Concept2 Exercise Bikes Review

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Concept2 Exercise Bikes Review

The journey of Concept2 started off in 1970 with the idea of designing and creating oars for races like the Olympics. These specifically designed oars became the most preferred ones among Olympic Rowers all over the world.

Concept 2 believes in innovation and the creation of new fitness machines as per the requirements of the customers.

It is known worldwide for its indoor rowing machines. Some of the best rowing machines for home use can be found in Concept 2. Concept2 released the BikeErg in August 2017.

This bike comes with the flywheel as well as Performance Monitor which is found in the indoor rowers and the SkiErg. The BikeErg offers cycling the strengths and features that are found in rowing and cross-country skiing.

The brand is known for its innovation and has created one of the best indoor bike trainers 2021 which is durable, and quite sturdy.

Why Concept2 stands out among the best

When you want to purchase one of the best indoor bikes, you always look out for the sturdiness and reliability of the frame, the features and use of technology as well as the workouts that can be done using the fitness machine.

Concept2 is a brand keeps in mind all these requirements and has given its users one of the best indoor bikes.

With decades of experience in this industry, Concept 2 has been able to produce some exceptional fitness machines for its users. The brand ensures the requirements of its users are always considered while creating a machine, and all the fitness machines of Concept 2 cater to people of all age groups and fitness levels.

There are many bikes that fall under the best indoor bike under $500, but if durability and quality are important, then Concept 2 BikeErg is the bike to look out for.

The production of these fitness machines be it the indoor rowing machines of the Bikeerg, make use of some of the best materials which give the machines the much-needed durability.

Every single Concept 2 fitness machine – the  Concept2 indoor rowing machines, the Concept2 BikeErg, etc., comes inclusive of the performance monitor PM5, Bluetooth as well as ANT+ connectivity which makes it convenient for the user to connect different applications and fitness gadgets to the fitness machine.

The Concept 2 Exercise Bike

The SkiErg: The Concept2 SkiErg is made of top-quality materials and has been designed to last you a lifetime. It is durable, sturdy and modern. It features the PM5 of Concept2 That offers you quick and accurate information.

This SkiErg is very unique and differs from Concept2 Bikerg as the BikeErg is an exercise bike that concentrates on the lower body and the SkiErg concentrates on the upper body. On the SkiErg, the user can perform workouts in a standing or a sitting position.  

The BikeErg: The latest entry into the ergometers that are sport-based is the Concept2 BikeErg. The BikeErg comes with a flywheel as well as a Performance Monitor which is similar to the Indoor Rowers and SkiErgs of Concept2.

It offers the strengths and all the features of rowing and skiing to cycling. Although the spin bike and Concept2 Bikeerg might look similar, there are quite a few differences that can be read in the concept2 BikeErg vs spin bike.

The flywheel makes use of air resistance similar to the other machines in order to give its users a smooth and noiseless ride which acknowledges the efforts of the user. The gear in this bike is the damper which lets you adjust the feel. Have a look at some of the best indoor bikes 2021.

Check out some of the concept 2 BikeErg workouts that can be done with the Bikeerg, with a wide variety of displays and workouts to choose from. You can also keep track of your workouts, or compare the results with that of others and see how you perform.

Pros and Cons of Concept2 BikeErg


  • The Concept2 BikeErg comes with the advanced Performance monitor and various other features
  • The fitness machines have been created keeping in mind the requirements of its users and suits users of any age or fitness level
  • The BikeErg is best suited for cyclists or those who want to focus on competitive events related to cycling, etc
  • The BikeErg concentrates on the lower body
  • The assembly process is simple and easy
  • It comes with Bluetooth and ANT+ Connectivity
  • It has the features of three activities – cycling, skiing, and rowing
  • It comes with a good warranty on the moving parts, the frame, and the performance monitor


  • This bike focuses only on the lower-body 
  • Only when you buy the bike from the company directly, the 30-day money-back guarantee is applicable. It is not applicable to purchases made via other channels

Final Verdict

The Concept2 is the best company which has produced many durable and high-quality fitness machines – the SkiErg, the Indoor rowing machine, and the BikeErg. With a rich experience of over 4 decades, the company takes care of its user’s requirements and has produced some of the best bikes.

If you are looking for a bike to focus only on the upper body, then SkiErg is most suitable.

The machines are known for their low-impact yet effective workouts. If you are on the lookout for some of the best indoor bikes 2021, the BikeErg from Concept is definitely worth considering. The machines of Concept come with the PM5, Bluetooth connectivity as well as ANT+ connectivity.

You will definitely get a fitness machine that is durable, sturdy and will last a lifetime under the brand. The machines can be easily assembled and easily stored away when not in use.

Concept2 has designed some of the top-quality fitness equipment that includes advanced technology along with exceptional features at reasonable prices. And if you wish to get yourself some Oars, get yourself some Concept2 customized oars as they offer the best!

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