Best Magnetic Spin Bikes 2021

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Best Magnetic Spin Bikes 2021

Everyone loves to cycle and cycling is one of the easiest ways to keep your body healthy. Now with magnetic spin bikes, you can do the same in the comfort of your home. No matter what your goal is a spin bike can help you whether it be losing weight or toning your body with good muscles. It is easy to do these with the spin bikes but getting the best spin bikes is a daunting task to do so.

If you wish to get all the cardiovascular benefits with high-intensity workouts, then magnetic spin bikes are your best bet. The fitness market is filled with a lot of options so it is easy for you to make the wrong choice. Nobody wants to waste their money and gamble on their health so follow our detailed guide on the best magnetic spin bike carefully and pick the best spin bike for yourself.

Top 3 Magnetic Spin Bikes

What Are Magnetic Spin Bikes?

Spin bikes are good fitness equipment but you must clearly decide on the type of resistance that you need on the spin bikes before making the purchase. Generally, there are two types of resistance available in the market and they have their own merits. The first type is the friction resistance which uses direct contact on the flywheel for employing the resistance.

You can adjust the resistance by tightening the knob. The resistance offered by the friction type is not consistent so people tend to choose magnetic resistance over them. Magnetic resistance works similar to a normal bicycle. There are two calipers on both the sides of the flywheel. When the wheel turns, the calipers exert resistance through magnetic induction. It can easily be controlled by turning the knob which will bring the calipers closer to the wheel.

The maximum resistance is provided when the calipers are closest to the flywheel and it depends on the strength of the magnets. The main advantage is that it won’t wear out with use as the friction type resistance. So, spin bikes with magnetic resistance type will be like an investment and last you for a long while without maintenance. For Example, you can go for Keiser M3i Indoor Bike and ASUNA Sprinting Spin Bike.

Features to Consider When Buying a Good Magnetic Spin Bike

Nobody wants to waste money and everyone wants to get the best bang for their buck. We also want to ensure that you get the best equipment at the best price and that is the reason why we have a well-crafted guide that can help you in making a good purchase. Going through our guide will let you understand the important things to look for in a spin bike.

We are warning you, if you simply go out there you will only look confused because all of the spin bikes will look similar to the uninformed eye. These are the things that we thought are important for you to check before you invest your money into magnetic spin bikes:

1. Drive: Spin bikes may look similar but this equipment has important variations that will change the way they work. Magnetic spin bikes usually come with 2 different drive systems.

  • Chain drive system
  • Belt drive system

The chain drive mechanism is effective in the spin bikes but they are not much durable. Nobody wants equipment that is always susceptible to damages so understand that this might result in maintenances incurring much expense in the future.

The best spin bikes use a belt drive system. They are quieter in operation and will last for a long period without damages. People prefer them mainly due to their durability. For example, Sunny Evolution Pro Indoor Cycling Bike.

2. Frame: The frame holds the whole equipment together. This literally means if you have a weak frame you will break your spin bike really soon. So always ensure that you get the most durable frame for your spin bike. Having a strong and stable frame means that you will be getting a stable ride on your spin bike. Choose a good frame that is made of a good quality metal. This will ensure that your spin bike doesn’t break easily in a short period of time and it will increase the ability of the bike to accommodate people with heavier weights.

3. Console: It is not common for magnetic spin bikes to come with consoles and this is the reason why you don’t see many consoles in the spin bikes you see at the gyms. But it is always good to have consoles on them and especially when you buy one for your home gym. A console is not a simple piece of luxury they come with a lot of features. A lot of your health statistics can be monitored using this console.

Your heart rate can be monitored and the level of fat burning rate can be monitored with the console. There is no better motivation than knowing how much your body improves each day. The best spin bikes even have the ability to connect with fitness apps like iFit and MyFitnessPal. This can take your workouts to the next level. You will know what you consume and spend each day in your body. That is known as proper health tracking so get it if you can.

When you are in the gym there will be many things to motivate and guide including the fitness trainers but at home, you are all that you have got. Workout programs can help you in this area. The preloaded workouts designed by professionals will efficiently guide you in working out. With the variety in workouts offered by the preloaded programs, you won’t ever feel bored and your workouts will get interesting because you will be getting to the spin bikes with a new mindset every time.

4. Adjustments: Having proper adjustment facility is a major requirement unless you have decided to use the spin bikes as your private equipment. The best magnetic spin bikes will be having controls for adjusting to the needs of different people. Everyone in the family will have different needs and desires so the spin bike must be able to deliver stable performance to each one of them or else they will feel left out.

Make sure that your spin bikes have decent frames and easily adjustable controls. This will make your spin bikes multi-functional. If proper adjustability is not found in the spin bikes then the machine will always stay idle when you stop working out and that is a clear waste of money. So buy the best spin bikes that can cater to the needs of everyone. You can buy Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike for great adjustable controls.

5. Assembly: Spin bikes are simple machines to workout with but don’t think of it as easy to assemble the device initially. If you don’t have a clue we are warning you to stay away from the spin bike and take expert advice. The manufacturers usually provide experts who can do this job very efficiently for you so please don’t try your luck and ruin your spin bike on the first day itself. But it comes at a cost which is a bit expensive so if you can do it yourself then better do it.

You will save some money but then again we are warning you if you wreck the spin bike you won’t save a dime to make the decision wisely. If the bike assembly is complex then the manufacturers will provide expert assistance complementary. Check the complexity and price of the spin bikes before requesting expert advice. You can go for Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle as it has an easy and quick assembly.

The features we mentioned above are the most important thing our experts found to be checked if you want to get the best spin bikes for yourself. It is not just a guide for the best magnetic spin bikes even if you are planning to buy another type of spin bikes this guide will be extremely useful. There are different types of magnetic resistance too but we didn’t get into the detail to avoid confusing you.

And they are not that common as the ones that we already mentioned. It just replaces the permanent magnet with electromagnets. So, instead of moving the magnets for adjusting the resistance, the best spin bikes 2021  will adjust the magnetic field and change the resistance.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter what your budget is! We will always advise our readers to go for the best spin bikes with magnetic resistance. We always want the best for our readers and we find the bikes with magnetic resistance to be the best spin bikes. They are silent and much smoother than other types of spin bikes. Don’t forget that the investment that you make on a spin bike with magnetic resistance is going to last for a very long period because they are highly durable.

We don’t endorse any product but we do feel that Keiser M3i is a good spin bike to choose if you are still confused on what you should get. We found them to give the best value for the money you spend. Their products are well researched and made so you can expect the best quality from them.

If you know something more than us please feel free to share your knowledge so that more people will know what you know. Now as you are done with the reading, go ahead and buy the best spin bike for your home.

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