Best Exercise Bikes for Commercial Use 2021

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Best Exercise Bikes for Commercial Use 2021

Commercial bikes are well known for their build quality so you can easily expect them to last as much as you want even with high usage. There are full commercial exercise bikes and light commercial bikes. The fully commercial ones are usually used by gym owners who want the most premium and durable device with at least 6-hour usage a day. Light commercials can be used for 3 hours a day and still it will last for a very long time.

The best light commercial bikes are best for small home gyms. They will last more than home exercise bikes but are pricey. But less maintenance means that your expense will be less in the long run. Since they are actually built for gyms they have high-quality component. They have the capacity to withstand tough usage over the long course of time. Other than being used in home gyms these light commercials are found in hotels and small fitness hotspots where you need a premium device that can perform consistently with multiple users.

The best light commercial bike manufacturers which we prefer are Cybex, Life Fitness, Nautilus, Precor, and Star Trac. They are affordable and their products are of good quality.

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How We Chose the Best Commerical Exercise Bikes?

1. Top manufacturers

The top companies whom we would advise you to go for include Bladez, Diamondback, Keiser, Nautilus, NordicTrack, Peloton, ProForm, Schwinn, Spinning, and Sunny Health. We have listed out over 57 bikes and they are not random choices. They are hand-picked based on the engineering quality they exhibit, the technology used and their affordability. Physiotherapists and fitness experts were consulted to make the list so you can trust the credibility of our list without a doubt.

2. Flywheel weight

Resistance technology determines the intensity of the workout. Outdoor cycling can easily be simulated with the exact incline and terrain adjustment. Two types of resistance systems are found in these – one which uses the weight of the flywheel and the other that uses magnets to apply resistance on the rotating flywheel.

  • Spin

Based on the expert advice we got, we concluded that weight only ones were better performers than high tech ones. We always kept spin bikes at the top priority list. The best spin bikes like Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle has flywheels that weighed around 50 pounds. The resistance and the smoothness of the ride increase with the heaviness of the flywheel. Rotational energy gets stored with pedalling making it harder to pedal with higher speed. A direct contact breaking pads tighten the flywheel and the resistance increases. As a general preference, avoid buying flywheel weighing less than 30 pounds.

  • Recumbent

The smoothness of the ride is the top priority in the exercise bikes. We reviewed ECB resistance but we wanted the resistance to be similar to that provided by heavyweight ones. Magnetic resistance uses electricity and was only found in recumbent bikes and upright bikes. Moreover, they also take up electricity for automatic resistance levelling and for running preloaded workouts. ECB doesn’t require friction for changing the resistance. So ECB delivers smoother, consistent and silent throughout the ride. ECB uses magnetic resistance to employ resistance so the flywheel will be as light as 20 pounds. You can go for Welcare Recumbent Bike WC1588.

3. Clean, Intuitive Controls

Spin bikes and recumbent bikes are different in programming but our criterion for each is almost similar. Their controls must be useful and easy to understand.

  • Spin

A Spin bike is a simple equipment that doesn’t even require electricity to run. Because of this, adjustments have to be done manually and programming options are very limited. But that’s not a big disadvantage because doctors always suggest that the less the distractions the better the workouts will be. And the simplicity of workout means anyone can easily workout with them. Some of them are even against the idea of having extra programming as they feel that it is nothing more than a gimmick. However, they do suggest basic display functions with calories, time, distance, RPMs.

  • Recumbent

Recumbent bikes may look uninspiring when compared to spin bikes because they lack the flexibility which they have. So always go with one with a good range of programming with at least 15 resistance levels and 20 preloaded workouts.

4. Durability Backed By The Warranty

Make sure to get long warranties for any product you buy as they ensure that your products are well made. If you go through the reviews properly you will easily find exercise bikes that got damaged in the first year itself so make sure to check them out and go for a company whose products stay strong in the long run.

Spin bikes have short periods of warranties with a maximum of 3-year warranty for the parts and one-year labor warranty. However recumbent bikes are much more complicated pieces of equipment so they tend to come with longer warranties. They are pricier too so they have warranties as long as 5-years for the parts and 2-years for the labor. What we found out is that the best spin bikes will have a minimum of 1-year part warranty and for the best recumbent bikes a minimum of 2-year warranties is good.

  • Spin bikes with belts

The best spin bikes can make you work really hard during workouts but there are many features that will still make your ride effortless. We love some of the best spin bikes; they have really smooth rides with no vibrations or any irritating noise while working out. It is quite expected from the ones with heavy flywheels. We like spin bikes with belts rather than the chained ones that controlled the rotation from the pedals. Chain system is cheaper and old fashioned but is quite durable with regular tightening and proper lubrication. Belt gives smoother and silent rides when compared to chain system but they must be replaced when they are stretched out. Buy Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002 Belt Drive exercise bike.

  • Heavy recumbent bikes

A heavy flywheel alone cannot improve you a good riding experience. A good flywheel must be complemented by a heavy machine. The bikes are only as heavy as their parts and the pricier the models they had good quality heavy parts contributing to the better riding experience.

Why Excercise Bike For Commerical Use Is the Best?

1. How to find the right exercise bike for you

Each bike is different therefore the experience too

Spin bikes are good options for

  • Experienced exercise bike riders
  • Highly fit people
  • Solitary workout enthusiasts

The best type of exercise bikes is designed similar to fast road bikes to simulate the demanding way professional cyclists use their vehicles. Spin bikes force the user to lean 45 degrees forward; they also have curved handles that are at the same height as the seat. Resistance is generally controlled using a knob or lever. Intensity can also be increased by pedaling the bike harder. The machine stores your extra force and offers you resistance back creating powerful momentum. But consistent pedaling at the same momentum is extremely tough.

Recumbent bikes, with their easy-entry design, are best for those

  • With back injuries
  • Mobility issues
  • Or who want extensive programming

Best commercial recumbent bikes like Exerpeutic GOLD 525XLR Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike have a very comfortable seating. They are long and with the bucket seats, the rider can lean back towards the backrest. Even the legs can be stretched at an angle from the hips making it really comfortable. They don’t engage your core like upright bikes but provide a great support for your back. Your whole body weight is not used therefore reducing the strain caused on the joints. Motorized resistance levels do provide higher intensity with an addition to that of the terrain simulation. All these can easily be controlled using the consoles.

2. Watch out for “effective” flywheel weight

It is tough to find the exact flywheel weights of these machines. Either they have good flywheel weights mentioned or wherever you look you won’t find it. After many inquiries, the manufactures revealed the flywheel weights and they were disappointing. So unless the flywheel weight is mentioned neglect the product.

3. One manufacturer doesn’t excel at all equipment

Sometimes manufacturers might only be showing their expertise in one category of products, so be a little vary while judging a spin bike by the quality of the recumbent bike they made. For example spin bike made by Diamondback are good but their recumbent bikes are really bad. Diamondback 910 Sr we used had a really good ride but it had a disappointing console and adjustments.

4. Adjust your ride to get a symmetrical, injury-free workout

The therapists we talked to advised us to choose bikes with maximum adjustment capability because people are different so one size won’t fit all. So spin bike handlebars must have 4-way adjustment while recumbent bikes 2021 must have leg length adjustment. Easily speaking every bike must have some degree of bend on your knees. A 30-degree bend on the spin bikes and 10-15 degrees on recumbent exercise bike are advisable.


After reading our guide you must have understood that exercise bikes for commercial use are a great companion for guaranteeing your fitness in home gyms. Both spin bikes and recumbent have their own advantages so choose wisely and buy the one that suits you the most. Decide your budget and purpose first then it will much easier for you to pick the one that you want.

Don’t be misled by the advertisements instead read out the user reviews of every machine. Always make sure that the equipment you get has really long warranties otherwise be ready to pay extra if anything goes wrong. Don’t cut your budget unnecessarily when it comes to doing something for your health. Get a good exercise bike and keep yourself healthy.

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