Endurance Fitness Exercise Bikes Review

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Endurance Fitness Exercise Bikes Review

Endurance is a brand by Body Solid, which is itself the most liked and successful brand for the past 25 years. For decades, it has been instrumental in providing fruitful fitness experiences and is still maintaining the same. It manufactures a variety of fitness equipment – Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, Functional Trainers, Free Weights, Ellipticals, and other Cardio Accessories.

They use the Body Focus approach in designing their machines like they will target every muscle group in the human body and try to achieve all the possible fitness goals like flexibility, fitness, weight loss, cardio, stress relief, etc.Endurance is a committed brand which keeps building the interactive and useful piece of equipment.

Why Endurance Stands Out Among the Rest?

The Endurance brand is known for its attentiveness to market needs and great innovative ideas. It keeps in mind the latest trends and has a focused approach. They understand the human body and have a very strong focus to that. Their ultramodern electronics, precision engineering, great designing and programming makes its machines stand out from the rest. They focus on each muscle group and at the same time on each fitness goal.

Endurance Fitness Exercise Bike Series

The exercise bikes by Endurance are categorised into three sets – Indoor Exercise Bikes, Recumbent Exercise Bikes, and Upright Exercise Bikes. Each bike has terrific features and advantages. Read more to know more about each bike.

Indoor Exercise Bike

1.Endurance Indoor Exercise Bike

This bike is also called ESB150 and is one of the best indoor exercise bikes. It gives you the feel of riding a real bike within the comforts of your home. It looks like a premium road bike. Here are its features:

  • It uses the V-groove belt drive system which makes the machine noiseless or home use and also very smooth in operation.
  • Any user can fit into this bike because of the handlebars and seat can adjust vertically and horizontally, making it fit for a user of any size.
  • The transport wheels make it easy to move around in the house. You can keep it aside in store when not in use by just dragging it on the wheels.
  • Its dual felt pad braking system is superb and is very smooth in applying. It offers a consistent resistance even during intense workouts.
  • Its crank system and pedals are also of premium class and give a great road bike feel.
  • The bike is sturdy and built with high precision and durable components.
  • It is is an ideal exercise bike for home and light commercial settings.
  • The ESB150 exercise bike is one of the best indoor bikes under $1000.

Recumbent Bikes

1.Endurance B2R Recumbent Exercise Bike

The B2R Recumbent exercise bike by Endurance is an excellent bike which gives you full control over your workout and is beautifully designed. Read about its great features below:

  • The B2R exercise bike supports 15 levels of resistance, ranging from 0 to 15 which deliver a good variety of workout.
  • The seat of this bike is exceptionally complacent since is oversized and has DuraFirm padding. This quality makes it comfortable for a user of any size to fit into this machine and be at ease.
  • The seat is also adjustable back and forth which is helpful for all types of users.
  • The transport wheels make it easier to roll the bike around when not in use.
  • The heart rate sensors are helpful in tracking the user’s pulse rate during workouts and lets you manage accordingly.
  • The console of the B2R bike is huge and easy to read. It shares all the vital stats (Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Pulse) and lets the user keep track of it.
  • This bike is ideal for beginners and experts, alike.
  • This bike is self-powered, and the resistance increases as you keep pedalling.
  • The seven built-in workout programs give you full authority over your workout delivering give you a great experience and variety.

2. Endurance B2.5R Recumbent Exercise Bike

The B2.5R recumbent exercise bike is an updated version of the B2R recumbent bike. It has all the above features of B2R bike, except these two:

  • The B2.5R recumbent bike is electronic, and it is easy to change the resistance levels from the console buttons.
  • This exercise bike supports 20 levels of resistance as compares to the 15 levels of the B2R exercise bike. This implies, B2.5R offers a great variety of workout options especially for experts and fitness enthusiasts who want to challenge themselves for more.

Upright Bikes

1.Endurance Upright Exercise Bike

The Endurance Upright Exercise Bike a.k.a. B5U is the best model of an indoor upright exercise bike. This is mainly because it replicates the real road cycling experience. It is one of the best exercise bikes under $2000. It has the following striking features:

  • This bike is self-generating, i.e. it does not need an external power supply and has no wires. It generates power as you pedal along.
  • The six pre-set programs are superbly designed and help you work on all the aspects, like cardio, endurance, heart, etc.
  • The Heart Rate Control (HRC) programs are ultimate for maintaining a proper heart rate and making the user workout accordingly.
  • The heavy gauge steel construction makes the bike very sturdy and durable. Even during hardcore sessions, the machine does not wobble.
  • The console is modern with the touch screen and helps the user in accessing all the pre-set programs and his workout feedback.

2.Endurance B3U Self Generating Upright Exercise Bike

The Endurance B3U upright exercise bike is built with precision engineering and state-of-the-art electronics. It is loaded with features that are ideal for active home users. It is one of the best upright exercise bikes under $2000.

  • It is self-generating in power, which means it generates power as you pedal and does not come with wires.
  • It has a Poly-V belt drive system which makes this machine super silent and extra smooth in working.
  • The sturdy and robust steel frame gives a gym-quality workout.
  • The DuraFirm seat is touring-style and makes the user comfortable than other touring bikes.
  • The magnetic resistance is smooth and has 16 levels. The range is excellent in offering a variety of workout options to the user.
  • The seven challenging and creative programs are pre-set hand help the user in fulfilling his fitness goals.
  • The pedals are self-balancing and give an excellent grip to the feet.

3. Endurance B2U Upright Bike

The Endurance B2U upright bike is a well-constructed bike which offers a fantastic workout to the users. It is much sturdier than other high-grade bikes and is loaded with amazing features:

  • The steel frame construction is sturdy and does not wobble during intense workout sessions.
  • The seat of this bike is oversized and DuraFirm padded. This gives excellent support to a user of any size.
  • It comes with 15 levels of smooth and consistent resistance and makes the workout challenging and enjoyable for the user.
  • The transport wheels make it easier to move this massive machine anywhere in the house.
  • The console is large, basic, and easy to read. It displays the workout stats like Speed, Time, Distance, Heart Rate, and Calories Burned.
  • It works great for beginners and experts alike, especially in increasing cardio fitness, strengthening and toning of muscles, burning fat and calories, and maintaining weight.
  • It is one of the best upright bikes under $1000.

4. Endurance B2.5U Electronic Upright Exercise Bike

The Endurance B2.5U electric upright bike is an advanced version of B2U upright bike. It is one of the best upright bikes under $2000. They share common features, except these:

  • Mainly, the B2U model does not come with pre-set workout programs, whereas the B2.5U model has six pre-set workout programs, which give the option of choosing the appropriate program for the user’s workout.
  • The B2.5U upright bike is electronic and needs an external power supply for generating power. Thus, it produces more power and offers a gym-quality workout.
  • The B2.5U upright bike supports 20 levels of magnetic resistance lets it proffer a more varied workout to the users. It makes the exercise more challenging as the resistance levels rise.

Pros and Cons of Endurance Fitness Exercise Bikes


  • The Endurance exercise bikes come with an excellent warranty.
  • They are sturdy and built with heavy gauge steel which offers extreme stability even during hardcore workout sessions.
  • These bikes come with transport wheels which makes it convenient to move around these massive machines.
  • The precision engineering and amazing electronics make these machines offer a gym-quality and feel.
  • The look and feel of endurance exercise bikes are commercial and can take weights 400 lbs.
  • The seat is adjustable and comes in an extra size to fit any user size.
  • All these exercise bikes are affordable and are loaded with extraordinary features which offer a fantastic variety of workout to the user.


  • The Endurance exercise bikes do not have cooling fans.
  • These exercise bikes are not foldable and may take up extra space in the house. But, since they have transport wheels, you can move them out of the way when not in use.
  • They do not come with Bluetooth connectivity, which can make the user bored at times.

Final Verdict

The Endurance Fitness Exercise Bikes are considered one of the best bikes for home and light commercial places. They are extremely robust and can withstand weights up to 400 lbs. They do not wobble during intense sessions and are built wonderfully. They give a commercial quality workout and is extremely beneficial for people who do not have time or budget for gym memberships.

The most significant advantage is that these exercise bikes are fit for any user, beginner or expert, underweight or overweight. After reading the above summary of all the exercise bikes by Endurance, it is straightforward to decide which type you want for your home.

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