Livestrong LS6.0R Recumbent Bike Review

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Livestrong LS6.0R Recumbent Bike Review

Livestrong Fitness Exercise bikes are known for their technological advancement, style, and performance.LS 6.0R proves that read the 2021 review to know more here.LS 6.0R recumbent exercise bike has an excellently comfy step-thru frame for easy accessibility for different fitness enthusiast of all ages.

The high-class free-spin technology which avoids unexpected, juddering stops is the USP of this recumbent bike. Additional, LS 6.0R also allows to track your workout progress through LIVETRACK INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY which helps to record the exercise routines and history with a simple USB.

The cherry on the cake is the bike has in-built training videos designed by a well-known fitness professional Peter lance of the Armstrong fame, which encourages to choose the right workouts and achieve effective results.

Best Suited to Whom?

LS 6.0R is very user-friendly bike its great option for professional fitness enthusiast or even ones starting their fitness journey can quickly step on it for great useful results.

Livestrong LS6.0R Recumbent Bike Assembly, Design and Build Quality


Livestrong fitness always has a hassle-free assembly of its equipment, so even the LS 6.0R gets assembled quickly. The packaging is done very well, using product manual with step by step clear instructions given you can conveniently step-up the exercise bike for ready to use.

They have friendly customer care support; you can use them for assistance if there is an issue.

Design and Build Quality

LS 6.0R is diligently designed a recumbent bike with great innovation and performance have driven. The dimension measures 26x46x64 which can comfortably be used at home, making this best exercise bike for home use. The bike has 8.8 flywheels for a smooth fluid motion with padded couture back mesh for a really relaxed and comfortable training session without having any stress on the body.

Its step-thru frame makes it convenient for all type of users of different heights and size with advantaged lumbar support seating arrangement for excellent comfort. And yet have a high tense workout session with the vast range of resistance from 1-20 and challenging variety of 11 pre-set programmes.

Even though its price is a little higher but makes its worth to buy as its best price in this range within $800.

Livestrong LS6.0R Recumbent Bike Features


The comfort and style goes hand-in-hand with the seating arrangements of LS 6.0R which has padded couture mesh for backrest with Lumbar support system, which gives a superb restful seating position while you work out without unnecessary stress on your body

Even with rigorous training session you will experience the same, which encourages to exercise continuously and get useful results.


LS 6.0R provides a bright and clear backlit LCD Display, and two LED Display for the great viewing experience, you can view the time taken, calories burned, distance covered, speed, resistance level and more. Has a USB port for recording work out progress and history using Livestrong Fitness exclusive Livetrack Interactive Technology.

Magnetic Brake

LS 6.0R magnetic brakes have been customized for very smooth motion and their exclusive free-spin technology helps you coast when stopped pedaling without trembling which is a significant advantage otherwise if there is any trembling happening it will hurt the joints.

Magnetic Tension System

The exercise bike has 20 levels of magnetic resistance helping to operate hassle-free resistance change whether it’s with an upward increase or lower decrease it is quite smooth encouraging to have a continuous cardio experience.

Heart Rate Monitor

Monitoring your heart rate is very important during your cardio sessions as it allows you track your up to which level you can increase your speed, LS 6.0R comes with an in-built contact heart rate grip to monitor the rate

Crank System

The LS 6.0R has strong crank arms which are made with long-lasting steel material for a better life. Also, come with Quick zip Pedal strap for smoother functioning

High Capacity

LS 6.0R has the user weight capacity up to 300lbs which is a great advantage for users with higher on the weight they can comfortably use it and achieve healthy weight loss.


LS 6.0R has an excellent spacious footprint size which will easily fit all users.


The LS 6.0R has quick zip pedal strap which is very comfortable, and you can start using it faster with ease

Leg Stabilizer

The rearmost base of this beautiful machine has adjustable stabilizers. They offer flawless steadiness to the lower body as well as to the whole unit.

Other Features

  • Music Player: Has a Built-in speaker compatible for iPod or MP3Lance Armstrong Foundation
  • Water Bottle Holder: Has a classy and sleek bottle holder.

Livestrong LS6.0R Recumbent Bike Workout Programs

LS 6.0R has a very challenging 11 different varied pre-set programs which are good enough to give a great workout experience and useful results. Keeps a check of Heart rate, speed, resistance, calories and distance with the feedback windows.

It also Livetrack Interactive Technology with a simple USB you can track your exercise progress, check the history, even count the calories consumed and calories burnt with their Daily Plate feature, and it provides access to free downloaded workout videos designed by renowned fitness coach Peter Lance of Armstrong Foundation.

The videos are equal to having a personal coach by your side and all this can be done within the comforts of the living room, hence it proves to be the best home use bike.

Livestrong LS6.0R Recumbent Bike Warranty

The brand Livestrong Fitness is always known for their excellent warranty period; there no doubt that exercise bikes to have good enough warranty time of 10 years.

Customer Service: You can contact customer support in case of any issue or concern via and phone – 001-855-396-2524. You can also view videos and see the FAQs on their website.

Livestrong LS6.0R Recumbent Bike Pros & Cons


  • Livetrack Interactive Technology
  • Free-spin Technology
  •  It has Energy Saver which goes into Sleep mode when not in use
  • Ergonomic Seating Positioning
  • It has Quickzip system which is best of its kind
  • Challenging Pre-set workouts
  • Good level of Resistance for great results


  • No chest strap for precise measurement
  • No kickstand


Livestrong exercise bikes are aimed to give the best quality features with advanced technology and performance oriented. LS 6.0R proves it right, it yes ticks all the requirement you are looking in a perfect exercise bike. Though it is slightly higher on the pocket, you will not regret investing in this model but yet best under $800 range

Provides all the advanced features like Livetrack Interactive Technology, Free-Spin technology, and Quick zip pedal system works well for all kinds of fitness enthusiast as its comfortable, user-friendly and yet to give great fitness results. It is all in one bike for best fitness solutions.

Excellent seating, spacious pedals, good back support system, high level of resistance and challenging range of pre-set workouts makes it stand apart from its competitors.

And even you can support a noble cause by purchasing this product, as the company donates a share of $4million to cancer patients from the sale all of their fitness range. Also, it is manufactured from Johnson Health Tech the most trusted brand in the fitness industry.