exercise bike comes equipped with decent warranty coverage along with all.

The amenities that make it reliable and trustworthy fitness equipment. The provision of a self-adjusting cooling fan, water bottle holder and built-in sound system enhances its usability for intense workout sessions.

Best Suited to Whom?

The NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike is viewed as the best exercise bike for home-based users owing to its immense health benefits. It is the perfect exercise equipment for all those users who need to have the best cardio sessions with low-impact training.

There won’t be any harm to the joints and knees while working out on this exercise bike. All those users who suffer from joint pains and knee pain should opt for this exercise bike. Furthermore. The users can workout on their lower body, increase joint mobility.

And also cut down the excess calories by working out on this fitness equipment. Also, the users who need to customize their workout as per their specific requirement should also go for this exercise bike.

Overall, it is the best exercise bike under $500 that is packed with impressive features and functionalities for a fantastic performance.

NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike Assembly, Design & Build Quality


This NordicTrack exercise bike weighs 145 pounds and thus need at least the help of one person to get it assembled properly. The users can assemble it quickly by following the guidelines as mentioned in the manual.   But, if the user is not familiar with assembling the machines.

Then the most preferred option is to hire the professional expert for the task. But, the assembling cost is not included in the total price of the equipment, and the user has to bear this expenditure as well.

Design and Build Quality

The NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike is built with a step-thru design that makes it a popular option for people who need user-friendly fitness equipment. Its sturdy build quality speaks volumes about its excellent performance and longevity.  This exercise bike arrives with the dimensions measuring 49.8 (L) x 25.4 (W) x 56.8 (H).

And offers 22 levels of resistance It is a well-designed bike that can easily bear the maximum weight of 300 Ibs.  The seat of the exercise bike provides lumbar support that is well-ventilated and comes with cushioned padding for extra comfort.  The oversized chair and the pedals make the workout experience a lot easier and comfortable.

It is aesthetically pleasing with 5” LCD that is powered with the iFit app to offer a massive variety of workouts.  The design of the exercise bike boasts of an AutoBreeze fan, water bottle holder and transport wheels for better storage.  The exercise bike is accessorized with intermix acoustic sound system, a heart rate monitor, and one-touch controls.

Thus, it is one of the recommended fitness equipment of the contemporary market that boasts of aesthetic designing,power-packed performance, and improved functionality.

NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike Features

Heart Rate Monitoring

The NordicTrack exercise bike is equipped with dual pulse sensors that are designed in the handlebars that need to be gripped for 15 seconds to have accurate heart rate monitoring.

Cooling Fans

This exercise bike is powered by a self-adjusting cooling fan that can adjust the level of cooling as per the intensity of exercise. Thus, it offers a perfect cooling experience to the users to keep them motivated during different levels of workout sessions.

LCD Display

The exercise bike is backed by 5” LCD console that has got many intuitive features to keep users engaged and motivated. It displays information about calories burned, calories per hour, distance, pulse, resistance, speed and time.

The provision of iFit subscription and Google map route allows users to customize their workout programs as per their convenience. The provision of one-touch controls and cooling fan to make workout sessions more encouraging and productive.

Adjustable Seat

This exercise bike is equipped with an adjustable, oversized seat designed to maximize the comfort of the users. The seat offers excellent lumbar support and a ventilation provision to keep.

The users motivated and focussed even during rigorous workout sessions. It is just as comfortable as sitting on the regular chair with ventilation feature and lumbar support.

Magnetic Resistance

It is equipped with belt resistance system that requires users to pedal the machine to use the resistance. Thus, users need to pedal hard to maximize resistance levels. There are 22 levels of resistance and users can enhance their productivity by using the different levels of intensity with precision.


The pedals of this exercise bike are attached to the three-piece crank system that acts as strong support for pedaling motion. There is a plastic strap on the pedals that keep the foot firmly on the pedal and make the exercise more comfortable.

Flywheel Weight (lbs.)

This exercise bike has got the flywheel of 16 Ibs with a belt drive system that offers smooth, consistent and noise free pedaling.

Pulse Grip Type

The exercise bike is equipped with hand pulse grip sensors that are placed on the handlebars on the front side of the bike. Thus, the user needs to grip the pulse rate monitor manually for 15 seconds to record the accurate heart rate monitoring.

Electrical Outlet Required

This exercise bike is powered by electricity, and there is a need to support the bike with an electric outlet.

Compact Size

The machine weighs 149 Ibs and thus can be termed as heavy fitness equipment. Thus, it requires at least two people to handle it safely.


The availability of transport wheels make it easy to use and store the exercise bike conveniently.

High Capacity

The exercise bike can support overweight people quite easily as the maximum weight capacity of this machine is 300 Ibs.

Other Features

Sound System: This fitness equipment is powered with an inbuilt intermix acoustic sound system that supports tablet holder or an Mp3 player of the users. Thus, the users can enjoy uninterrupted music with ease on this exercise bike with 2” speakers.

Water Bottle Holder: The exercise bike is accessorized with a water bottle holder that is designed close to the console. It helps the users to be well- hydrated while working out.

NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike Programs

Pre Set Workout Programs: Upper Body Exercise: This exercise bike is equipped with 24 inbuilt workout programs. The 12 programs are designed for calorie, and the other 12 programs are meant for speed.

Thus, users can optimize these workout programs with varying levels of resistance. The provision of the iFit app allows users to choose from a massive workout library that contains workouts as designed by certified coaches.

The user can maximize their workout with a Google map route that enables users to select their workout terrain from across the globe. The customization features make the workout options more result-oriented.

NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike Warranty

The provision of a sound warranty adds to the credibility of the product and also makes the brand more reliable. Thus, NordicTrack offers a lifetime warranty on frame, a one-year warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on labor.

Therefore, the warranty back up makes this exercise equipment ideal for home-based users who prefer to buy equipment that is supported by a valid warranty.

NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike Pros & Cons


  • Step-thru design for easy usage
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Affordable pricing as under $500
  • iFit compatibility
  • Inbuilt speakers
  • AutoBreeze fan
  • Valid warranty with lifetime on frame
  • The quiet operation thus you can use it optimally at home
  • 24 workout programs with 22 levels of resistance
  • Cushioned and extra large seat
  • Comfortable pedals
  • Transport wheels


  • Difficult to assemble
  • iFit membership is expensive
  • Not compatible with chest straps
  • Customer service is as per the expectation.
  • Power shortage can create a problem with the bike.
  • Extended warranty is expensive.


The NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike is undoubtedly one of the leading exercise equipment that offers reliable performance with different levels of resistance. The machine may cost less, but it is packed with many advanced features that outshine any other contemporary fitness equipment of this range.

The LCD console having the iFit subscription with specific workout programs enable the users to achieve their predetermined fitness goals. Also, the users can keep a constant check on their performance and stay motivated to bring out their best.

The provision of the oversized seat and smooth pedaling motion makes it a massive success among the users who need comfortable workout equipment. It is best for light cardio sessions and offers the customization with Google map route.

Therefore, if you prefer to buy reasonable fitness equipment that is backed by advanced features, then brand NordicTrack Exercise Bike must be your top pick for the year 2021 for a better lifestyle.