Endurance B3U Self Generating Upright Bike Review

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Endurance B3U Self Generating Upright Bike Review

It is rightly said that a Healthy Mind lives in a Healthy Body and to keep your body healthy, you should exercise. It gets difficult for many people to take gym memberships and take out time for exercise, but thanks to big brands like Body -Solid who understand this dilemma and come up with amazing pieces of equipment. This brand is in the business for the past 25 years and is doing a fantastic job. Their products speak volumes about their quality, commitment and research they have put in.

Body -Solid sells its products under the name Endurance, and its products are – Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, Cardio Accessories, Ellipticals etc. In this article, read the Endurance B3U Self Generating Upright Exercise Bike Review and learn about its great and exciting features and advantages you can have after owning this bike.

The Endurance B3U Self Generating Upright Exercise Bike is a beautiful portable upright bike which gives an efficient workout and a lifetime of good health. Once you own this bike, you will never regret your decision. It gives you full control of your daily ride and helps you monitor your progress as well. Whatever be your aim, endurance building, weight loss, or cardio benefits, the B3U upright bike will help you achieve it effectively.

Best Suits for Whom?

The Endurance B3U Self Generating Upright Exercise Bike is ideal for people who are looking for a gym-like workout and quality bike. A user of any age, height, or weight can use this fantastic bike because its built strong to handle weights up to 400lbs, the seat is adjusting so that a user of any height can fit the seat for proper spacing from the pedals. It is by far one of the best upright bikes by Endurance.

Endurance B3U Self Generating Upright Bike Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of Endurance B3U Self Generating Upright Exercise Bike is pretty simple. It does not come with wires and plugs as it is self-generating. The manual that comes along the package consists of all the instructions step by step. You must follow the steps in the right order and before that place the unit on a solid surface. It comes with transport wheels which make this machine quite handy in moving to some other place when not in use.

Design and Build Quality

The design of this upright bike is excellent and needs no plug-in to power up. It has contact heart rate sensors, touring-style DuraFirm seat, and a compact design for home keeping. It generates power as you pedal and lights up the display panel. Its super-silent, poly-V drive system is an attractive feature, and the transport wheels make it movable to any area of the home.

The build quality of this bike is outstanding. All the parts are durable and are built with the standards for commercial use. The frame is made up of heavy gauge welded steel and has a silver metallic coat finish. The quality of Endurance products matches the quality of professional health club equipment which is why their bikes are considered one of the best exercise bikes for home use.

Endurance B3U Self Generating Upright Bike Features


The seat of Endurance B3U Self Generating Upright Exercise Bike is much more comfortable seat than traditional bikes. It is a 10-position touring-style seat, and the DuraFirm padding gives a very comfortable ride. It is also adjustable, and a person of any size can use it.


The console of this upright bike by Endurance has an ergonomic and friendly console. It has got a bright, large, and easy-to-read display. The feedback display contains 8 LED segments, and Workout display includes 8 x 30 Profile Matrix LED. These displays give full feedback of the workout and show the stats you are currently working on.

Magnetic Tension System

This machine has got 16 levels of variable magnetic resistance. Each level offers a workout of different intensity and gives you full control of your exercise. You are free to work on a specific strength as per your choice and need, be it maximising cardio benefit or challenging your endurance.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The heart rate in this Endurance bike is measured by the contact sensors which are placed on the handlebar. This data helps you with a more cardio-efficient workout. Having this measuring technique is like having your trainer who is responsible for maximising your workout results and maintaining an optimum heart rate, at the same time.

High Capacity

The steel frame of B3U upright bike by Endurance is welded with heavy-gauge steel. This makes the unit very sturdy and robust to withstand heavy weights. It can take up to 400lbs of user weight, which is pretty heavy and this weight widens the range of users who can use this best exercise bike.


The pedals of the B3U exercise bike come with straps to fit the shoe properly in them. The pedals are also self-balancing and avoid the tripping-off of the user. The more you push, the more power this unit generates. The whole performance of this upright bike is based on the pedal pushing capability of the user, which helps in offering a cardio-perfect and endurance workout.

Other Features

Play Music: The B3U upright bike comes with a CD holder a well.

Water Bottle Holder: This machine comes with a water bottle holder, located right under the console. The positioning is perfect, and the user can quickly get hold of the bottle to drink water in between the sessions to stay hydrated.

Endurance B3U Self Generating Upright Bike Workout Programs

Pre-Set Workout Programs: The Endurance Exercise Bike comes with seven fitness programs – Interval, Heart Rate Control, Random, Fat Burn, Rolling, Cardiovascular, and Weight Loss. These programs are designed to give you full control of your workout and let you monitor your progress. Each program has its task and enables you to achieve a particular fitness goal.
Like, Fat Burning program will help you reduce your waistline and burn off the calories.

Weight Loss program is designed to keep your weight in control and maintain a perfect BMI index (Body-Mass Index).
Interval training combines the facets of Endurance and Cardio training to offer a fantastic session.

Cardiovascular programs will take care of your heart and help you keep it fit.

You have full freedom to select any program as per your need and reap incredible benefits from it.

Endurance B3U Self Generating Upright Bike Warranty

Body -Solid is known to offer the best warranty in the industry due to which it has made a special place in the name of cardio fitness. This machine comes with a Lifetime warranty of Frame, Brake, and All Parts. Isn’t this amazing? Once you buy this machine, you need not worry about any replacements, damages, etc.

Customer Service: You can contact the customer support from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm CST. You can call them at their toll-free number – 800-556-3113 or fax your concern at 708-427-3598.

Return Policy: In case you wish to return the product, then contact the company office at 1-800-5563113 and get a Return Authorization Number. You can then replace the product along with the authorisation number and sales receipt. The shipping charges while a return is at your expense.

Endurance B3U Upright Bike Pros and Cons


  • The self-generating bike which generates power as you pedal.
  • 16 levels of smooth, magnetic resistance which is adjustable to deliver you a variety workout.
  • Solidly built with heavy gauge steel frame offers a club-quality workout.
  • The Poly-V Belt Drive System is super-silent and does not disturb anyone in the home while you are exercising on it.
  • Four transport wheels help the natural movement of this machine.
  • The seat is made of DuraFirm and is of touring-style, which is much more comfortable than traditional road bikes.
  • Seven pre-set fitness programs give you a fantastic variety and quality of the workout. They let you fulfil your fitness goals.
  • Pedals come with straps and are self-balancing, which prevents the user from falling.


  • No cooling fans.
  • It lacks the back support which can make long workout sessions a little tricky.


The Endurance Brand is Self Generating Upright Exercise Bike is undoubtedly a commercially engineered bike and is here to deliver you a lifetime of cardio fitness. Its quality components, state-of-the-art electronics, precision engineering and excellent warranty, makes it one of the best exercise bikes under $500.

It is super-quiet, and one can conveniently use it at any time without bothering that it will disturb the other members of the house. It is super stable in its built and offers a gym like stability. The 16 levels of resistance provide an ultimate workout.