Bodycraft SPR Indoor Training Cycle Review

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Bodycraft SPR Indoor Training Cycle Review

Amongst so many leading indoor cycles from the Bodycraft, Bodycraft Indoor cycling is the best so far. This equipment comes packed with wide and super convenient saddle, best quality pedals and light handlebars to provide you long and comfortable periods of cycling.

The versatility of the model regarding sixteen levels of resistance and multi-grip handlebars will drive you crazy. Talking about the convenience of the model, it is incredibly lightweight. It has user-friendly dimensions and fantastic weight capacity.

The transport wheels and water bottle holder further compliments the product well. In a nutshell, it has everything. The style, the class and most importantly the value. Investing in this product will bring greater satisfaction. Let us have a closer look at the product.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Bodycraft SPR Indoor Training Cycle is a mid-level indoor cycle from a very popular brand.   It can support the maximum user weight up to 350 lbs. So, it is an optimum product for commercial use as well.

The kind of resistance variation fits the demands from low to high-intensity trainers. Moreover, it has very precise floor dimensions, so that it won’t be a burden at home or office places.

Bodycraft SPR Indoor Training Cycle Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The product lacks assembly. It is the only disadvantage that you could suffer from this product. However with the help of user manuals or online videos you can get all parts being assembled very quickly.

Or in case, you don’t get the things done right; you can call their 24*7 available helpline number. Once you have gathered the product, make sure that every junction is well tight.

Design and Build Quality

This SPR has a light yet durable frame. It incorporates the high-quality parts and components in its assembly. Similar to Bodycraft SPT MAG training indoor cycle it has a steel frame, with an extra durable coating to make the entire assembly resistant to damage, scratch or corrosion.

It makes the whole assembly indestructible and damages proof. It too has a levelers and transport wheel attached to get the entire assembly moving quickly. The device measures 52″ Long x 25″ Wide x 47″ High. It has a high-performance saddle measuring 10.5″L x 6.75″W.

The comfort of the seat is truly unbeatable. All thanks to top quality materials! The additional features include wide pedals with adjustable toe cage, three-piece crank system, a massive flywheel that makes the entire assembly whisper less. The machine is extremely lightweight and offers best in class features.

Bodycraft SPR Indoor Training Cycle Features


 It has a Backlit display with auto shut technology. When not in use, it turns off automatically. Thus it is a power saver.

The intuitive console features Displays Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate (with optional heart rate belt), etc. very precisely. Also, it tracks your resistance in the form of graphs or numerical values amazingly well.

Adjustable Saddle

 The Bodycraft SPR Indoor Training Cycle has a fully adjustable saddle. It comes with fore/aft adjustments. Further, you can change the seat height as per your body requirements.

Caged Pedals

The pedals are wide and measure 9” L X 16” W. They have a sufficient surface area to hold your feet right in the position. The amazingly soft toe cage further reinforces the stability of the feet. You can also switch to the optional SPD pedals.

Water Bottle Holder

The assembly comes with a dual water bottle holder. The only benefit of this technology is to keep youR comfort as the first place. During the workout routines, you get quick access to water or any other energy supplements effortlessly.


The product doesn’t show any incline or decline variations. Your strength and motivation are the only factors that help you experience different workout intensities.

Adjustable Handlebars

 The handlebars can be adjusted both fore/aft and vertically until you can get a suitable, comfortable feature. This feature is almost exclusive to every Bodycraft indoor cycle. The Multi-grip includes Aero, Cross, and Bull-Horn grip positions.

Emergency Stop

The adjustment lever is the emergency stop. In case of an emergency or injury pull the emergency knob forward, the cycle would immediately stop there only.

Weight Capacity

The assembly can hold maximum user weight up to 350 lbs.


It comes with 16 levels of adjustable resistance. Moreover, the resistance being magnetic and utilizing the eddy current technology caters to the silent operation.

The level of the resistance of the magnetic brake can also easily be changed by the adjusting knob. If you pull it forward, the resistance will increase, stretching it back will eventually decrease the resistance.


A 46 Pound Flywheel is present. Spinning on the very best SKF Bearings it tends to provide one of smoothest rides.

Transportation Wheels

Transport wheels are mounted on the front part, making it easy to move your fitness machine and store them carefully once you complete your workout routines.


The seat is wide and comfortable.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring

A wireless heart rate monitoring system along with a chest strap has been made available on the model. It accurately monitors your cardio matrices. It makes the ride a delightful one.

Self-Generating Power

It is powered by two replaceable C size batteries. If the battery is low, it will begin to blink and may even hinder your workouts.

Bodycraft SPR Indoor Cycle Workout Programs

Just like any other Bodycraft Indoor Training Cycle, SPR Indoor Cycle to has a very basic console. It lacks any built-in workout programs or applications. The other major disadvantage you will come across this top indoor cycle model from Bodycraft. However, the console is intuitive and easy to use.

It conveniently displays the speed (MPH/KPH), distance (M/KM), calories, RPM, time and pulse.  It helps in tracking your workout outputs, helps you engage better in the body shaping process and ultimately you can change your routine as per the indication.

You don’t need a professional trainer; you are your own master. It also features Quick start and programmable time and distance goals. Thus, gets your feet pedaling hard until you reach your desired fitness goals. It makes it a genuine option for novice buyers.

The products also feature an optional heart rate telemetry. This is indeed such a great feature at such an affordable price range.

Bodycraft SPR Indoor Cycle Warranty

The product features one of the most amazing warranties. You get excellent value for your investment. Talking about the warranties, the residential warranty covers the frame for a lifetime, parts for five years and labor for two years.

The commercial or club warranties are satisfying as well. It includes the structure for ten years, parts and components for three years and items like the saddle, toe straps and brake pads for one year. But the labor warranty exists for only 90 days.

Bodycraft SPR Indoor Cycle Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable and adjustable saddle
  • Wide pedals measuring 9” x 16” with adjustable toe cage
  • Excellent warranty coverage, covering the frame for ten years and all essential parts for three years
  • 46-pound flywheel, thus accelerating a smoother ride
  • Telemetric enabled heart rate monitoring
  • Friction resistance brakes are present
  • Self-generating. So cuts down your power expenditures
  • Transport wheels attached
  • The water bottle holder is present


  • Lack of assembly
  • Lack of multimedia compatibility
  • Bulky machine


The Bodycraft brand SPR Indoor Training Cycle is known for its build quality and range of ultra-modern features.  Despite being smart-tech, this equipment has been built to last longer with due attention paid to its durability.

Moreover, customer service is also very promising. If you are looking for a top-notch indoor cycle from a trustworthy brand, this is indeed a smart option.

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