Best Exercise Bikes For Home Use 2021

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Best Exercise Bikes For Home Use 2021

Some people just love to ride their cycles all around their place but sometimes it is not just possible for you to do it whenever you want to do it. Stationary bikes are a boon for those people. It is always good to ride in the comfort of your home pumping your heart rate to a healthy life. This comfort will let you reach your fitness goals in no time. But it is not that easy to find the best exercise equipment for yourself. You could even get confused between recumbent bikes and stationary bikes. Don’t worry about that because we are here to help you. With our expert advice, you can get the best exercise bike for your home.

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Top Exercise Bikes For Home Use

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Indoor Exercise Bike?

1. Low impact, highly effective cardio workout

The comfort of your home is enough to pump up your motivation to burn more calories without straining joints. Your muscles will grow and weight will reduce with proper exercise.

2. Convenience

Home workout means complete flexibility. Your time can be used the way you want to use it.

3. Easy

Cycling is good for beginners. No prior experience into riding or exercising is needed even if you are a complete novice.

4. Monitor your fitness

Indoor bikes are good for workout monitoring. They can help you track your workout progress with the help of your phone or computer. Analyzing heart rate, distance, speed, and calories will give you a clear picture of the improvement you make.

5. Varied workout plans

Best Indoor cycles are stocked with multiple workouts including interval training, spinning. This workout variety will make your workout interesting and therefore keep you motivated.

6. Forget the weather forecast

Best Indoor bikes take away all the restrictions you had in your workouts. With them, you can work out anytime and anywhere. They are quiet so you don’t need to worry about irritating the people around you.

7. Lower stress levels

Cycling helps the body to release endorphins which means that it will reduce your stress level, keeping you happy and will make you immune to a lot of diseases. Gym membership becomes a waste if you can’t visit the gyms. An indoor exercise bike will always stay there in your home. It is much easier to work out in your home and in there the chances of you missing workout sessions are too less. Moreover, you can also multitask while riding if you are at your home.

Which Type Of Exercise Bike Should You Choose?

You can’t just go to the shop and get yourself the best exercise bike by making a random choice. There are multiple things to consider before choosing the best one for you. Initially decide on the type of exercise bike you want. Upright exercise bikes and recumbent bikes are the two most popular varieties available. Understanding their advantages and disadvantages will help you decide upon the exercise bike more easily.

Upright Exercise Bike Pros & Cons


  • Similar to an outdoor bike
  • Cheaper
  • More varieties
  • Compact
  • Versatile
  • Compatible for multiple workouts



  • The saddle may be less comfortable
  • Less suited to those with balance issues

Recumbent Exercise Bike Pros & Cons


  • Excellent for those with back or balance issues
  • Maintain a comfortable position
  • Excellent support – no strain
  • Many have a “stepover” frame – easier to get on
  • Easier to cycle hands-free
  • More comfortable workout = longer sessions


  • Often take up more floor space
  • Expensive

Buying Guide For Purchasing The Best Exercise Bike For Your Home

Mechanical Variations

1. Weight
Your weight and the bike have to be considered for selecting the best exercise bike for you. They usually have a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs. If you weigh more than that then a stronger frame may be required. The heavier the exercise bike the more stable the bike will be. A heavier body and stronger frame make the bike safer.

2. Enclosed Mechanics

Having a closed mechanism for both the chain and flywheel is the safe option to go for to prevent cloth or finger from getting caught in them leading to injuries. Almost all of the bikes we chose have enclosed mechanism. Extra care must be given if you choose Airdyne option which requires ventilation so if small children are there then it might get risky.

Type of Resistance

Different types of resistance systems are found in these bikes
1. Fan-based
2. Magnetic
3. Direct contact
4. Brake-based

Modern bikes are naturally quiet with their modern mechanisms but make sure to choose a silent mechanism if you want a silent equipment.

1. Fan-based

It provides infinite resistance to users. The harder you pedal the harder the resistance. A resistance fan is connected through a pulley system and pedal making it really quiet. A low wind can also be expected while working out.

2. Magnetic

These are contactless resistance systems making it the most silent systems available. This also makes it highly durable with less chance of wear and tear.

3. Direct-contact

This is a direct contact system which uses friction for braking. You can specifically set the resistance instead of getting relative resistance. This is much efficient in targeted workouts.

4. Brake-based

It is the most popular system. This is a combination of a magnetic system and direct contact system. A heavy flywheel will give a higher resistance. It has a flywheel and a metal disk that is connected to the pedals through the chains.

Other Considerations For Buying The Best Exercise Bike For Your Home

1. How Advanced?

Are you in search of an advanced machine preloaded with workouts? Or do you just want to get on top and ride? Unless you are planning to use the exercise bikes for a few weeks it is always advisable to buy one that helps you even when you become an advanced user. So, avoid simple bikes and choose the ones with advanced features which can keep up to you making your workouts more interesting and challenging. A versatile bike is more cost-effective and long-lasting.

2. Seat Quality

A good seating is a big necessity on an exercise bike. Manufacturers ensure comfortable seats on exercise bikes to make the workout more enjoyable. If the seat position or condition is bad then the users will find it difficult to work out for a longer period. Upright and recumbent bikes require different features for a good seating.

Depth and shape of the paddle must be considered if you are buying an upright bike. A deeper padding gives you a comfortable sitting but you have to ensure that the shape is also comfortable. Adjustability of the position of the seat is also a major concern. Average height people will not have any issue but people with shorter and taller heights will find it difficult.

In recumbent bikes, the shape of the seat bottom must be contoured letting your legs stay in a comfortable position. Having a proper backrest in the lumbar region is also a good option for a comfortable ride.

3. Proper ventilation

Proper ventilation on the seat will keep the seat cool while working out. If you have issues of the sore neck then get a neck rest. Recumbent bikes usually give support to the upper body so it won’t be a major concern on them. Apart from all these make sure that the seats can easily be cleaned and have good grips to keep you stable on the seat.

Must-Have Features in Your Exercise Bike For Your Home

When you have decided to buy an exercise bike decide on the features that you will really need.

  1. Make up your mind on whether you need the high-end technology on your bikes or just the basic ones, or if you need the ability to work while working out. If you want you can even get features like virtual reality.
  2. We always prefer the ability to alter resistance while riding the best features on the exercise bikes. Most of the exercise bikes of 2021 come with this option. It is a good feature for both beginners and athletes so make sure that you get an exercise bike with this feature.
  3. Security of your seat must be there while riding the bike. A good strap and proper grip will prevent you from slipping and causing injuries while riding upright bikes.

Should You Buy An Excercise Bike That Folds?

If your apartment is small and can’t dedicate space for the exercise bike, then go for a foldable exercise bike. This can save you a lot of space but make sure to get an expensive foldable exercise bike. Cheaper options will wobble while working out as they are not having a sturdy build.

If you have enough space, then go for a non-foldable exercise bike. You can also choose an upright bike rather than a recumbent one. Upright bikes are compact bikes so if you want to save space buy the best upright bike.


Now you might have understood that choosing an exercise bike is not a child’s play. Many things have to be considered before making the purchase. If you have read the guide made by our fitness experts, then we expect you to have a clearer understanding of them. This will help you make a wise decision.

Exercise bikes are perfect for a person who wishes to keep his body always fit. They are popularly known to be good cardio workout equipment. Unlike the outdoor bikes, they reduce the chances for injuries and cause less strain on joints. Read the reviews of the specific brand you like before making the purchase. Make a well thought decision and get the best exercise bike for your home.

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