CycleOps Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer Review

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CycleOps Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer Review

Like any other, youngster I also like to exercise and keep myself fit. But then comes winters and all my enthusiasm just drop because all I want in those chilly days is to sit in my cozy bed. During winters, it is not possible to ride outside. So from today, I have decided no matter what weather it is outside I will ride! And when all the results can be obtained from our home why go outside? After a lot of research to determine which bike is best suited for me, I shortlisted CycleOps Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer, and I have been very happy with the positive results.

You can find many bikes in the market for just half the cost, but they are not only cheap money wise but also lack the features to benefit you. But with CycleOps Mag trainer not only you are offered a good price but also good customer service. When I needed my Power taps to be maintained, Saris group has done everything to give me what I wanted. My power taps are manufactured by the company who manufacture CycleOps Mag.  So, I now blindly rely on them when it comes to customer services.

Life-Time Warranty

Firstly, I want to point lifetime warranty that you get with the bike! If, at any time, y face any problem with the trainer, you can be sure you will get the needed attention and the desired service.

The frame: It is strong, 2 inches 16 gauge steel tube. The frame is very strong and will last for years. If the floor is uneven at your place, then do  not worry about rocking forward and backward because you are provided with adjustable foot pads that help you have a smooth ride.

It comes with Quick Cam Lever Resistance Unit that makes tightening of the roller against your rear a very easy job. It is easier than to crank it down to the specified two and half turns each trainer is collaborated with the bike. Once you have set the tension, the Quick Cam will make sure to “remember” it for you.


CycleOps Mag provides all that resistance via its magnetic brakes, which company calls it the ‘unique internal flywheel’ to provide you a smooth ride. The flywheel is an essential part of any trainer if you wish to have a realistic road biking feel. It provides you the inertia required to overcome your acceleration. When you ride on Cyclops, you have to overcome your own weight and the weight of your bike, therefore giving you an effective workout.

  • As you can see from the graph, the power is linear on the cyclops Trainer, rather than an exponential increase in the resistance that you feel outside when you’re trying to push against the air.
  • If you increase your air resistance, it becomes harder to go from 16 mph to 19 mph in comparison to increasing your speed from 8 mph to 11 mph. Physics couldn’t be applied so beautifully here. If you decide in the first go to hit it off with 20 mph, all I can do is wish you luck.
  • It comes with a resistance lever that can be changed and set to five different levels, giving you variable workout. When you combine the resistance level with your gears on your bike, you will end up with amazing results. You can change your resistance without getting off your bike by the handlebars mounted remote shifter.

Fluid trainers aren’t as noisy as Wind trainers. CycleOps Mag trainer is little less noisy when compared with other bikes with similar features and in the same price bracket. It’s the world’s first magnetic trainer with progressive resistance.


  • Precision comes with magnetic technology and balanced zinc alloy flywheel
  • Magnetic resistance provides frictionless and quite ride.
  • Noise level is 66-68 decibels at 20mph that is comparatively low as compared with other models.
  • Secure tire for resistance is provided with unique clutch knob.
  • Foldable frame with spring loaded and bolt – action lever.
  • Eccentric lever feet allow easy adjustment even on uneven surfaces.
  • 2” resistance unit roller allows 650b,700c,26”, 27” and 29” wheel size.
  • Trainer tire is recommended.
  • Virtual training is compatible,
  • Designed to fit common roads and mountain bike frame. There are 3 settings for rear dropout spacing: 120mm, 130 and 135mm.


I found the bike not as smooth as it claims to be. Isn’t is that smooth and quite was it claims to be. Also, you may require a block under the front wheel to level this bike. These drawbacks are easily overshadowed by the utilities and features the bike comes with.


Only if you shy of your neighbors or your walls are paper thin, only then the noise of the bike will bother you. Most of the customers have found the noise to be tolerable and adaptable. It’s a safe piece which will motivate you to challenge your body all year round. It is a very good brand at a very reasonable price. But if you can afford a trainer at the higher range you can go for Mag+, Magneto or superMangneto Pro. If your budget is limited, then CycleOps Mag is a good choice.