HCI Fitness PhysioStep RXT Recumbent Elliptical Review

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HCI Fitness PhysioStep RXT Recumbent Elliptical Review

HCI Fitness provides commercial and high-quality fitness equipment at affordable prices and hence ensures customers get good value for money products. The PhysioStep RXT – Recumbent Elliptical Cross Trainer is one such high-quality fitness equipment, which provides a complete body workout.

To its users, even as the users also continue to sit comfortably in a recumbent position. The stride of the trainer has a smooth elliptical motion, which is profoundly comforting for the joints and thus allows the users to work out in a stress-free environment.

The user also does not need to plug in the trainer as it is self-powered in nature as suggested in the HCI Fitness Recumbent Elliptical Cross Trainer review 2021.

Best Suited to Whom?

You can use the trainer for a wide variety of goals, ranging from a complete body work out to a more specified workout, focused on the lower body or the upper body; the latter is made possible by the use of handrails provided.

The trainer can also accommodate a range of users with varying physical attributes. Which makes it suitable for users across age groups; even physically challenged people can also use the equipment to achieve their fitness goals.

In addition to being suited for home use, the robust frame also makes the trainer suited for use in commercial places such as hospitals, therapy centres etc. Hence, it fulfills the needs of users looking for Commercial Ellipticals or Home Use Ellipticals.

HCI Fitness PhysioStep RXT Recumbent Elliptical Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The assembly of PhysioStep RXT-1000 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer is quite simple and straightforward. The package comes with a detailed step-by-step process of assembling the product. Most of the parts come assembled along with the tools, the only parts you have to assemble are – seat display and the arms.

Design and Build Quality

PhysioStep RXT-1000 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer has a highly durable steel frame which makes it sturdy in nature. The various components are also commercial grade and of the highest quality. The users can easily adjust their arms or seats to suit their respective physical attributes and thus workout in a comfortable position.

The contoured nature of the back seats provides the users lumber support, even as the non-slipping nature of the seat provides the desired stability. The handles boast an ergo grip, which aids the users in workouts for specific muscles.

Overall, the device measures 60” x 32” x 44” and is a medium-sized fitness machine and is the best recumbent cross trainer.

HCI Fitness PhysioStep RXT Recumbent Elliptical Features

LCD Display

LCD display of PhysioStep RXT has very high resolution and comes with a 9” screen. You can do goal tracking by exporting the summary of your workout to a USB. Also, you can not only choose from 18 different workout programs but also get feedback of calories, watts, heart rate, distance, total strides etc. instantly.

Elliptical Motion of 12”

The combination of recumbent and elliptical 12” stride enables you to experience a low impact and relaxing workout.

Handles with Multi-Grip

The handles have ergo-grip so that users can work on different groups of muscles while working out by choosing different positions of hands.

Comfortable Seat

The seat of PhysioStep RXT is quite large and comfortable. The backrest has a contour so that you can get lumbar support.

You can even adjust the seat at 14 different backward and forward positions sliding the positioning system and using the adjustment lever. Also, you get to experience a stable workout due to its non-slip surface.

Contact Heart Rate Sensors

Contact heart rate sensors are large and easy to hold. Also, the heart rate receiver is wireless and polar compatible.


The texture of the large pedals is diamond-plate with the sure-grip surface which allows you to enjoy a comfortable and smooth workout. The machine also includes velcro straps (optional) for a secure foot positioning.

Resistance System

PhysioStep RXT comes with 16 resistance levels. Each resistance level offers a different degree of workout intensity; the user can thus select a particular resistance level to achieve the desired workout.


The machine is self-powered in nature which eliminates the need for any plug-ins.


The RXT Recumbent Elliptical Cross Trainer comes with a water bottle holder. The new design also includes 2 cup holders to provide with you with extra storage. Below the display panel, there is a transition handle which helps the users to get in and out of the machine easily.

Maximum User Weight

The machine can handle a user weight of maximum of 350 pounds.

HCI Fitness PhysioStep RXT Recumbent Elliptical Workout Programs

PhysioStep RXT-1000 Recumbent Elliptical Cross Trainer comes with 18 inbuilt workout programs : Manual, Warm Up, Interval, Ramps, Mountain, Rolling, Climb, Random, Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, HRC 65%, HRC 85%, Constant SPM, Constant Watts, Goal Calories, Goal Distance.

Different workout programs provide a varying degree of workout and aid the user in exercising a specific set of muscles if desired.

HCI Fitness PhysioStep RXT Recumbent Elliptical Warranty

Warranty: The Frame has a lifetime warranty with the 3 years warranty on mechanical and electronic parts.

HCI Fitness PhysioStep RXT Recumbent Elliptical Pros & Cons


  • It comes with a recumbent seat which you can adjust at 14 different positions so that you can have a smooth workout experience;
  • The self-powered nature of the machine eliminates the need of any plug-ins;
  • The backrest has a contour to provide you lumbar support;
  • Non-slip surface helps you to enjoy a stable and smooth workout;


  • Price is relatively on the higher side;


HCI Fitness PhysioStep RXT – 1000 Recumbent Elliptical Cross Trainer offers you the combination of natural elliptical motion and a stress-free recumbent position for sitting so that you can experience a total body workout which is not only effective but also has a low impact.

Its design is such that different users (physically challenged as well as physically fit) with varied age groups can use the trainer without having to compromise on their fitness goals.

Overall, we can say that HCI Fitness brand PhysioStep RXT-1000 is a mid-range (price under 3300$) model in the family of Recumbent Elliptical Trainers that offers you with an extraordinary total body (upper and lower body) workout experience for losing weight, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation.