Life Fitness C1 Lifecycle Upright Bike Review

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Life Fitness C1 Lifecycle Upright Bike Review

Life Fitness C1 Lifecycle Upright Exercise Bike is the most versatile model, though being an entry model, it has excellent features. Mix with significant advancement of innovation to suit the new generation users and perfect feel of the gym like experience within the comforts of your homes.

LF C1 Lifecycle Bike USP is that it offers two console options which give you effective results, namely, Go and Track Console. The Go Console has traditional and basic pre-programmed workouts and user-friendly LCD display, while the Track Console has more advanced options which you are more likely to witness in health club equipment.

It offers Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to link the bike up to apps like Nike+, Garmin and MyFitnessPal through Wahoo’s RunFit, as well as to fitness tracking devices from Apple, Jawbone, and Fitbit by enabling proximity login on the LFconnect app.

Plus, another exciting feature in the exercise bike it uses the whisper-quiet technology and eddy current resistance drive system, even at the highest resistance level you will experience a smooth and quiet or noise-free operation.

Read the Life Fitness C1 Lifecycle Upright Exercise Bike Review 2021 to know more about the bike.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Upright Exercise Bikes are useful for great cardio workouts and also builds good stamina on both upper body and lower body giving you an overall result, and LF C1 does the same.

Be it Pro users like an athlete, marathon runner, and fitness freaks or beginners who are making new health resolutions, this machine suits everyone as it does not put much stress on the body but yet gives you good results

Life Fitness C1 Lifecycle Upright Bike Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The dimension measures at 45 x 27 x 56 of the exercise bike, which can easily be assembled. The unit comes instructions manual providing a bright and neat with picture illustration step by step procedure to assemble the bike making a hassle-free installation.

If you have any issues in the mid-way of assembling feel free to talk to their skilled and friendly customer care.

Design and Build Quality

LF C1 provides a resilient and sturdy frame helping you in the long run usage. The bike gives you quite and smooth operational experience during your workouts while using the whisper-quiet technology and eddy current resistance drive system.

The bike has an adjustable well-cushioned seat, and 14 seat adjustment positions and racing style handlebars give you a very comfortable workout experience along with excellent results.

Also, it comes with a Perimeter weighted flywheel giving you an excellent workout experience Adding to all the comfort, long-lasting features it provides a rigorous and high-intensity training session with an enormous range of resistance level from 1-20 with challenging 12-16 pre-set programs to achieve all your fitness goals.

Plus, the bike comes with reliable and solid structural built, which can resist most intense training with even higher weight users. And it has very competitive pricing the bike is ranged between $1499-$1849(depending upon the Console chosen)

Additional, LF C1 provides Energy saver mode which reduces the use of electricity when the equipment is turned on but not in use. The bike will turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity and can be started immediately with a touch of the Energy Saver button on the Console.

Other essential requirements the LF C1 bike provides is water bottle folder, built-in reading rack, and plugin for all significant configurations.

Life Fitness C1 Lifecycle Upright Bike Features


The Life Fitness Upright Exercise bike has an excellent comfortable adjustable well-cushioned seating giving you a great cycling experience. The seat position can be adjusted in 14 different positions. This provides easy positioning for users with all height type.

It has a cushioned seat which does not hurt the bottom allowing you to pedal longer,


LF C1 has two consoles, namely Go and Track Console both have user-friendly LCD Display for the precise and bright viewing experience, without straining your eyes.

The Track console has a lot of advanced options like Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to link the bike up to apps like Nike+, Garmin and MyFitnessPal through Wahoo’s RunFit, as well as to fitness tracking devices from Apple, Jawbone, and Fitbit by enabling proximity login on the LFconnect app.

The LCD has readouts for time (remaining, elapsed, in the zone), speed, distance, pace, heart rate, target heart rate, calories, and more.

Magnetic Brake

The LF C1 gives smooth elliptical motion, with the advanced technology it makes the landing very easy while you pedal and immediately stops without giving any jerks or cranks, which does not harm the knees or joints.

Magnetic Tension System

The upright exercise bike has 20 levels of resistance, which allows beginning the exercise at any strength. The transaction while changing the level of resistance goes through the decidedly smooth process with Eddy Current Drive system, and switching becomes more accessible from the lower level to high-intensity workout with the magnetic brake on LF C1.

Heart Rate Monitor

The bike provides in-built contact grip rate and wireless chest strap which monitors your heart rate accurately. Watching your heart rate is very important during exercise.

Crank System

The LF C1 has strong crank arms which are made with long-lasting steel material for a better life and gives the smooth movement

High Capacity

The bike has the user capacity up to 300lbs good enough for any weight using, especially if your load is one higher side without being conscious you can easily use this.


The exercise bike is well-designed with compact mechanics which can be accommodated comfortably in your homes as it will take less space.


The bike has self-balancing comfortable pedals for the quickest and easy pedaling experience.

Leg Stabilizer

The base provides adjustable stabilizers for smooth operation and excellent durability, especially for lower body workouts and maintains the stability of the machine.

Other features

  •  Water-Bottle Holder- Front Mounted Water bottle holder to keep you hydrated during workouts
  • The individual in Built Rack – This rack is most suitable for book reading while exercising.

Life Fitness C1 Lifecycle Upright Bike Workout Programs

Built-in Programs LF C1 has an excellent and challenging numerous workout options with both consoles. The Go console has 12 in-built programs, two custom workouts and Track Console has 16 inbuilt programs with 12 custom workouts.

You can also connect Bluetooth to enjoy unlimited entertainment with Track Console. And also the console provides users to connect through different fitness apps Nike+, Garmin and many more.

Plus, the console allows you to track your workout progress with all leading devices like Apple, Jawbone, and Fitbit. These excellent advanced options you can achieve excellent results in the comforts of your homes.

Life Fitness C1 Lifecycle Upright Bike Warranty

The standard Life Fitness C1 exercise bike Warranty includes

  • Frame – Lifetime
  • Parts – Three Years
  • Service – One Year

Life Fitness C1 Lifecycle Upright Bike Pros & Cons


  • Two premium console namely Go and Track for advanced options
  • 14 seat adjustment positions for accurate workout position
  • Eddy Current Resistance Drive System ensures smooth operation and maintenance-free workouts
  • Whisper Stride Technology for quiet operation
  • Strong body built as it is built of steel frame
  • Energy Saver as it automatically switches off when not in use
  • Plugin for all major configurations


  • No Cooling Fan
  • No Audio Speakers
  • Seating position can be better it needs to have both adjustments vertical and horizontal
  • More stress to give to the bike saddle- better cushioning hurts the bottom


The brand Life Fitness aims to deliver the high-class designed exercise bike with great innovation and also believe in the continuous improvisation of their models. LF C1 Lifecycle exercise bike stands right in all these aspects.

LF C1 is the entry model in the C series but accommodates all the major features to give excellent results along with gym-like experience. The USP of the model is its compact design with a sturdily built structure to sustain long and continuous usage which can easily fit into any living space, making this the best home use indoor cycle.

The best part of the C1 exercise bike is that it gives excellent comfort and smooth cycling experience with an eddy current resistance drive system. Also, it offers noise and maintenance-free operation with whisper stride technology, which makes it the best home use exercise bike.

Posture or position of your body is essential while doing any exercise as the bike has a good enough 14 seat adjustment position you can get an accurate position and workout without hurting your back.