Horizon Fitness Exercise Bikes Review

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Horizon Fitness Exercise Bikes Review

Horizon Fitness is one of the most famous fitness equipment manufacturers who specialise in equipment for home-gym. Horizon Fitness brand is owned by Johnson Health Tech and its world headquarter in Taiwan.The main appeal of Horizon Fitness brand is the virtual reality workout where you can enjoy your workout at beautiful scenic locales with fantastic sound quality.

The Horizon Fitness equipment also adjusts its incline as per your virtual reality theme. Along with this, Horizon Fitness also offers a large variety of workout programs which are suitable for all the fitness levels. Horizon Fitness is confident about their fitness equipment which you can see by the excellent warranty provided by them.

Horizon Fitness focuses on ergonomic and comfortable workout and keeps in mind the angles and accurate positioning of the parts in every equipment. In all, Horizon Fitness designs equipment to fit your life. One plus point of the Horizon Fitness brand is that the products of this brand are easy to assemble and not complicated at all. They are easy to use and have all the necessary features. Horizon Fitness also supports a feather-light folding feature which helps to save space in your room.

Why Horizon Fitness Stands Out Among The Rest?

Horizon Fitness is one of the leading brands as it provides quality products to their customers along with fantastic service. Horizon Fitness believes in comfort and a good posture while exercising; therefore it gives more importance to the angles and positioning of individual parts. The products of Horizon Fitness are suitable for all fitness levels and can be used by people of any size or shape.

The equipment are designed in such a way that it reduces complication and increases efficiency. All the products of Horizon Fitness feature the virtual reality workout. Though it costs additional, the experience it offers is something to look out for.

All the equipment of Horizon Fitness are ViaFit app compatible which tracks and records your workout data. You can connect the app to your phone and also share your workout data online on social networking platforms or merely save it privately.

Horizon Fitness also provides a lifetime warranty for its frame and a warranty of 5 years for its parts which is an excellent feature. Most of the fitness equipment brands do not offer such features, but the Horizon Fitness brand has all the elements at an affordable price. Horizon Fitness exercise bike equipment is better than many of the brands in the market concerning the price, features, technology, quality, warranty and service.

Horizon Fitness Bike Series

The Horizon Fitness exercise bikes are one of the best bikes in the market and give a tough competition to other fitness brands. There are five bikes in total, details of which are given below

Horizon Fitness Comfort R Recumbent Bike

The Horizon Fitness Comfort R Recumbent bike is the best exercising bike for home use. It features a cushioned seat, quiet magnetic resistance and a frame. It has a 15.4-pound flywheel. It features 10 inbuilt workout programs and speakers. It includes accessory features like a water bottle holder and a reading rack.

  • The Comfort R Recumbent bike has an adjustable seat which can suit the riders of every shape and size. It provides an excellent lumbar support.It is one of the best bike under $1000.
  • It has handlebars on the console and on the sides of the seat. This provides a comfortable and correct posture to the riders.
  • There are ten inbuilt workout programs in total like target heart rate zone, constant watts, random, cadence, rolling, weight loss, game and intervals.
  • It also features a wireless receiver and contact grips for heart rate monitoring.
  • The data shown on the display are watts, calories, heart rate, resistance level, rpm, speed, calories, distance and time.
  • The magnetic resistance system provides 16 levels in total which are electronically adjusted. This enables a smooth and quiet motion.
  • It provides a lifetime warranty on its steel frame and the maximum user weight of the Comfort R bike is 350 pounds.

Horizon Fitness Elite R7 Recumbent Bike

The Horizon Fitness Elite R7 Recumbent Bike is easy to ride a bike. Its best features include a vast range of workout programs and data tracking. It has 25 inbuilt workout programs. It is also ViaFit app and Passport player compatible. It is one of the most comfortable bikes and is high on extra accessories. The step-through recumbent frame makes the access of the R7 Recumbent bike easier. Its seat is supportive which also features mesh backing for airflow. It is one of the best exercise bikes under $1500 given its warranty and features.

  • The R7 Recumbent bike has the most comfortable seat which improves the efficiency of your workout. The R7 recumbent bike seat is adjustable and easy to access. The seat has a high back which provides an excellent lumbar support. The mesh material used to make the seat keeps the riders cool.
  • The R7 Recumbent bike also features multi-position handlebars along with the adjustable seat which enables users of any size or shape to exercise comfortably.
  • The R7 bike features pedals similar to a regular bicycle but it also provides toe straps and cages for better support.
  • There are 25 inbuilt workout programs in the R7 Recumbent exercise bike. They can target goals like calorie burn, performance or distance. A user can also save customised programs in the R7 Recumbent bike.
  • The Passport player compatibility in the R7 Recumbent bike enables you to enjoy high definition virtual videos with amazing sound quality while exercising. You can connect your Passport player to the tv and enjoy your workout.
  • It has an 8.5 inch LCD display with a blue lighting. The data includes distance, time, watts, heart rate, RPM, speed, calories and resistance level. This data can also be recorded in the ViaFit app that can be connected to your phone. You can save this data as well and use it for future reference.
  • The R7 Recumbent bike features both contact grips and Polar receiver. The chest strap costs additional.
  • The Horizon Fitness Elite R7 Recumbent bike includes accessories like audio and a water bottle holder.
  • The R7 Recumbent bike has a sturdy steel frame. The total weight of the bike is 115 pounds and the maximum user weight of the bike is 300 pounds.
  • The exercise bike has a lifetime warranty on frame, three-year warranty for parts and one year for service.

Horizon Fitness Comfort U Upright Exercise Bike

The Horizon Fitness Comfort U Upright bike is an ‘easy on the body’ designed bike. This is one of the most comfortable exercise bikes with more intense workout programs. This bike pays more attention to the comfort of their users. Users of any shape or size can use this bike without any discomfort. It has an extra-wide gel seat which is adjustable. It also features ergonomic grips which prevent any pain or stress on the wrists. It has a 15.4-pound flywheel which enables the users to have an intense workout without any stress. It has 10 inbuilt workout programs. It is one of the best exercise bikes under $1000.

  • The seat of the U Upright bike is oversized and adjustable. It is positioned differently making this upright bike easier to access.
  • Even the handlebars of the U Upright exercise bike are adjustable. They provide ergonomic grips which prevent wrist strains.
  • There are 10 inbuilt workout programs as well as the manual programs which can be customised by the users. Some of the inbuilt programs include rolling, weight loss, game, interval, constant watts, random, cadence and heart rate zone.
  • There are two options for heart rate monitoring. First is a wireless receiver which can be used with a chest strap and the other one includes a thumb pulse reader.
  • Data shown on the console includes resistance, RPM, speed, calories, distance, watts and heart rate.
  • There are 16 resistance levels provided in the U Upright bike. It is adjusted electronically.
  • It has a sturdy steel frame and a maximum user weight of 300 pounds.
  • It includes features like audio player, reading rack and a water bottle holder.

Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle

The Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor cycle is one of the best exercise bikes in 2021 specifically designed for weight loss and competitive training. It has a flywheel of 44 pounds. It is more powerful as compared to other indoor cycles. It has a 4-inch data screen and a wireless heart rate receiver. It is one of the best exercise bikes under $1500.

  • The Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor cycle has a heavy flywheel of 44 pounds which is an excellent minimum for a spin bike.
  • The resistance if the IC7 indoor cycle can be controlled by a knob between the handlebars.
  • It includes a red emergency stop break as an extra safety feature.
  • The pedals of the IC7 indoor cycle are provided with toe cages. This indoor cycle can work with any standard bike pedals. Therefore, the riders can change the pedals if they desire.
  • The exercise data in the IC7 indoor cycle includes heart rate, calories, speed, distance and time.
  • The handlebars of the IC7 indoor cycle are adjustable and can suit the users of any shape or size. The handlebars can also take different positions to suit the comfort of the users.
  • The IC7 cycle includes an extra feature like a water bottle holder.
  • The overall weight of this indoor cycle is 115 pounds whereas the maximum user weight of the cycle is 300 pounds.
  • The IC7 is a compact indoor cycle with a footprint of length 53 inches and a breadth 24 inches.
  • The IC7 indoor cycle has a five-year warranty on frame, three-year warranty on parts and one year warranty for service.

Horizon Fitness Exercise Bike Pros And Cons


  • Specialised equipment for a home gym.
  • ViaFit connectivity is available.
  • Fantastic warranty for frame and motor.
  • Focus on the ergonomic workout.
  • Affordable price.


  • Low warranty for parts and service.
  • Extra cost for Passport player.

Final Verdict

The Horizon Fitness exercise bikes are a must buy if you want an exercise bike with amazing features, especially for a home gym. These exercise bikes are the perfect combination of amazing features, decent price, excellent warranty and sturdy built.

The Horizon Fitness exercise bikes are highly recommended as the ViaFit app connectivity and Passport player also help you to achieve your goals faster.In short, the Horizon Fitness exercise bikes are a dream come true for beginners as well as fitness enthusiasts.

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