CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro Indoor Bicycle Trainer Review

CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro Indoor Bicycle Trainer Review

The CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro Trainer is made for podium chasers, tri-geeks, and first-time finishers, thanks to the versatility it provides.Whether you want to start off easy, or you want to challenge yourself to greater limits, it is all up to you. I can completely understand the significance of a roommate and life partner who wishes to workout with you because of the same share.

Well if you want to share the look no further, SuperMagneto Pro makes use of 4 powerful earth magnets to offer you with four different resistance levels. Tuning the trainer isn’t a difficult job either by using an easy turn of a dial, and you are good to go. Be it an easy workout you want or a difficult workout, you can have it all.

“I wish to work out and to work out right” was my motto when I wanted to start working out. After all that research, I finally managed to top list few bikes and in that list CylcleOps was the one company which seemed to be reliable and provide me with what I wanted. CycleOps manufactures a range of training products, be it from PowerTap on the roads to indoor cycles to rear wheel trainers and roll; they have it all. The variety they offer in trainers is incredible, includes the wind, fluid, and magnetic trainers. And for the ones who can’t resist the fancy features and want the best, CycleOps offers Pro series of trainers.

Comes Pre-assembled

Assembling SuperMagneto shouldn’t be any of your worries because this amazing trainer comes pre-assembled! Once you have bought it all you need to do is to pull pout its legs out and into position, and get your body warmed up for an effective workout. On the left leg, there is a dial that will allow you to adjust the trainer on that uneven floor. The SuperMagneto Pro has a training skewer, instruction manual and race day DVD. All you need is a Skewer on the bike you adjust the resistance and the just mount your bike on your trainer and you are done!

You will have to pull back on the cam lever which is located behind the trainer to adjust resistance unit level back and into complete open position and out of your way. It will be easier to mount your bike onto the trainer, by fixing the drive side skewer into the cone that is fixed. There is a yellow clamp knob provided on the other side will lock your bike into the place. But when you do this please make sure that you have notches of skewer sidelined up so that you have a secure lock.

After all, this your bike should be very stable on the trainer. Now, just push the resistance unit up till it has touched the rear tire and then lock into the place using the cam lever. Removing the bike is also very simple as you have just to go in reverse. It is a very simple process and when you have completely understood it will hardly take any time.


The SuperMagneto like mentioned above offers you 4 levels of resistance – easy, road, interval, and mountain. Versatility the bike offers attracts almost every kind of rider be it advanced, or a beginner irrespective of the weather outside the trainer will always inspire you to workout to your best potential. Before you increase that intensity all you need is an ideal warm up. If wish to ride hard, you can opt for road level, and if you wish to challenge yourself on higher levels, then you can opt for the mountain.

The trainer uses four rare earth magnets to control different settings, with every setting magnets move to separate controlled diameters as centrifugal force pushes them away from the center. Father the magnets move more is resistance offered. The material provided on the outer surface of the flywheel helps you provide a smooth and realistic road-like ride.


  • Comes PowerTuned for optimal road-like feel.
  • Progressive magnetic resistance till it provides a quiet and frictionless ride.
  • Comes Pre-assembled.
  • Features clutch knob for the roller to tire tension.
  • 2″ resistance unit roller allows: 650b, 700c, 26″, 27″ and 29″ wheel sizes.
  • Depending on tire tread, the bike fits 29″ wheels up to 2.25″ width.
  • Easy adjustments.
  • Noise level at 20 mph 69-70 decibels is very quite.
  • Easy adjustment on uneven surfaces via Single-leg leveling adjustment. Alloy roller reduces tire wear and slippage.
  • Frame: Flat fold feature.
  • Convenient one-sided frame mount. Trainer fits common road and mountain bike frames, and features steel quick release skewer. However, it does not allow the use of bikes with 120mm rear dropout spacing.
  • Adjustable legs that are broad stance come with locking pins so that they stay in place. The big – lazy threaded axle clamp locks in a grip. There is no remote control provided which is a little disappointing. The flywheel might cause skin moment you start at high resistance.

Turbo is amazingly smooth and also manages to mimic road feel very well. There is the good potential of proper leg popping loads. High momentum makes it right for sprinting. Training DVD is also included and comes with a lifetime warranty.


To change the settings the user has to stop the workout, that becomes uncomfortable. The difference in the power curves is not felt by weak riders.

The Bottom line

If you want a high-end trainer that is stable, well designed and very quiet, SuperMagneto Pro is the one for you. Four different settings are available which is beneficial especially for the expert riders. Though it might prove a little annoying to get off the bike to change the resistance level I will still recommend it to any level cyclist.