Livestrong Fitness Exercise Bikes Review
Livestrong Fitness Exercise Bikes Review

Livestrong Exercise Bikes Review

LIVESTRONG FITNESS is definitely a brand that is among the list of trusted brands in the fitness industry. This is not just because it is associated with Johnson Health Tech but also because Livestrong ellipticals are a mix of innovation and class. Their machines focus on performance and yet they manage to maintain a contemporary design that suits the requirements of the new-age users. This sets them apart from their competitors. These exercise bikes have a lot of advanced features that provide any fitness enthusiast some great cardio workouts and also challenges their training sessions. They are also into manufacturing other fitness equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, etc.

Along with providing the excellence and elegant fitness equipment’s LIVESTRONG FITNESS is also actively contributing towards social causes, for example, they had offered monetary donations for the victims of Katrina Hurricane and many such natural disasters. And they are playing a significant role in helping the Cancer Patients to bounce back to normal life. They committed to sharing their profits by giving a minimum of $4 million every year through LIVESTRONG FOUNDATION collaborating with LANCE ARMSTRONG.

Why Livestrong Stands Out Among the Rest

Livestrong fitness products are designed keeping in mind two important aspects that are Performance Quality and Customer satisfaction. Their aim is not just to give an averagely manufactured product but to make sure their product is making a difference to its users by providing excellent results.

Livestrong all exercise bikes are equipped with Live track Interactive Technology for tracking the work out progress and history with a simple USB, also free downloadable workout videos designed by Peter Lance of The exercise bike provides high-class free-spin technology. This helps in avoiding unexpected, juddering stops along with excellent comfy and step-thru frame for easy accessibility for different fitness enthusiasts of all ages.

The exercise bikes have sturdy and durable frames for better and long usage. All their models also have a super heavy duty flywheel of 8.8 that provides exceptionally smooth and fluid running motion which is far better than its competitors. Along with that, they have a Quickzip pedal strap for faster and easy movement.

The exercise bike models of Livestrong Fitness also have a vast range of resistance levels from 1 up to 20. This is good enough to give the best workout experience allowing you to train with high intensity. Plus, most of their models have great flexible seating which can be adjusted vertically and horizontally helping you to have an ideal seating arrangement during workouts. This comes with a padded mesh back and contoured, oversized padded seat with Lumbar support for a comfortable training experience.

These exercise models also come with a good range of built-in programs. They have up to 11 different challenging workout programs like manual, weight loss, Muscle Toner, The Tour, Lance’s Descent, Lance’s Climb, max cardio, and custom to give you excellent and effective cardio results.

The models have in-built features like a cool fit fan, contact grips for accurate heart rate, good sound system compatible for iPod and MP3. This gives full energy while working out and a bright screen for easy viewing with backlit LED and two LCD feedback windows. Additionally it comes with a decent warranty of 10years on Frame and Brake, One year on Service and parts.

The highlight of this brand is that it takes customer feedback very seriously and try to give in the best models and also keep improvising on with every new model they launch. And pricing is also very competitive. Their models are the best exercise bikes under $800. The exercise bike can be used comfortably in your homes. So, it’s the best exercise bike for home use.

Livestrong Exercise Bike Series

Livestrong Fitness has various models each one with excellent quality. The pioneering features suiting the necessities of the fitness enthusiast allowing them to have effective and result in oriented experience with the different models of exercise bike. The exercise bike is built for performance and yet priced competitively, has a balanced approach of value and elegance.

The main models are LS 6.0R and LS 5.0U. Both these models are well-received by the users, they are known for their comfort, quality, and high-intensity training features.

Livestrong Fitness 6.0R

Livestrong Fitness Exercise bikes are known for their technological advancement, style, and performance.Livestrong Fitness 6.0R proves that read the 2020 review to know more here.LS 6.0R recumbent exercise bike has an excellently comfy step-thru frame for easy accessibility for different fitness enthusiasts of all ages. The high-class free-spin technology which avoids unexpected, juddering stops is the USP of this recumbent bike.

Livestrong Fitness 5.0U

Livestrong exercise bike model Livestrong Fitness LS 5.0U is an excellent blend of innovation, elegance and attributes brilliant performance. Brings in the best design look and features to suit the new age users, yet does not compromise on its traditional standard high-class quality. The Upright bike has an oversized seat for the right comfort and flexible seating arrangements for a better and focused workout session. It Provides an 8.8 flywheel for smooth fluidic cycling motion.

Livestrong Exercise Bike models Features

LS 6.0R: LS 6.0R is diligently designed a recumbent bike with great innovation and performance-driven. The dimension measures 26x46x64 which can comfortably be used at home, making it best home use, accommodating all the features suiting the requirement of the new generation and retaining the standard quality.

Features of Livestrong Fitness 6.0R

  • Live track Interactive Technology
  • Step-Thru Frame
  • Free Spin Technology
  • Quick Zip Pedal Strap
  • 20 levels of Resistance and 11 pre-set challenging programs
  • Energy Saving- Goes to sleep mode when not in use

LS.5.0U:  LS 5.0U is the complete package of excellent quality and performance with a perfect mix of advancement in technology to suit the new generation users.

Features of Livestrong Fitness 5.0U

  • Live track Interactive Technology
  • QuickZip Pedal Strap
  • Contoured, Oversized Seat
  • Vertical and Horizontal Seating Flexibility for an ideal position

Livestrong Fitness Exercise Bike Pros and Cons


  • Live track Interactive Technology
  • Free-spin Technology
  • Energy Saver- Goes into Sleep mode when not in use
  • Ergonomic Seating Positioning
  • Quick zip system – best of its kind
  • Challenging Pre-set workouts
  • Good level of Resistance for great results.
  • Step-Thru Frame
  • Quality and Performance-oriented


  • Can have a Better Screen Display with new features
  • Needs Improvement in Heart Grip system- No chest strap for better accuracy
  • Bluetooth enabled the audio system


LIVESTRONG FITNESS is relatively new in the market. But none the less it has a solid back up of their mother brand Johnson Health Tech who have pioneered in the fitness industry and have been a long-running player in the same. They have various other successful brands in the industry that have done extremely outstanding in the market, which makes this brand highly trustworthy for your expensive investments in their products.

Excellence, Class, and Innovation have been the motto of LIVESTRONG FITNESS. All their models are designed with utmost care providing the best fitness solutions, and their no-compromise policy stands out very clearly on all their exercise bike models.

The exercise bike has step-thru frame, free spin technology, quick zip pedal strap, contoured, oversized seat, padded mesh back-rest with lumbar support seat system, good range of resistance for intense training, challenging built-in workout programs, advanced features like Live track interactive technology. Daily plate feature for tracking your workout progress, diet and also comes with the USB, heavy flywheel. All the above features and facilities make it a competitive brand in the industry and stand ahead from its competitors.

LIVESTRONG is among the highly competent brands in the fitness market, and investments on their brand elliptical will be value for money, along with useful fitness results in a healthier way.

Plus, the unique thing about LIVESTRONG is its commitment towards the Victims of Cancer Disease. They promise to donate a share of their profits from these fitness products a minimum of $4million. So in this, you can do your charity in a small way by purchasing elliptical or any fitness types of equipment and contribute to the well-being of the society while you achieve good health.

Go ahead, Invest in Livestrong Fitness exercise bike and stay healthy. One brand for all your fitness Solutions.

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