Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Review

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Review

The Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle is well known for its striking design, attractive look and also for providing an outstanding technological experience to the users. There is an extensive list of varied and wide fitness workouts it allows you that help you attain the desired goals with great ease.

The machine has several programming options and is Bluetooth enabled. The Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle is a user-friendly product, and you get to enjoy the modern wireless technology. Also, you will be getting advanced facilities like the alternative of connecting your laptop or PC.

The seat is a four-way adjustable kind, and this is great for a completely comfortable experience. Some of the additional impressive features are the holder for the water bottle and modern magnetic resistance that is superb for a well-balanced workout. It is a fact that each time Keiser comes up with a new hi-tech bike for exercising, there is usually a lot of excitement associated with it. Exactly this happened when the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle got introduced in the market in 2014.

The latest 2015 version is high on style as well as functionality aspects like the M3 Plus. But the latest model is more advanced technologically in comparison to the previous ones as it has the capabilities of both wireless as well as Bluetooth. It is great for an exercise class that takes place in a group. But I feel that it is a superb idea to get the high-quality machine for working out at home, and it will surely last long.


The seat that is 4-way modifiable in nature makes the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle very comfortable. It is far easier to adjust the seat of this model in comparison to the previous ones. For getting a totally relaxed riding position, there is an adjustable handlebar and the water bottle holder is an added benefit. There are transport wheels in the front due to which you can move it around as and when desired.

LCD Display

The LCD is quite impressive as the numbers are easy-to-read and clear. Thus,   you get to monitor the power output, distance, pulse and time while you are busy with your workout sessions. The major dissimilarity is the fact that display of the new model has both wireless and Bluetooth capabilities.


  • The display has Bluetooth as well as wireless abilities
  • You get to connect it to the tablet or wireless phone with great ease
  • The level of geared magnetic levels is total 24 in number, and this makes sure that the product is ideal for users of different fitness levels
  • The seat provides total comfort as it is 4-way adaptable
  • The completely modifiable handlebar is great for working out without any hassles
  • You can assemble it easily, and this does not take much time
  • The bike finds good use in exercise classes and is also suitable for workout in your house
  • The transport wheels and bottle holder add to your comfort
  • The machine operates very quietly and effortlessly
  • You get to track down your RPM, pulse, distance, time and power

You get to experience a challenging and varied workout that can easily satisfy different types of users. You must know that I have personally used this particular model in the local gym, and I find it smooth. Your workout sessions will be totally hassle free, quiet and smooth. The high resistance or hard workout regimen doesn’t affect the functioning of the machine.

I feel that in comparison to other cycles that are indoor types, this cycle is very light in weight. It is not a technical feature, but the lesser weight makes sure that you can move the cycle with great ease from one place to another.

Customer Reviews

There are not many complaints about its feel and appearance. Most of the users find this product to be very silent, smooth, sturdy and stable. But there are some concerns regarding the Bluetooth functionality.


I have already mentioned that the Bluetooth and wireless functionality are the key features of this cycle. But as far as the customer’s point of view is concerned, they can also a drawback. There are few apps that support this specific feature. It is a fact that the makers of the product claim that there will be a specific app coming up very soon which will be supporting the function of the Bluetooth. But I feel that such apps should have been available as the manufacturers launched the model. You will have to wait for this particular app if you are interested in buying the product now.


There are no major faults associated with this amazing Keiser indoor bike. It looks fantastic, is very smooth and comfortable. It can be operated as well as assembled easily. It provides varied as well as tough workouts, and you will feel as if you are riding a real bike on the road. I feel that it is a fantastic idea to invest in this product for working out.