CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Trainer Review

CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Trainer Review

No matter what your goals are: better health or faster splits, the CycleOps Fluid 2 will help you achieve the most by just being indoor.

The flywheel is large and is well precised allowing you to customize your ride by just shifting your gears, just like outdoors. The design provided will keep your Fluid 2 working longer and better. Because of the sturdiness and liability of model, you can very easily help you achieve your goals.

The Fluid 2 is the very first resistance trainer in the CycleOps lineup. Above Fluid 2, pro range bikes are available in the market and below are the various wind and magnetic resistance trainers. The bike is slightly heavier on the pockets as compared to other resistance methods, BUT it is worth it and what do you get extra for the extra cash? Read on

Because I own a Fluid for over a year now, I can assure you the quality provided is simply great. You can adjust Fluids levels for better curves. Nothing much has changed internally or aesthetically, but I see no requirement for any change otherwise. I have to admit I have taken this machine for granted, I have used it in the rain and mud, but it keeps going without any complaint. The frame is very sturdy and comes along with a well-seated fold out legs and a lot of ballast to make sure you remain stationary and have a very efficient workout.

 Smooth and Natural Ride

CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer

When it comes to resistance Fluid 2 doesn’t give you any option of adjustment. The company has implied that fluid resistance increases as the power increases, the theory of resistance is infinite fits well here. You can experience road riding at 25 mph, the pace overlaps at the right powerpoint and remains stable and stationary. It is a very smooth and natural ride, thanks to the flywheel that reduces any vibration. Oil also helps make the ride smoother, and when there is a sudden change in the speed, you get a good fluid feel.

No cable

That’s a lot of scientific justification there. I’ll take it on a lighter note. Saddle sprinting doesn’t feel right, but for many trainers it doesn’t, this is the only downfall of Fluid. Cycle Ops mainly sell their product because of their steady state, seated intervals >the 30s. The problem is you can hurt yourself in seated intervals >the 30s and is less intense out of the saddle work. An option of no adjustment is a beneficial option too: There will be no cable where you can get tangled or no headache of the cable breaking while transporting the bike. And the possibility of using what you are already aquatinted to by adjusting the gears. Other advantages include the feel and quiet operation.

FeaturesFluid 2 Trainer

  • Fluid2 is the best-selling trainer in the USA.
  • PowerTuned for road-like feel.
  • Fluid resistance unit gives a quiet and consistent ride.
  • Noise level at 20 mph is silent decibels -64-68 .
  • Large, flywheel allows for improved road-like feel.
  • Self-cooling mechanisms with a patented fan design that keeps the unit performing better, longer.
  • Eccentric leveling feet allows you to adjustment on uneven surfaces.
  • The CycleOps foldable frame with spring-loaded bolt-action lever.
  • Precision-machined alloy roller reduces tire wear and slippage.
  • Features clutch knob for the roller to tire tension.
  • 2″ resistance unit roller allows for 650b, 700c, 26″, 27″ and 29″ wheel sizes.
  • This trainer is designed to fit standard road and mountain bike frames. Has steel quick release skewer and three settings for rear dropout spacing: 120mm, 130mm, and 135mm.

You also get a training DVD along and apparently costs only 25. Mine came with a DVD too, but it turned out to be a monotonous video that was shot at some studio. But this time it’s claimed that it is a virtual interval session. Instead of focusing on many races, CycleOps has focused only on 45 min crit.

The video began with a warm-up followed by the introduction of our leader and cameraman, Robbie. It has some interesting American touch that makes it interesting. Whole 40 mins race is filled with from body cam with HUD featuring effort meters: perceived effort, cadence, heart rate and watts. Thanks to all three variations you can adapt DVD to your like. I striated off by following the perceived effort, but I did not find it very reactive to the race as claimed. Later I started developing the perceived Robbie’s power, and it turned out to be much more productive and enjoyable. I didn’t have to look at the data and was racing well as I became used to the course. You may believe me or not, but I had a lot of fun and was in a unique state of mind during my first workout session on this modern bike. DVD acts like the cherry on top, for those who want steady intervals with inspiration along with perceived effort should go for it.


Assembly instruction might be an issue for few but if the customer service is available, then it isn’t a problem. There is a history of leakage, but the company replaces power units without a doubt.


All in all, the Fluid2 is an amazing turbo, trainer. If you want steady indoor miles, it’s an ideal match. Price is hard to digest but if you choose it, will last for many years. Find impressive deals on Amazon for the bike.