Marcy ME-708 Upright Mag Cycle Review

Marcy ME-708 Upright Mag Cycle Review

Loose, all the extra calories in just a week! Is that even possible? I’m happy to inform you folks; it is possible now! Marcy Upright Mag Cycle ME-708 guarantees you visible result in just a week. Now I’m sure you all must be thinking, a week, which a lot of hard work. Here comes the best part it will provide you effective workout with minimal efforts. Marcy Mag also offers you a realistic design that will give you sensations of cycling outdoor. It comes with padded seat and handlebars. A feature of counter -balanced pedals helps you have an ergonomic workout without having your foot slip as it comes with foot straps. It is an unyielding machine that means it will last longer. It comes with powder-coat finish and requires very less maintenance.


It doesn’t come pre-assembled. Might sound inconvenient but isn’t so. You are provided with a manual with the instructions for assembling that are mentioned very clearly. According to the company, it will hardly take 30mins. But in my experience, it might take you 50mins or so. It comes with all the necessary tools, so you don’t have gone around looking for knobs,  screws, etc.

Ease of use and comfortMarcy Upright Mag Cycle ME-708 Review

Even if you do not have any experience with an exercise bike, it’s not an issue. It is convenient to use this bike to achieve your fitness goals. For the ones who have already been using one of these at the gym will know. An advanced user who likes to work for longer hours can gladly use this machinery as it is extremely comfortable because of its thick padded saddle and handlebars. Handlebars are thickly padded so that your grip is maintained without suffering from painful blisters and sourness. The seat is vertically adjustable, allowing you to adjust it according to your height. Pedals are counter-balanced and large size to accommodate various foot sizes and also come with foot straps that will stabilize your foot. And no matter how vigorously you paddle, this cycle will always remain stationary because of its steel tubing and dense frame.

FeaturesMarcy Upright Mag Cycle ME-708 Reviews

  • 8 Preset Resistance level
  • Magnetic Resistance System (high quality)
  • Steel Frame with Powder Coat Finish
  • Counter-balanced Pedals and wheels for transportation
  • The modern bike measures: 31.5(Width) x 48.75(Height) x 18 inches(Depth)
  • Seat is Vertically Adjustable

It offers you a quite smooth ride. You can enjoy your TV show without that irritating noise thanks to it magnetic resistance. According to fitness experts, magnetic resistance has an added effect on your workout. You can have a very efficient exercise without straining your muscles, therefore avoiding any injury.

As for the resistance levels, it offers you eight resistance levels. The beginners can start with level one, and the advanced users can start from any resistance level, they feel is a challenge for them. Beginner or advanced you will have a chance to improve yourself with time and increasing levels. As for level one, it can also be used as a warm up before starting the heavy workout.

It comes with an LCD screen like every upright bike. It provides you relevant information like some calories you have burnt; distance travelled, speed, time. It an important feature according to me because this way you can keep track of your progress.


LCD screen doesn’t come with a backlit feature and has relatively small fonts. This implies that you have to pause to see your progress and report. Probably you even strain your eyes a little to read the font. Also, if you plan to workout in dim lights, it might be difficult to read those numbers.

Another complaint is about the seat being not that comfortable. But if your feet get adjusted to the pedal, your position becomes relatively comfortable.

Customer Reviews

Overall, customers are happy with the machine, and they can achieve their fitness goals quickly without shedding those extra greenbacks from their pockets.


This cycle will prove to be a piece of cake for the ones who want an efficient cardiovascular workout and not paying a lump sum for that.

I’m impressed with this model, and the price it has to offer is just cherry on the top. It is as good as Exerpeutic 1200. Though I should mention that it isn’t a space-saving mode, so for those who live in cramped up apartments it might not be the best decision. They can go for foldable upright bikes.