Best Indoor Spin Bikes Under 500

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Best Indoor Spin Bikes Under 500

We guess you are tight on budget but are in need of a good fitness equipment to keep your body fit. Don’t feel disappointed because with us anyone can get the best fitness equipment that fits in their pocket. Spin bikes are good machines to start with. Our experts have selected the best spin bikes under $500. They are one of the most used gym equipment so you can always find one of them in any gym.

It is good equipment for home use too. We reviewed many spin bikes and we found Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Bike to be the best among the spin bikes available under $500. With increasing awareness about the benefits of cycling the popularity of spin bikes have been on the rise. In some gyms, there are even classes going on for improving the cardiovascular endurance. Read through our guide to know more about our favorite spin bikes under $500 and their advantages.

Top 3 Spin Bikes Under $500

Why choose spin bikes?

There are different kinds of fitness bikes like the upright exercise bikes but they haven’t gained as much popularity as the spin bikes. Spin bikes have a big flywheel that rotates with you pedaling the bike. The great acceptance among the fitness enthusiasts for this machine is because of the multiple advantages it provides. Spin bikes are well-suited machines for light workouts and also for power workouts.

While this is not the case for the upright bikes, they are only good for light workouts. The best magnetic spin bikes can help you burn your calories faster than any other exercise bikes. It can help you burn over 500 calories if you cycle continuously for 45 minutes. Another advantage of spin bikes is that they can simulate uphill cycling and sprinting. All these can be done in the comfort of your home.

The only thing you need to do is increase the resistance of the flywheel and stand while pedaling. Spin bikes are very useful for exercising calf muscles and also the abdomen when you lean forward or stand up. If you are looking for a good fitness bike get yourself the best spin bike choosing any other upright bikes are not worthy.

Things to look while choosing spin bikes under $500

1. Flywheel weight: The flywheel is the main component of the spin bikes. They make the spin bikes perform closer to real life bike riding. The heavier the flywheel the higher the resistance offered by them. Generally, they come with a weight of 30-50lbs.

Getting a bigger flywheel means that you will have to put in extra effort to drive the spin bike. They are well suited if you are planning to do strength training and high-intensity workouts with them. For an average user, we will only recommend 30lbs weighing flywheel that could give enough resistance for them.

2. Resistance mechanism: There are two ways of adjusting the resistance using a knob in a spin bike.

  • Mechanical Resistance
  • Magnetic Resistance

Mechanical resistance utilizes rubber pads that employs direct contact with the flywheel and offers resistance to the user while riding the spin bike. The main disadvantage is that they are noisy and will wear off very fast with constant usage while the magnetic resistance system is much superior to the mechanical resistance in this matter. The magnets are suspended at two sides of the flywheel.

Whenever resistance is needed to be increased the magnets are moved closer to the flywheel. The closer the magnets are to the wheel the higher the resistance offered by the spin bike. This can be adjusted by tightening the knob of the spin bike. They are very silent and they don’t wear off with usage so they are highly durable. Sadly, the best spin bikes under $500 mostly come with mechanical resistance. Magnetic resistance is considered to be a premium feature.

3. Drive: Pedals are attached to the flywheels in two different ways – either by chain mechanism or using the belt mechanism. Chain mechanism must be familiar to most of the users because they are similar to what is found on normal bikes. In it, the chains are used for driving the wheel. But just like traditional bikes, the chains of these spin bikes also requires proper lubrication and maintenance for smooth functioning.

The other system found in spin bikes is the belt drive system. The best spin bikes come with Kevlar belts that are highly durable and it requires no maintenance. They are more efficient than rubber belts. But it is always advisable to replace them after multiple years of usage.

4. Adjustments: A comfortable seating is a necessity for a comfortable riding experience. Spin bike seats are usually 4-way adjustable. Most of the time up and down adjustment is enough for the spin bikes. Handlebar height is also adjustable on the spin bikes.

This is a good facility if you want exercise specific muscle groups and for that, you need to lean or stand while pedaling. A good posture always ensures a good workout experience. So having an adjustable seat is a good feature for you and also for your family members who have different heights.

5. Transport wheel: The heavy weight of the spin bike is contributed by the heavy frame and the heavy flywheel. So, transportation of the bike is a really difficult task. It is not as simple as a bike you normally find. Manufacturers wanted to remove this issue so they install the spin bikes with two transport wheel to move around the bike wherever you want.

Wrapping up

We truly understand your budget so we made sure that you are not getting something that is not worthy enough for your health. Since you have gone through our guide you must have a proper understanding of the features of a spin bike. At $500, you cannot expect a lot of features or any piece of luxury but you can surely expect good equipment for building your health.

They are not having preloaded workout programs but they are providing the best value for your money. We are sure that you won’t regret buying any spin bike because they will surely contribute well to your health.

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