Merit Excercise Bikes Review
Merit Excercise Bikes Review

Merit Exercise Bikes Review

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Merit 720B
Rating: 70%

Merit Fitness was founded as a part of Johnson Health Tech, a multinational corporation with bases all over the world. The company focuses on improving the general health in Moreno societies by improving standards of health regimes. Merit Fitness manufactures state-of-the-art Fitness equipment in its own manufacturing units across the world.

It ensures quality and results for every single customer. So far, Merit Fitness has introduced numerous models of treadmills, ellipticals and bicycles that surpass every other brand currently available in terms of novelty in both design and functionality. Let’s look into the features of Merit Fitness 720B Bike now.

Why Merit Fitness Stands Out Among the Rest

Merit Fitness only brings in the best to the markets. Every single product of it is manufactured in its own top-of-the-notch manufacturing units. When the parts are bought from outside, every single piece undergoes close inspections to ensure that they go well with the rest of the parts that form the whole. The Upright Stationary Bikes are designed to allow users to work their body without putting additional stress on their lower limbs.

The Merit Fitness products are noticeable for their excellent customer services too.They run longer with low maintenance requirements. The company collaborates with local service providers to ensure in-home installation and any necessary maintenance services to its customers. They thus excel in the fields of technology and customer service alike.

It comes with a design that ensures enough support to the lower knees and spine so they don’t get sore during a long workout session. The Merit Fitness exercise bike are also installed with larger motors compared to similar products to render them smoother in switching between programs.

With the innovative technology used in its breaks and the belts, they are built to work in perfect condition for years at a time. These are built to last long at a low maintenance rate. Designed for in-home use, they can be installed in a comfortable corner of your house for everyday use.Additionally, 10% of the whole produce undergoes rigorous and compulsory quality checks every year. The Merit Bikes are so noiseless and smooth as a result of its non-conformity in quality.

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Merit Fitness Bicycle Series

Merit Fitness Bicycle series includes just the Merit 720B Fitness Bike as of now. It is the best kind exercise bike which helps you work the lower body from your abdomen. There are six pre-set programs that stress on interval workouts and heart-rate. They come with a distinguished model for their seats that support you from behind and put the least amount of stress on your knees. It is also easier for you to climb in and out of the seat because of the nuanced design of Merit 720B.

  • They come at a great price with so many features.
  • It has a 10*10 dot matrix dual screen LCD display.
  • It has 5- groove Poly-V drive belt that runs for long maintenance-free hours.
  • The ECB magnetic resistance makes the machine smoother, quieter and more functional than its competitors.
  • 90 days warranty for the product as a whole.

Pros & Cons of Merit Fitness


  • Affordability meets quality
  • Modest prices
  • 5-year frame warranty
  • Separate 5-year warranty for breaking system
  • Home delivery, installation, and assistance
  • Steel frames for parts.


  • Once set-up in a place you have to stick to the location.
  • Novices need time to get used to Bike’s functions.

Final Verdict

Even with its minor negativities, which actually can be ignored easily, Merit is the best manufacturer of healthcare products in the current market. They make these products available to everyone by bringing them at such great prices. Now, healthcare becomes accessible to everyone and it doesn’t burn a hole in your pockets either.

The one thing that requires to be highlighted in Merit Fitness is their attention to quality. With string frames, designs give prominence to functionality and comfort to the users. Merit stands out among its competitors in the entire industry. Also, you can avail their customer services anytime during a day for instant support and solution to your troubles.

All these properties make Merit Fitness a great brand in the healthcare industry that prioritises the needs of their customers and their happiness above everything else. They help you live a healthier and fit life in this age. All this makes it a great favourite among fitness-geeks.

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