NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike Review

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NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike Review

The NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike is an exercise bike for use at home which has been created to imitate outdoor riding experiences. These bikes from NordicTrack allow users to intensify their workouts by way of pedaling uphill virtually.

Additionally, they also allow you to cycle downhill virtually in the Alps or national parks across the world or even your own hometown. In a NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike, there are infinite routes when it is paired with the iFit Coach, which is a personal training app that can combine with Google Maps.

There are two models in the Grand Tour Series of NordicTrack of which NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike is the leader. In contrast to the first Grand Tour bike, this bike has a wide touch screen display of 10 inches.

It also can withstand a higher user weight of 375 pounds. In addition to this, the Grand Tour Pro bike requires lesser space. This model’s dimensions are 57.5″ L x 23.5″ W x 62″ H. In order to know more about the features, read our NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike Review 2021.

The exercise bike comes with adjustable handlebars, one-touch controls, adjustable incline and decline, wide pedals, adjustable tablet holder and many other features that make it one of the top-selling exercise bikes for home 2021.

Best Suited to Whom?

The NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike is not for the advanced, experienced and professional cyclists, who generally would want a good indoor cycle trainer which has a 48-pound flywheel. For the rest, this bike is perfect for cardio training, toning the body and burning calories
The NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike is suitable for users of any height due to its adjustable seats as well as handlebars. The bike can withstand a user weight of about 375 pounds which makes it suitable for homes wherein multiple users would be using this bike. The drive is not very heavy and the pedaling appears to be smoother to trainees who are lighter.

NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike Assembly is quite straightforward and the bike comes pre-assembled. There are very fewer components to be assembled. The NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Manual comes with very clear and nice instructions. A video is also available on the assembly process.

Design and Build Quality

The NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike is aesthetically great and looks amazing. It is quite sturdy and there is no sign of any flimsy metal. A first look at this bike makes it look like a well-engineered machine.

The NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike offers about 35 workout programs which makes it all the more challenging for the user. In addition to this, the bike has about 26 levels of resistance which helps the user in burning more calories as well as tone up.

The bike is iFIT-enabled and the iFit unit comes in-built into the bike. The iFit program allows users to personalize their workouts, monitor their progress as well as get workout downloads. However, this would require the user to have a good wireless internet connection, as well as an iFit subscription.

The machine also has a Silent Magnetic Resistance brake system, a 10” large touch screen that is web-enabled, a cardio grip heart rate monitor, a cooling fan, a sound system that can be connected to your iPod / MP3 player and also comes with a tablet holder.

You can also compare this bike with the NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle to understand the differences between the models.

The dimensions of this machine are 112 cm L x 61 cm W x 150 cm H. The gel saddle of this bike is very soft, wide and it can be adjusted easily either vertically or horizontally with the help of the adjustment knobs.

Another unique feature in this bike is the incline which is adjustable and ranges from 0-10 degrees. This allows the user to get a more intense workout. The incline controls are on the handlebar which makes it easy to change the incline level.

NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike Features


The bike comes with a very large full-color, the touchscreen of 10″ which has also incorporated a web browser. This lets users connect their bike to the wireless internet network at their house.

They can check emails, surf the internet or even check their social networking activities. The user can also check their progress as they get all their workout statistics, etc. The iFit module enables its users to enjoy the benefits of Google Maps Street View technology.

Adjustable seat

The seat of the NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro bike is padded, oversized and can be easily adjusted both forwards or backward. Any user of any height can make use of this bike.

The pedals are ergonomic and have foot straps that help the user to keep their feet in place and be comfortable during their workout.


The bike has about 26 resistance levels that are magnetically controlled. This can get quite challenging for a user. The user can intensify their workouts with the help of different resistance levels.


The Grand Tour Pro bike comes with pedals that are quite wide and have adjustable straps. They are ergonomic and quite comfortable for the user.

Flywheel Weight

The flywheel is quite light at 16 pounds for this bike and without the incline, the maximum resistance is not as challenging as it would be.

Pulse Grip Type

The bike comes with racing Handlebars which also have the Controls to the incline level and resistance. This ensures that the user does not interrupt his/her workout to change the resistance levels, etc.

Heart Rate Monitor

The NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro provides wireless heart rate monitoring as it is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled chest strap. However, a chest strap is not included with this bike. They do not come with grip heart rate monitors.


The bike has in-built transport wheels that are front-mounted and help the movement of the bike easily.


The bike has an adjustable incline range of 0-10 degrees. This allows the user to do uphill as well as downhill pedaling. The user can control these inclines easily as the controls are located on the handles.

Other Features

(i) Sound System – The bike has two built-in speakers of 2” each and you can connect your iPod and listen to your favorite numbers while working out.

(ii) Water Bottle Holder – The NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro bike has two holders for your water bottles. These are fixed behind the saddle of your bike.

(iii) Fan – The bike comes with a two-speed CoolAire fan. This provides a lot of relief especially while pedaling for long hours. The fan is mounted on the console and there is a button on the panel to switch it off and on.

(iv) 5-Pound Dumbbells – The Brand Tour Pro bike also offers 2 dumbbells of 3 pounds each. This enables you to work on your arms while you cycle. Though the weight of these is less, performing repetitions helps you burn a lot of calories. This makes the workout challenging and your workout does not become monotonous activity.

(v) Tablet Holder – The bike comes with a tablet holder that pivots and is located right above the bike’s console. This lets the user attach their device and check emails, surf their social media accounts, enjoy a good movie, etc. while working out. The best part about this is that it is adjustable.

NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike Workout Programs

The Grand Tour Pro bikes come with a lot of workout programs, which offer a lot of variety to the user. There are new workouts available for the user to download any time through the iFit Coach app.

The bike also has about 35 training programs on its preloaded workout menu. The routines are classified by workout goal: calorie burn, intensity, incline training, heart rate, and speed.

However, the chest strap needs to be purchased separately, to make use of the heart rate programs. Have a look at our list of best indoor exercise bike 2021 to know about the various options.

iFit Coach offers a lot of workouts and variety to the user. The app comes at a fee that can be paid on a monthly basis or by an annual subscription (the fees for this subscription is not included with the bike).

Users can design or get new computerized training every day. The other options that the user can avail are: Google Maps workouts that suit your choices for calorie burn, elevation change, distance, and more. Online Google Maps competitions conducted by iFit members.

HD video workouts are led by personal trainers from across the world. The library includes workout classes for on as well as off the bike. In addition to the iFit Coach Plus, you can also download a variety of customized Google Maps bike workouts automatically every single day. It also supports multiple user profiles.

NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike Warranty

The manufacturer Nordictrack offers a lifetime warranty on the frame of the bike, a 5-year warranty on the parts and a two years warranty on labor service. The overall warranty appears to be fair for this bike.

NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike Pros and Cons


  • The bike has adjustable handlebars
  • The bike comes with an adjustable tablet holder
  • It has ergonomic pedals
  • It also comes with 2 holders for your water bottles and a cooling fan
  • The bike has 2 dumbbells of 3 pounds each
  • A good warranty is being offered
  • The incline controls are well-placed
  • It has 35 in-built workout programs
  • It has 24 digital resistance levels
  • It is iFit-enabled
  • It has a 10” touchscreen that is web-enabled
  • The bike also comes with transport wheels
  • It can withstand a maximum weight of 375 pounds


  • The flywheel is very light at 16 lbs
  • This bike is not suitable for advanced and professional users

Other Alternatives

When it comes to the NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro, it is tough to find a weakness due to its reasonable price and popular reputation. However, if you want a bike having a larger console (i.e., 10” vs. 7”), many more levels of resistance levels (26 levels vs. 24 levels).

Heavier dumbbells (5lbs vs. 3lbs), more in-built workout programs (35 vs. 32), and a better user weight capacity (i.e., 375lbs vs. 350 lbs), and you do not mind spending more money, you can check out the latest NordicTrack Grand Tour Bike.


The NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro provides every feature that a biker can ask for. It has a variety of workout programs, adjustable seat, adjustable incline and decline facility which gives you a natural experience, silent workout, 26 resistance levels, and one-touch controls.

This bike ensures that your workout routine is challenging every day and not monotonous. The exercise bike comes with iFit connectivity, a music port, and a web-enabled console.

The downside is the flywheel which weighs just 16 pounds which is quite light for this top model. The NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Bike is a good pick for beginners, mid-level trainers or casual users.