Cycleops Wind Indoor Bicycle Trainer Review

Cycleops Wind Indoor Bicycle Trainer Review

I hate it when I have to listen to comments like; “I think you have to put on weight” after those long winters are over, and all you can do is keep out and pass a smile. I know after listening to all this, who doesn’t want to start working out right away. But the fact is no matter how strong-minded I’m when I see my bed I tend to change my plan.

So from this I have come to a conclusion that for me to keep going on my “latest workout plan”, I need to enter my house and see exercise equipment and not my bed. I researched a lot on which exercise equipment will get me going and I found exercise bike as my best option. After going through various options, I got inclined towards Cycleops Wind Bicycle Trainer. Read my Cycleops Wind Indoor Bicycle Trainer Review to know more about the trainer that will surely help you in making your final choice.

Solid Base and Good Resistance

The Wind is built with amazing technology: weighted metal blade fan which generates resistance as you pedal. Various resistance levels are built in which increase with your pedaling speed. The harder you pedal better the resistance. Wind bikes tend to make comparatively more noise than the usual bikes out there. Die-cast zinc fan blades are almost twice in weight in comparison to a heavy flywheel that gives you a solid realistic feedback. It is just like riding on the road.


The wind trainer can be folded and easily stored away. Whether you live in a small apartment or share a room, you can easily put it away when you don’t want it. The quick locking mechanism can easily adjust to accommodate mountain as well as road bikes. Rubber coated base pads can be adjusted to any level on any floor. All these features make this bike suitable for all. With 300-pound weight rating and a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer, it is very reassuring, that your investment will not go wrong.


  • Vortex Blade – vortex blade design builds resistance progressively instead of jumping to a more difficult setting, giving the rider an experience closer to a real outdoor riding.
  • Assembly – CycleOps Wind Trainer comes with instructions on a leaflet.
  • Asymmetric Leveling Pads – you can cycle on an even floor without losing your balance
  • High Compatibility – A quick-release lever available that makes it easier to accommodate every standard road or mountain bike styles. The locking mechanism proves to be sturdy enough to give you comfort and security while training.
  • Virtual Training Trial for 2 weeks – Test the Virtual Training software without making registration. It tracks your progress, helps you connect with your buddies to compete in motivational challenges, and you ride on exciting virtual routes.
  • The bike comes with a lifetime guarantee. What more can you ask for at this price?

For the price this machine has to offer features are simply a wonder. A similar product such as Kinect Cyclone Wind Trainer isn’t available at this price though offers the same features. Little noise complaint is expected of all wind trainers. Assembly isn’t a problem either as long as you are following instructions.

Even though you are riding indoors, this bike will never fail you with the fuel of riding outside. Other models do not provide a very smooth ride, specifically when speed is increased.

In those chilly winter days, it’s nearly impossible to cycle outside but with Virtual Training software you can carry out the same experience being in your cozy room. You can also compete with your other members that will keep you motivated to the very end no matter which season you choose.

Thus, it is a step towards a fitter you irrespective of any season!


Assembling of the machine is not handy. There are few components that have to be assembled with caution but after reading the instructions on the manual it becomes easier. Most of the customers have complained about the noise.  It does generate some amount of noise when you ride it. But this can be overlooked as so do the other models. My alternative is to plug in noise cancellation earphones and keep going.


CycleOps Wind trainer is a well-manufactured product provided by one of the most top notch companies. It is perfect for a cyclist who desires to keep in shape no matter what the conditions are outside. And this is only possible when you have an indoor bike.

The noise level is on the high level, but there are a few people who say that it is bearable, and one can definitely adjust. Overall, it is a very good choice when you keep in mind the price, quality, and features. Anyone who is looking for a good health without having to overspend, this is the bike for you.