Exerpeutic Gold XL9 Aero Elliptical and Exercise Bike Dual Trainer Review

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Exerpeutic Gold XL9 Aero Elliptical and Exercise Bike Dual Trainer Review

With the advent of technology and the growing demand of home gyms, several companies are coming up with innovations and new designs to cater for everybody’s needs.

Different people have different demands; some want compact machines, some look for a big device with more features, some look for affordability, etc. These challenges are faced by health equipment manufactures and each time they try to come up with the best of all.

The Exerpeutic brand, under Paradigm Health and Wellness, is one such company. It works day and night to provide for their customers and design beautiful devices. They are well known for – Treadmills, Ellipticals, Inversion Tables, Exercise Bikes, etc.

This article contains the Exerpeutic Gold Elliptical and Exercise Bike Dual Trainer review and describes its dual function capability. The Exerpeutic Gold Elliptical and Exercise Bike Dual Trainer is a perfect dual trainer for home which is capable of providing the features of both an Exercise bike and an Elliptical trainer.

It is incredible in its design and is one of the best entry-level dual exercise machines. It is compact, affordable, has decent features, adjustable and padded seat, dotted pedal design, reinforced crank system, dual stride capability, and many more.

Read ahead to learn about its great functions and how it can help you realise your fitness dreams.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Exerpeutic Gold Elliptical and Exercise Bike Dual Trainer is ideally suited for people who are looking for a dual workout with one machine. You can use it as an exercise bike as well as an elliptical trainer. It is also perfect for small homes where you cannot keep more than one machine.

This equipment is an affordable way to keep yourself fit and follow a healthy routine. It is one of the best dual trainer bikes under $200.

Exerpeutic Gold XL9 Aero Elliptical and Exercise Bike Dual Trainer Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of the Gold Elliptical and Exercise Bike Dual Trainer needs some work. It takes some time and the help of one person to finish the task. The package contains a manual that describes step-by-step instructions to carry out the assembly process. These instructions are easy to follow, and once the unit is assembled, it works great.

Design and Build Quality

The designing of this dual trainer is marvelous as this one equipment serves as both, an Elliptical trainer and an Exercise bike. Its workout arms serve double action, and the seat is 4-way adjustable and extra large to take in a maximum number of people.

The pedals are thoughtfully designed with ribbed dots so that there no slippage of the foot, especially during intense pedaling motion. Also, the best part is that the user can stride both forward and  . This Exerpeutic Gold dual trainer is portable as it comes with transport wheels mounted at the front.

The build quality of this bike is also decent and is built to last long. It can take weights up to 250lbs. The extended leg stabilizers on this unit prevent tipping of the machine while exercising. It is a stable machine even though it serves dual purposes.

Exerpeutic Gold XL9 Aero Elliptical and Exercise Bike Dual Trainer Features

LCD Display

The display of the Exerpeutic Gold  Dual Trainer is an LCD which clearly shows the workout stats like Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, and Scan. This data is vital for monitoring the progress of your workout and also plan your future workout schedule. The SCAN indicator lets the user get each indicator on display, one by one.

Adjustable Seat

The seat of this Dual Trainer Exercise Bike by Exerpeutic is easily adjustable in four directions. The seat is padded and is extra large to accommodate even huge users. The padding offers great comfort to a user of any size and doesn’t tire him in case of long workout hours.

The seat adjustment makes the user pedal easily without getting uneasy. The user needs to adjust the seat as per his height and start pedaling.

Magnetic Resistance

The resistance of this dual exercise bike is easily changed with a dial knob. The user may choose a low or high resistance, depending on the type of workout he wants to perform.


 The pedals of the Exerpeutic Gold Dual Trainer are huge to take any foot size. The surface of the pedals is ribbed dot design which gives enough friction to the foot and avoids any slippage while exercising.

The pedals can move both forward and backward, which is advantageous to carry out intense workouts.

Electrical Outlet Required

This Exerpeutic dual trainer works on 2 AA batteries and does not need an electrical outlet for operation.

Compact Size

 This dual exercise ike is not a very compact one. It is heavy and will take up space in your room but still is good for small households.


This indoor dual exercise bike by Exerpeutic is easily portable as it comes with transport wheels. Thus, a user in any household can own and can easily store it away when not in use.

High Capacity

The steel frame is sturdy and robust which makes this unit have an extended weight capacity of up to 250lbs.


Usage Time: Up to 5 hours.

Exerpeutic Gold XL9 Aero Elliptical and Exercise Bike Dual Trainer Warranty

Exerpeutic offers excellent warranties to its customers. The frame has a 1-year limited warranty, and all other components come with 90 days warranty. The customer support of Exerpeutic is very prompt and friendly.

Once you submit the request for replacement of parts, the service agent comes to your service within 24-48 hours. You can call them at +16268102100, and their Toll-Free number is +18669241688.  Its return policy is also easy. Within the 30 days of the invoice date, you can return the item for an exchange or refund.

Contact +18669241688 between 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday or email them at service@paradigmhw.com.

Exerpeutic Gold XL9 Aero Elliptical and Exercise Bike Dual Trainer Pros and Cons


  • Large, adjustable, and comfortable seat ensures excellent workout experience.
  • The elliptical motion of the bike eliminates any stress on joints and muscles.
  • Backward stride capability with the help of reinforced crank system
  • The dual action arms deliver a fantastic and low-intensity upper body workout.
  • The weight capacity is 250lbs and accommodates a majority of the users.
  • The easy tension dial enables the user to adjust the workout set.


  • No cooling fans.
  • No bottle holder.


As per the above review of the Exerpeutic Gold dual trainer exercise bike, this is an excellent bike for both upper and lower body workout. Its elliptical motion is very effortless and steady where the user can changeover it to an exercise bike. Its seat is exceptionally comfortable, and the unit has an excellent reinforced crank system.

It is a perfect choice for home use and is also ranked as one of the best exercise bikes for home use. It also offers a high price/value ratio and delivers an excellent workout experience. This entry-level dual exercise machine is sure to help you realise your fitness goals.

It will give you a low-impact workout without straining your knees and joints and aid in toning your body, losing weight, burning calories, etc.