Bodycraft SPX Club Indoor Training Cycle Review

Bodycraft SPX Club Indoor Training Cycle Review

In today’s busy world living a healthy life relies primarily on a good exercise. Cycling has always been the best way for a medium intensity workout. This method suits well to the person of any age group. But if you don’t have the time to invest in the outdoor cycling sessions, then there are many indoor cycles which offer a secure installation at home. The fitness market displays many such top indoor cycle brands. One such reputed brand is Bodycraft!

Bodycraft is a pioneer manufacturer of multiple gym equipment. Talking about the Bodycraft indoor cycles, Bodycraft SPX Indoor Training Cycle is one of the primary models from the Bodycraft. This high-quality indoor bike features 6 lbs Perimeter weighted / 60 lbs + effective weight flywheel, Heavy duty steel frame, friction-brake resistance, high-performance saddle and much more.

The brand offers generous standard warranties and unbeatable customer support services. Let us talk in detail about the specs and features of the product.

Best Suited for Whom?

Though it is one of the basic models, the brand compromises nowhere in the build, features, specifications and smooth riding. It fits both the residential and commercial needs equally well. It can support the maximum user weight up to 350 lbs.

Bodycraft SPX Indoor Training Cycle Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Now, this is the feature where most of the Bodycraft products fail to compete. The product doesn’t come right assembled for immediate usage. Instead, all components and parts are well packed with careful instructions to help you gather the product quickly. Just be calm and follow the instructions stepwise.

Design And Build Quality

This Bodycraft SPX Indoor Training Cycle has a light commercial yet sleek frame. It’s made from steel and is double coated with a multi-phase process to prevent rust and corrosion. It makes the entire assembly indestructible and damages proof. The frame features additional transport wheels.

Talking about the dimensions, it is 43″ Long x 24″ Wide x 47″ High. The saddle is fully adjustable and comfortable with dimensions measuring 10.5″L x 6.7”W. It has high-quality aluminium pedals with a toe cage. The additional features include a three-piece crank system, 46-pound flywheel and 5PK v-ribbed belt. It can hold a maximum user weight up to 350 lbs. The products claim long durability and long-term customer care support.

Bodycraft SPX Indoor Training Cycle Features

1. Touch screen – It has a backlit display with power saver mode. The screen measures 5.25″ H x 3.125″ W. The most significant advantage is its compatibility with , SPL, SPT, SPT-MAG, SPT-V2, and SPX. The easy to read console features displays speed, time, distance, calories, heart rate (with optional heart rate belt) etc.

2. Adjustable Saddle – The Bodycraft SPX Indoor Training Cycle has 0.5″L x 6.75″W high-performance racing saddle. The saddle can be adjusted both in height as well as in angle as per the height and requirements of the trainers. The seat has fore/aft adjustments.

3. Caged Pedals – The pedals are wide enough to accommodate a stable foot position. They have an aluminium alloy build along with a with a toe cage to provide you with greater stability and support. You can also get access to optional SPD pedals.

4. Water Bottle Holder – The assembly has a dual water bottle holder. It keeps you well hydrated during the intense workout sessions.

5. Incline/Decline – This exercise bike shows variable levels of steep incline settings.

6. Adjustable Handlebars – The handlebars are infinitely adjustable to help you get a proper grip. The multi-grip includes aero, cross, and bull-horn grip positions.

7. Emergency Stop – The assembly is equipped with a micro-adjust resistance knob with emergency safety stop. You can immediately stop the trainer by merely pressing the knob in case of an emergency. It provides extra safety to you as well as your family, especially when you have kids around your workout areas.

8. Weight Capacity – The assembly can hold maximum user weight up to 350 lbs.

9. Resistance – It utilises the patented friction brake resistance. It is a brand new technology incorporated into the device, unlike the basic air resistance mechanisms. This feature has undoubtedly increased the efficiency as well as the performance of the equipment. Beyond this, you can simply adjust the resistance with an easy to use micro-adjust knob.

10. Flywheel – A 46 pound flywheel makes the indoor cycle a favourite choice among the customers. It helps the riders enjoy an incredibly smooth and ceaseless riding motion.

11. Transportation Wheels – Transport wheels are mounted on the front part, making it easy to move your fitness machine and store them carefully once you complete your workout routines.

12. Seat – Seat is wide and comfortable.

13. Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring – A wireless heart rate monitoring system along with a chest strap accurately monitors your cardio matrices. It makes the ride a delightful one.

14. Self-Generating Power – It works on the green technology, it is entirely self-generating. Unlike many other top indoor cycles, it doesn’t require a continuous power supply. It eliminates the power cuts and electricity cost. Further adds to the efficiency of the product as it can be operated from anywhere.

Bodycraft SPX Indoor Training Cycle Workout Programs

Bodycraft SPX Indoor Training Cycle has a very basic console. It lacks any built-in workout programs. The other top indoor cycle models available in the market featuring a lot of workout options may make it less appealing. But the kind of build and other features compensate well for this.

However, the console displays: speed (mph/kph), Distance (m/km), calories, rpm, time and pulse. It keeps you well motivated and engaged in your routine. You can accordingly plan your workout routines changing your intensities.

It also features quick start and programmable time and distance goals. Thus, gets your feet pedalling hard until you reach your desired fitness goals. It makes it a genuine option for novice buyers.

The products also feature an optional heart rate telemetry. Thus, covering well for the lack of built-in workout programs. It is indeed the most recommended model to invest in.

Bodycraft SPX Indoor Training Cycle Warranty

The product features one of the most amazing warranties. You get an excellent value for your investment. Talking about the warranties, the residential warranty covers the frame for a lifetime, parts for five years and labour for two years.

The commercial or club warranties are satisfying as well. It includes the structure for ten years, parts and components for three years and items like the saddle, toe straps and brake pads for one year. But the labour warranty exists for only 90 days.

Bodycraft SPX Indoor Training Cycle Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable saddle measuring, 0.5″L x 6.75″W.
  • Wide pedals with adjustable toe cage.
  • Space friendly machine dimensions.
  • Excellent warranty coverage, covering the frame for lifetime.
  • 60 pound flywheel, making the assembly quieter.
  • Friction resistance brakes.
  • Self generating power mechanism.
  • Transport wheels attached for easy movements.
  • Water bottle holder attached.
  • Intuitive console reading maximum workout data.
  • It can uphold users up to 350 kgs.


  • Lack of assembly.
  • Lack of multimedia compatibility.
  • Bulky machine.


The exercise bike by Bodycraft is a well-regarded machine with plenty of amazing features and specifications. It is a moderately priced indoor cycle that promises the smoothest of the rides and a comfortable workout right from your home or work space.

You merely need to paddle your feet. The top quality seat, pedals and above all the technological incorporations will surely grab your attention once. If you are looking for a top-notch indoor cycle from a trustworthy brand, this is indeed a smart option.