Life Fitness C3 Lifecycle Upright Exercise Bike Review

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Life Fitness C3 Lifecycle Upright Exercise Bike Review

Life Fitness C3 Exercise bike is an advanced version from the previous line-up with premium features to better up your workout experience.C3 is the best exercise bike under the range of $2000.

The brand Life Fitness C3 has the newest and unique feature which is the self-power generation, thus, the bike does not require any wiring or chord to plug-in to electric sockets, which makes it easier to place it anywhere in your home and use it at ease. (But if want to plug-in and use that option is also provided).

Life Fitness has always aimed at providing high-quality products with sustainability and consistency. Like their other models, LF C3 also has a sturdy steel body built with Lifetime Warranty and can take the user max weight capacity up to 400lbs.

So even the heavyweight users can comfortably step-up on it and achieve their desired fitness goal. Read the details here in our detailed Life Fitness C3 Review 2021.

Best Suited for Whom?

LF C3 bike is the most versatile model and user-friendly too, providing excellent cardio training with various workout options, from the serious fitness professionals to the newbie’s suits all of them.

The new users will have an advantage of using it while seating unlike other indoor cycles you don’t need to struggle to stand and do, you can comfortably seat and workout for a longer time and get effective results.

Life Fitness C3 Upright Exercise bike Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The exercise bike is not very difficult to assemble as the model is delivered with partly assembled, so you can quickly fix the seat, the additional holders, console and handlebars. These will take no time to set-up with the help of a few typical home available tools like screwdrivers.

Design and Build Quality

LF C3 is a very well designed model with a secure back-up of excellent quality steel material. It has sturdy and reliable built which will help you to use the bike in the long run and the exercise bike weighs 118 lbs which is good enough capacity to sustain the intense workout.

The bike also has 22lbs flywheel with a poly v-belt drive system helping you to have a low impact workout with the fluidic and smooth movement, even when you increase your resistance level.

The other highlighter of the C3 exercise bike is the seat which is very large, excellent cushioning and is padded using premium material, which will help you to cycle without hurting your bottom for a more extended period with high intensity.

Plus, its flexible seating arrangement will help you get the right exercising position and workout comfortably. Additional, LF C3 also has two console options, which is rare in the other brands you can choose to buy any.

Firstly it has Go Console which has the primary backlit display of distance, time, calories, etc.. with some in-built programs and Track+ console for advanced options were you can connect your phone, watch movies and also get customized workouts online which can be downloaded to your console.

It’s also compatible with Bluetooth. You can also track your workout with a fitness app like Fitbit, Nike+, and myfitnesspal to have a better workout experience. Other features include two large water bottle holder, reading rack and oversized accessory tray.

Life Fitness C3 Lifecycle Upright Exercise Bike Features


The C3 bike has a large and well-cushioned seat with a quick adjustable system. The seat can be adjusted according to your height and comfortable position. This helps to ease your workout experience and achieve your desired goals.


The Life Fitness exercise bike has a bright and big 6×4 inch LCD display which is placed rightly on handlebars for clear viewing. Through the console, you can track your workout, time, distance, calories, and in-built programs for better challenges in your routine.

In the C3 bike, if you are willing to spend more, you can have the choice of getting advanced options like Bluetooth, and to connect another fitness app through the tracking console. The console is also self-power generated.

Magnetic Brake

The C3 bike has an excellent electromagnetic brake system which helps you having a smooth movement while you pedal and create a hassle-free training session even during the high-intensity program and higher resistance level.

Magnetic Tension System

During any fitness sessions, resistance and strength training should be given most top priority. The more the resistance training, the better the results. So, the C3 bike provides challenging enough workout with 20 levels of resistance.

This encourages the user to build the right amount of strength and gain proportionate body composition. The LF C3 uses a Poly v-belt drive system for a smoother workout experience.

Heart Rate Monitor

The LF C3 provides a wireless chest strap heart rate monitor and also it has hand pulse sensors on the handlebars using both the methods you can monitor accurately, which will help to have an effective and risk-free workout experience.

Crank System

The bike has an efficient crank system stress-free to operate. The cranks arms are made with solid steel material for more extended usage.

High Capacity

The bike weighs 118 lbs and can take user weight up to 400 lbs. This proves that LF C3 has excellent stability and is also sustainable for extended usage. Users who weigh on the higher side can comfortably use it.


The LF C3 is measured 45x27x56 not very compact, slightly bigger but still can be accommodated in your homes as it does not have wiring issues.


The C3 bike has self-balancing pedals, thus it will not move around or flip-up down, helping you to secure the right position of your feet. The surface of the pedal is rough(non-slippery) which makes your grip on the pedal firmer, helping you to exercise well.

Leg Stabilizers

The base provides adjustable stabilizers for smooth operation and excellent durability, especially for lower body workouts and helps to maintain the stability of the machine.

Other Features

  • In-built Reading Rack – gives you enough space to keep your book or kindle and enjoy reading while you workout
  • Dual Water bottle holder – it can accommodate two large water bottles and can stay hydrated well
  • Gadget Holders – it can hold all the necessary gadgets like iPad, phones, and iPods
  • Transport Wheels – has two front wheels to move the bike easily and place it rightfully.

Life Fitness C3 Lifecycle Upright Exercise Bike Workout Programs

The bike has 13 in-built workout programs like Manual, Random, Hill, and many more to make your workouts challenging enough. Plus, with C3 bike, you are provided two custom workouts with two user profiles where you can set your workout to increase your endurance.

The programs are designed in three different levels like beginner, advanced fit, and athlete; you can quickly choose the level according to your fitness level.

Life Fitness C3 Lifecycle Upright Exercise Bike Warranty

The standard Life Fitness C3 exercise bike warranty comes with a Lifetime warranty on Frame which guarantees great sustainability. The spare parts are given three years’ warranty good enough for longer usage and you can avail their service support for up to one year at free of cost.

Life Fitness C3 Lifecycle Upright Exercise Bike Pros and Cons


  • The bike is Self-Power Generated, so there is no hassle of chords
  • Excellent Warranty Period-Lifetime on the frame
  • The bike is delivered part assembled-making it quick installation
  • Well-cushioned and adjustable seating – for an excellent workout experience
  • Provided with Transport Wheels – for hassle-free movement
  • Solid Steel Frame – for high sustainability


  • Cooling Fan is not offered- not helpful during fatigue
  • You will need to depend on your entertainment tool- no inbuilt audio speakers
  • High on Budget- its priced between $ 1499- $ 2000
  • The seat cannot be positioned horizontally


Life Fitness aims to deliver the high-class designed exercise bike with great innovation and also believe in the continuous improvisation of their models. LF C3 stands right in all these aspects.

LF C3 comes with a durable steel frame with 22” heavy flywheel good enough for extremely smooth movement mimicking the natural cycling experience. The comfortable oversized seat, well-cushioned and adjustable seat can easily be set.

With this you can choose the ideal seating position with exceptional comfort, it will always keep you motivated to work out more and continue to attain great fitness results.

The bike is Self-Power Generated which is the unique most feature of this model, makes it the best home use exercise bike as you don’t need to do any plug-in and thus safe for children as there is no worry of tripping or any danger from electricity.

And if you’re ready to extend your budget and buy the additional Track Console who will definitely be in for a lot of benefits from its advanced features.

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