NordicTrack Exercise Bikes Review
NordicTrack Exercise Bikes Review

NordicTrack Exercise Bikes Review

NordicTrack is the reputed international fitness brand that offers premium quality fitness equipment to users across the world. The brand is the part of ICON Health and Fitness, providing world-class fitness equipment with the aim of making people’s lives better and healthy. The brand manufactures its top of the line products in the range comprising of NordicTrack indoor cycles, NordicTrack recumbent bikes, NordicTrack upright bikes, Nordictrack Ellipticals, and NordicTrack Treadmills.

The brand was established in the year 1975 by  Edward and Florence Pauls, and after being acquired by ICON Health and Fitness, the brand has outgrown its business substantially. The brand makes use of advanced technology to create its fitness equipment with the intention of delivering the high-end fitness equipment at affordable pricing. Thus, NordicTrack fitness equipment provides versatile exercise equipment that is user-friendly and also result-oriented.

Why NordicTrack Stands Out Among The Rest?

NordicTrack is the leading fitness equipment brand that is providing a wide range of fitness equipment with the use of intuitive user-interface. What makes this brand stand apart from its contemporaries is that it is determined to offer the best and excellent fitness equipment having all advanced features at a budget-friendly cost.

Its fitness equipment boast of good quality, power-packed performance, top of the line features and best price. Thus, the home-based users derive the premium quality exercise bikes without any comprise of all the essential functions. So, the brand assures to make their fitness equipment available to users with dedicated attempts to make people happier and healthier.

NordicTrack Exercise Bikes Series

1. NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike: The NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike is one of the most effective recumbent bikes that allows iFit compatibility with accurate results. It is fitness equipment that keeps the users motivated and makes them take up more challenging workout sessions. Following are its features:

  • The exercise bike is supported by a sturdy steel frame and 25 inches stabilizer bars that make it strong enough for rigorous workout sessions.
  • The use of step-thru technology makes it ideal for people having joints, back and knees pain.
  • The adjustable seat features the provision of modifying the seat as per the height of the users, thus making it perfect for different people.
  • The 15 Ibs flywheel offers a smooth and quiet workout experience with 22 levels of resistance.
  • The provision of adjustable plastic strap helps to keep the feet secure and without any chances of slippery.
  • The iFit and Google map functionality makes LCD console highly functional and result-oriented.
  • The provision of one-touch controls makes it effective for users to workout with ease.

2. NordicTrack Gx 2.7 U Exercise Bike: The NordicTrack Gx 2.7 U Exercise Bike is viewed as one of the best exercise bikes of the contemporary market owing to its durability and precision. This upright bike emulates the actual outdoor biking experience with zero-impact on knees and joints. Following are its features:

  • This upright exercise bike is designed with an adjustable console that can be tilted according to the requirement of the users.
  • The visual representation of quarter-mile running track shows the users the accurate information not only about the laps completed and also the current lap as well.
  • The user can make use of a tablet through a shelf for workout programs.
  • The cardio grip hand sensors allow the users to monitor their heart rate accurately while cycling.
  • The provision of small hand wheel allows users to adjust the angle of handlebars and console easily.
  • The availability of 20 resistance levels with 15 Ibs flywheel makes it an efficient machine that yields impressive results.

3. NordicTrack Commercial Vr21 Recumbent Bike: The NordicTrack Commercial Vr21 Recumbent Bike is revered among the best and highly performance-oriented exercise bikes of the market. These exercise bikes are packed with all the key features of any contemporary exercise bike, but its pricing and performance make it stand apart. Following are its features:

  • This commercial exercise bike is designed with well-ventilated and lumbar support for excellent results.
  • The 20 Ibs flywheel is intended to offer dominant performance with smoother and quieter operational efficiency.
  • This exercise bike is quite heavy owing to its premium build quality, but it is highly mobile.
  • The exercise bike offers low to moderate level of workout with precision.
  • One-touch controls and computer controlled resistance makes it super easy for the users to operate it.
  • This bike proves an excellent choice for cardio fitness, lower body workout, and calorie loss.

NordicTrack Exercise Bikes Pros and Cons


  • Sturdy build quality with Sound flywheel
  • Provision of transport wheels
  • Valid warranty backup
  • Cushioned seat with lumbar support
  • Extra large pedals
  • Availability of inbuilt speakers
  • Provision of heart rate monitoring
  • Diverse workout programs
  • Provision of a cooling fan
  • Budget-friendly equipment
  • Different resistance levels
  • LCD console


  • iFit membership doesn’t form part of the total cost of the exercise bike.
  • Exercise bikes are recommended for beginners.
  • Customer service is not satisfactory.
  • The resistance levels don’t offer more challenging levels.

Final Verdict

NordicTrack exercise bikes are the recommended choice of users for having durability, functionality, and performance. These exercise bikes are meant for motivating performance that aids in having better fitness results to the users. The NordicTrack exercise bikes boast of the user-friendly features and comfortable experience to the users.

The users have zero-impact workout sessions that make them conscious towards opting for a healthy lifestyle. The users can derive amazing results from a comfortable seating position, smooth pedaling motion and firm grip handle with an informative LCD console.

Thus, the NordicTrack exercise bikes review offers an insight into the key features and operational efficiency. These exercise bikes provide top of the line features at affordable pricing that makes them the most sought-after fitness equipment for users across the globe.

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