LifeCore Exercise Bikes Review
LifeCore Exercise Bikes Review

LifeCore healthcare service is one brand that has been around for the past fifteen years, which is perhaps more than the other competitors in the markets. As a result, it is one firm that knows the requirements of the customers and thus grants your wishes. LifeCore emphasises on the customer satisfaction and designs every single product with this aim in mind. They are willing to go to any length to provide its customers with total contentment in the products.

Based in Carlsbad, California, USA, LifeCore has got customers across the world. Beyond sales relations, they try and build deep connections with customers and ensure services at will. With the level of experience and expertise the company has in healthcare, it has grown to be the best of service providers in the sector.

Why Life Core Stands Out Among the Rest?

The Limited Lifetime warranty of LifeCore bikes is an assurance of its premium quality and superb performance. LifeCore stationary bikes are built to last longer and thus help you stay fit during a lifetime. They care about the rare combination of quality, innovation and beautiful design to give the most unique and useful exercise cycle currently in markets.

More than the looks, LifeCore focuses on how everyday workout sessions can be made more efficient, enjoyable and convenient for its customers. That is why the each of its models is improved upon year after year with innovative technology and even better comforts.

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LifeCore Exercise Bike Series

LifeCore has introduced four amazing and innovative designs of exercise bikes. Each stands out better than the rest as you consider their varying price ranges. They have been built to be affordable for all kinds of people with zero compromises in quality. Basically, these are in-home exercise machines that produce the least amount of noise.

Incorporated with a number of preset programs, they will challenge you every day to improve upon your stamina and energy. Sleek and stylish in their looks, these fitness bikes are perfect to ornate your living rooms. LifeCore fitness products are an investment for a lifetime and worth their price through and through.

LifeCore 860RB Recumbent Exercise Bike

First, in the Life Core series, the 860RB recumbent bike is every bit worthy of the price paid. They come with an amazing number of utilities as well as programs when compared to similar exercise equipment in markets.

  1. Has a V-belt driven nearly silent drive system.
  2. Comes with an Orange backlight LED display, an MP3 player, speaker and a USB Port.
  3. Has magnetic resistance at 16 levels
  4. 22 Preset workout programs
  5. Air mesh seats

LifeCore 960RB Recumbent Exercise Bike

LifeCore 960RB bikes are equipped with heart rate sensors on its handle bars, but unlike the previous models, it can support an additional heart rate monitor if necessary. It has got a number of Preset programs that are tailor-made for everyday workouts.

  1. 35 preset workout programs and additional 5K and 10K lap programs
  2. 32 levels of quick keys that provide easily switchable resistances.
  3. MP3 player with 3-watt speakers and a USB port.
  4. No-slip station for mobile phones or tablets.
  5. Commercial grade mesh, adjustable seat back
  6. Amber backlit LCD display

LifeCore 1060RB Recumbent Exercise Bike

With 47 workout programs that are built to improve your overall fitness, the 1060RB exercise bike is a bike to invest in. It brings with it all the possible conveniences a recumbent bike can provide at an attractive price.

  1. 47 preset workout programs
  2. 8 Quick keys for instant resistance change
  3. Hi-fidelity speakers with MP3 players and USB port.
  4. Integrated Smart Fan
  5. Dual cup holders
  6. Handle bar has heartbeat sensors

Life Core 1060UB Upright Exercise Bike

LifeCore’s single Upright bike model is designed just with the users in mind. It grants your wishes by providing every conceivable addition to the exercise equipment. Complete with cup holders, wider pedals and smartphone station, LifeCore 1060UB recumbent exercise bike is a complete package in itself.

  1. 47 motivating workouts included.
  2. Orange backlit Multi-window LED display
  3. Supports two different user profiles
  4. Seat with heavy-duty steel reinforced upright tube.

 Pros & Cons of LifeCore


  • Sturdy design.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Wide pedals.
  • Durable.
  • Contoured seat.
  • Adjustable foot strap.
  • Foldable.
  • Magnetic resistance.
  • Noise-free assembly.


  • It lacks multimedia compatibility.
  • Lacks assembly.
  • No built-in workout options.
  • It lacks heart rate monitoring.

Final Verdict

The LifeCore bikes are uniquely designed for comfort in use while providing utmost efficiency. There are points, such as their weight, where it compromises but even then LifeCore has counteracted such problems by such means as portable wheels. As a service provider who has a long-term experience in the field, it has utilised its knowledge of customer needs while designing the bikes.

As a result each one of these LifeCore recumbent bikes also catches your eye at first sight and satisfies you in performance. If you are willing to overlook the minute issues, this LifeCore Exercise Bikes review is sufficient enough to help you make the buying decision.

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