LifeCore 1060UB Upright Exercise Bike Review

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LifeCore 1060UB Upright Exercise Bike Review

LifeCore is a healthcare company that has been committed to providing the best of healthcare products ever since it was established. The exercise bikes are built to help you in every way to achieve your fitness goals.

They make the hectic workout sessions enjoyable for you with music and little conveniences. These are the bits that set LifeCore 1060Ub Upright Exercise Bike and other LifeCore products apart in the markets.

Best Suited for Whom?

The LifeCore 1060UB Upright Exercise Bikes are built with those people in mind who are interested in high-intensity fitness training. The upright bike provides the best experience of workouts since it is novel and innovative in its design and structure.

It is built to challenge you more during everyday sessions with real-time performance tracking. This is an investment to be made if you are looking to invest in a great exercise bicycle for long-term benefits.

LifeCore 1060UB Upright Exercise Bike Assembly, Design & Build Quality


LifeCore provides assembly service to its customers through its customer care. The services are provided only for those who ask for it. You can also choose to assemble the product yourself once unpacked.

Design and Build Quality

With 47 workout programs and two different user profile options, 1060Ub blows you away with its features from the very beginning. It has got a built-in USB port, a 3-watt speaker, MP3 player and cup holders to render the best hands-free experience. The mat black colour adds to the charms of a sleek bike. The strong commercial grade material ensures a long life for the bike machine.

LifeCore 1060UB Upright Exercise Bike Features


LifeCore Fitness 1060UB Upright Bike has got commercial grade extra wide seats whose height can be adjusted. A quick-release adjustment option is also made available.


The all-new console has a multi-window LED screen that displays the level, total time, segment time, watts, HR zone window, distance, calories and RPM. It has got 32 levels of magnetic adjustment and 8 each of program quick keys and resistance quick keys. There is also a numerical keypad where two different user profiles can be added.

Magnetic Brake

The LifeCore1060UB Upright Bike has got a magnetic resistance system with electronic control brake that provides ample resistance to you during workouts.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Users are provided real-time heart rate information since the handlebars are set with touch sensors that can facilitate heavy-gauge grip contact heart rate monitoring. The fitness bike is also compatible with heart rate monitors.


The bike has got wide orthopaedic pedals and quick release straps for more comfort during workouts.

Leg Stabilizer

V-Belt driven drive line with sealed cartridge bearings that gives a smoother experience on board. To give perfect balance, there are front and rear stabilisers with separate level adjustments incorporated.

Other Features

  • Play Music: The LifeCore exercise bike has an onboard MP3 player with hi-fidelity 3 – watt speakers to make your workout sessions enjoyable and fun.
  • Water Bottle Holder: It has got a mesh cup holder for your convenience.

LifeCore 1060UB Upright Exercise Bike Workout Programs

Pre Set Workout Programs: There are 47 presets workout programs in the LifeCore 1060UB Machine. This even includes a fitness test to challenge you. You will find 6 Heart Rate controlled programs with varying efficiencies of 50%, 60%, 70% and 80%.

Then there are 8 levels of strength, 8 of hill, 8 of interval, 5 of fat burn and finally 8 of random programs. There are also laps of 5k & 10k included. There are another quick start programs included called “Just Go” that saves your time too.

LifeCore 1060UB Upright Exercise Bike Warranty

The whole frame of the LifeCore Upright Exercise Bike has a limited warranty within which period any parts that need replacement will be provided free of cost by the manufacturer. The whole product has got a labour warranty for a year and the parts have a five-year warranty separately.

LifeCore 1060UB Upright Exercise Bike Pros and Cons


  • Sophisticated and advanced technology
  • Portable bike
  • A large variety of programs to choose from
  • Maximum benefit from workouts due to upright built


  • ​​Loses out in case of looks
  • Weighs a lot


LifeCore 1060UB Upright Bikes are great for everyday workouts within your home.The bike equipment unites quality, functionality and fun, unlike other models.There are points like the weight of the machine that may come up negatively but the whole set of its positives still outweigh the minor issues.

This will help you develop stamina and form a short-term goal and stay healthy with exercise bike in long-term. Efficient in every way, these are worth investing in if you are serious about staying fit in life.