FitDesk Recumbent Exercise Bike with Sliding Desk Review

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FitDesk Recumbent Exercise Bike with Sliding Desk Review

The recumbent bike is an excellent exercise bike for people who have pain in the lower back and still desire to have a great workout with a low impact. The sitting position in the recumbent bike is quite natural so that you don’t feel pressure on your joints, back and neck while doing your exercise.

FitDesk Recumbent Bike comes with sliding desk platform to hold your tablet and aids in achieving the desired physical fitness levels, as you continue to enjoy your web browsing, gaming etc. It makes you feel very comfortable with an adjustable backrest and a well-cushioned seat and hence allows you to improve your workout levels without any distraction.

Best Suits to Whom?

If you desire to have a great workout with a low impact while doing your everyday work, FitDesk Recumbent Bike is an excellent product. This exercise bike suits people who despite having a knee or back pain, want to boost their cardiovascular health and burn calories effectively.

FitDesk Recumbent Exercise Bike with Sliding Desk Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of FitDesk Recumbent Bike is a simple task. Using the tools provided in the package and the accompanying assembly manual which contains a detailed description of the assembly steps, you can easily assemble the product within a period of about 30 minutes.

Design and Build Quality

FitDesk Recumbent Bike consists of a highly durable steel frame having a high carrying capacity (~250 lbs). The machine derives quite a sturdy feel aided by its high-quality components and powder coating on a steel frame. The frame is foldable, thereby allowing easy storage and transportation of the same. It also has a nylon pedal nut that helps in preventing service of the pedal crank arm.

FitDesk Recumbent Exercise Bike with Sliding Desk Features

Driving System

The high-velocity flywheel comes with a twin belt, which ensures a quiet pedal operation; this feature makes the machine easily operable at a workplace also. It also has a nylon pedal nut that helps in preventing service of the pedal crank arm.


The machine can be easily stored and transported, on account of the foldable frame and the built-in roller wheels.


The FitDesk Recumbent Bike can carry a maximum weight of around 250 pounds.

Tablet Holder on the surface along with Storage Tray

The machine has a desk platform (20.5” x 16″), which you can use to keep laptops, books etc. There is also a tablet holder built in to stream videos, music etc. while exercising.
The top surface also contains a mouse pad and a cup holder. You can keep your personal items such as phones, wallets, etc. in an inbuilt storage drawer while exercising.

Adjustable desktop

The desktop can be easily adjusted using the handle provided; you can also use the slide rails to stabilize yourself.

Performance Meter

The exercise bikes have an LCD screen, displaying the workout summary. For ex. calories burnt, total time of the workout, distance run etc.

Recumbent seat adjustment

FitDesk Bike Recumbent Bike allows for recumbent seat adjustment at 3 different positions to help you enjoy your workout session. It also has a nicely-cushioned seat and a tall backrest; thus you can exercise and work simultaneously.


The recumbent bike comes with a footprint of 18” x 37”. You can easily fold the machine during a long period of non-usage, and it can be thus be stored in the corner of the room as well.

Magnetic Tension System

You can control workout intensity and adjust the resistance levels (8 in total) as per your desire; the pedal motion is also quite smooth.


The large pedals enable usage by users with varying physical attributes.

Comfortable for multiple heights

You can easily adjust the seat height and hence this recumbent bike suits a wide spectrum of users (anyone over 5′ in height).

FitDesk Recumbent Exercise Bike with Sliding Desk Warranty

Warranty: The brand offer a three years warranty on the product.

FitDesk Recumbent Exercise Bike with Sliding Desk Pros and Cons


  • Inbuilt tablet holder to keep your tablets;
  • Recumbent seat adjustment at 3 different positions to help you enjoy a pleasant workout experience;
  • Tall backrest and a well-cushioned seat lets you do your work and exercise simultaneously;
  • Large pedals enable usage by a wide range of people;
  • Folding frame and built-in wheels make transportation easy.


  • No in-built workout programs;
  • Not suitable for users with heights below 5’;
  • Simultaneous usage of the laptop (on the surface desk) and the display monitor to track the workout summary is tedious


Like other recumbent bikes available in the market, this model of FitDesk boosts cardiovascular health and provides you with a great workout experience with a very low impact. Since the exercise bike comes with decent back support, it is ideal for people who suffer from back problems; users can have a decent workout session without overexerting their muscles. The machine is highly durable and entails a healthy warranty period; the pricing of around $250 makes it a smart purchase.

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