Endurance B2.5U Electronic Upright Exercise Bike Review

Endurance B2.5U Electronic Upright Exercise Bike Review

We all love to be fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle, but not everyone can be regular in exercising. What if we have our small fitness gym at home where we can spend some quality time every day, away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Body Solid is a brand which caters to this need of users and keeps coming up with fantastic equipment to offer a healthy lifestyle to its customers.

It is ruling in this industry from the past 25 years and is fruitful in garnering the love and affection of all its users. Its machines are of topmost quality, outstanding features, excellent durability and warranty. It produces – Treadmills, Ellipticals, Exercise Bikes, Free Weights, and other Accessories. Here, read the Endurance B2.5U Electronic Upright Exercise Bike Review and learn about its uses and advantages.

The Endurance B2.5U Electronic Upright Exercise Bike is a top quality exercise bike which delivers amazing cardiovascular health and overall fitness. Its training programs are designed to work according to your need and fitness capacity. The parts are of excellent quality and durable.

The exercise bike caters to heavyweight people as well and does not wobble at all. Read ahead to know more about this piece of equipment.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Endurance B2.5U Electronic Upright Exercise Bike is a beautiful bike with gym-like quality. And this machine is approved for home as well as commercial applications like Police and Fire Departments, Health Clubs, Parks and Recreation, Schools and Colleges, Hotels and Spas, Professional Sports Teams, etc.

Hence, everyone is going to benefit from this upright bike. It is indeed one of the best exercise bikes for commercial and home use. It can support a max user weight of 400lbs; this is good for heavyweight people alike.

Endurance B2.5U Electronic Upright Exercise Bike Assembly, Design & Build Quality


It is easy to assemble the Endurance B2.5U Electronic Upright Exercise Bike as it comes with transport wheels and an instruction manual. Thus, it is easy to drag and place it at an appropriate position before assembling.

Most of its parts come already gathered by the company, so the process gets relatively simple for the user, like collecting the handlebars, joining console mast with the display, etc. Make sure that you go through the stepwise instructions carefully before starting.

Design and Build Quality

The designing of Endurance machines superb and they come with innovative and user-friendly designs. The B2.5U bike has a good design and gives the feel of riding a top-end touring bike. It comes with top of the line electronics and training programs which deliver a health club-like workout.

The design is suitable for users of all age groups and sizes. The seat is 14-position recumbent and pedals are self-balancing. These design features make it accessible to a majority of the users.

The build quality of B2.5U exercise bike is fantastic. The frame of this unit is made of heavy gauge steel and silver metallic coating. It can withstand weight up to 400lbs and does not wobble during intense sessions. The components are of excellent quality and material and do not wear and tear easily.

This machine’s built is of commercial quality and is sure to offer you a lifetime of good health.

Endurance B2.5U Electronic Upright Exercise Bike Features

1. Seat: The seat of Endurance B2.5U Electronic Upright Exercise Bike is the one that can take 14 positions. It is made up of DuraFirm cushioning which gives great comfort to the user while exercising. It is also contoured to provide lumbar support.

This feature offers extreme ease for the user, especially while doing an intense workout. Endurance believes that if the seat is comfortable, the body feels less pressure while working out.

2. Console: The electronic display is an easy-to-read one which shows the vital stats like Speed, Distance,e Time, Calories, Resistance Level, and Heart Rate. It is a Profile Matrix LED which is interactive and helps the user to monitor his workout.

This data also keep the user motivated and interested to know how well is he performing and what needs to be improved.

3. Magnetic Tension System: This exercise bike by Endurance comes with 20 levels of resistance. These levels are very smoothly adjustable from 0 to 20, depending on the type of workout you are looking for.

It gives you full authority over your workout, if you want a cardio exercise, then you can select any medium level, but in case you need an endurance building intense workout then you can choose a higher level of resistance. This machine uses magnetic resistance and lets you work as you please.

4. Heart Rate Monitoring: The heart rate monitoring in B2.5U upright bike is done with contact heart rate sensors. These sensors are mounted on the side supports. When you grab the side handles, it takes your pulse and displays on the console.

The heart rate is essential information while working out because the main aim of cardio is to keep the heart healthy. And, having that data with you, you can easily monitor and control your workouts. This is like having a personal trainer for yourself who guides you what is right and what not.

5. High Capacity: This exercise bike has a heavy gauged steel frame, due to which it is very sturdy. Hence, it can take users up to 400lbs of weight. This weight is quite high, which implies this machine can make a majority of the users.

6. Pedals: The pedals of Endurance B2.5U Upright Exercise Bike come with straps to provide an excellent grip to the feet while pedalling hard. The feet stay in their position and do not wobble.

The pedals are also self-balancing and are appropriately placed. This goes well with the reclining body position and gives great comfort to the user while exercising.

7. Other Features: 

  • Play Music: This bike comes with a CD holder.
  • Water Bottle Holder: There is a provision for placing the water bottle on the console mast. The placement is perfect as the user sitting on the bike can quickly grab the bottle to stay hydrated in-between workouts.

Endurance B2.5U Electronic Upright Exercise Bike Workout Programs

Pre-Set Workout Programs: The Endurance B2.5U Electronic Upright Exercise Bike has six pre-set fitness programs – Random, Interval, Fat Burn, Manual, Cardio, and Hills. These programs are not universal to everyone, in fact, this variety gives you the choice of choosing the program as per your requirement and capacity.

  • Random: This program gives you a different workout every time. It helps in eliminating the boredom and monotony of doing the similar kind of exercises each day.
  • Interval: This program merges the aspects of endurance and cardio training, with a combination of various speeds and resistance levels. This feature makes this program interesting.
  • Fat Burn: This program is helpful in getting rid of that extra pounds and reduce the waistline. It makes you slimmer and fitter.
  • Manual: This program gives you full control of your exercise. You can choose any resistance level and speed and work on it. You can create your program with this option.
  • Cardio: This program aims at developing and strengthening your entire cardiovascular system. It helps in maintaining good health of the heart.
  • Hills: This program stimulates the hill running by adding gradual declines and inclines. It seems you are running on hills.

Endurance B2.5U Electronic Upright Exercise Bike Warranty

The In-Home warranty by Endurance offers 100% lifetime warranty on every part of the machine. It also includes the normal wear and tear of items. This is amazing since once you own this bike, you need not to worry about its maintenance charges as everything is covered in the warranty and that too for a lifetime.

  • Endurance brand is well-known for providing the best warranties on its products.
  • Customer Service: You can contact the customer support from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm CST. You can call them at their toll-free number – 800-556-3113 or fax your concern at 708-427-3598.
  • Return Policy: In case you wish to return the product, then contact the company office at 1-800-5563113 and get a Return Authorization Number. You can then replace the product along with the authorisation number and sales receipt. The shipping charges while a return is at your expense.

Endurance B2.5U Electronic Upright Exercise Bike Pros & Cons


  • The frame is extremely sturdy with heavy-gauge welded steel. It also has silver metallic coat finish on it.
  • The DuraFirm padding along with contoured seat offers excellent lumbar support while working out.
  • The super-silent Poly-V Belt Drive system gives a quiet and a smooth ride.
  • Front transport wheels allow easy and quick moving of this massive machine.
  • Six pre-set programs are designed to cater to everyone’s needs. You can control and monitor your workout very easily.
  • It comes 20 levels of smooth magnetic resistance. This resistance is easily adjustable to deliver a fruitful workout.


  • No cooling fans.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity.

Why Endurance introduced B2.5U Upright Bike model after B2U?

The B2.5U model of the upright bike by Endurance is an enhanced version of the B2U model. The significant differences between the two are that the former one is Electronic and comes with 20 levels of resistance, whereas, the latter one is manual and comes with 15 levels of resistance.

Also, the B2U model does not support any pre-set workout programs, whereas the B2.5U model is loaded with 6 pre-set programs. This gives an edge to this model as it makes the workout easier for the user by simply choosing the suitable option.

Both are otherwise very well-build and designed to offer a professional workout. It is just that the power generated by the B2.5U model is more than the B2U model as it is electronic, and also the extra five levels of resistance give it an upper end over the B2U model.


The Endurance B2.5U Electronic Upright Exercise Bike is quite a power-packed bike and is one of the best upright bikes under $2000. It is suitable for a majority of the users, be it beginners, experts, heavy-weight, low-weight, etc.

Its steel frame is heavily constructed and doesn’t wobble even if heavy-weight people (max 400lbs) sit on it or if anyone is doing an intense workout. This machine is also easily movable due to its front transport wheels. This feature also makes it one of the best exercise bikes for home use.

Endurance has yet another come up with a top quality fitness machine to give its users a lifetime of good cardiovascular health.