Body-Solid ESB250 Exercise Bike Review

Body-Solid ESB250 Exercise Bike Review

Body Solid ESB250 Exercise Bike is revered among the best exercise bikes 2020 of the fitness industry owing to its impressive functionality and high-end performance. The exercise bike proves to be a recommended fitness equipment for home-based users and group usage in light commercial settings.

Due to its heavier flywheel and sturdier construction, it turns out to be the advanced version of Body Solid ESB150 Exercise BikeRead the in-depth Body Solid ESB250 Exercise Bike Review 2020 to know more about this well-designed indoor exercise bike.

Its adjustable handlebars and seat with belt drive system make it a smooth and performance-oriented exercise bike that is meant for excellent performance.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Body-Solid ESB250 Exercise Bike is viewed as the best exercise bike for home-based users. If you prefer to have cardio sessions and also need to focus on strengthening your lower body muscles, then this bike works best for your fitness requirements.

If losing the weight is your criteria, then working out on this exercise bike would help you to cut down your weight effectively. It also helps to enhance the mobility of your joints and is quite easy to operate and proves convenient for extended workout sessions.

Moreover, it proves to be a great mood lifter and helps to continue the workout sessions even if the weather is not supportive of outdoor fitness activities. Thus, it is the best spin bike under $1500.

Body-Solid ESB250 Exercise Bike Assembly, Design & Build Quality


This Body Solid exercise bike arrives in a partially assembled form with flywheel, belt, crankset and the brake attached to the main frame of the bike. Thus, the user needs to connect the bases of the bike including the handlebars.

And seat and it takes an only good half an hour to assemble the bike. But, if the user prefers to hire the expert services for assembling task, then he has to incur extra expenditure for it.

Design and Build Quality

The Body-Solid ESB250 Exercise Bike is a commercial grade fitness equipment that has more massive construction with 44 Ibs of the flywheel and assembled dimensions of 52 (L)x 21 (W)  x 52”. It can bear the maximum user weight of 350 Ibs. The sturdy steel build of the bike adds.

To the durable performance of the exercise bike and its 145Ibs of weight adds to its strong performance. The corrosion-resistant paint on the steel parts and base bars of the bike makes it long lasting. The provision of a four-way adjustable seat with a comfortable workout experience.

Makes it perfect for long hours of work out, there is also the four-way adjustable handlebars, and its upright bar provides seven different adjustment positions for better results. The dual-side pedals come packed with toe cages for added safety of the users.

The transport wheels at the front of the bike make it effective to move it quickly. Overall, this Body-Solid brand exercise bike provides uncompromised performance with excellent indoor training sessions.

Body-Solid ESB250 Exercise Bike Features

Heart Rate Monitoring

The Body-Solid Exercise Bike doesn’t arrive with the heart rate monitors. But cycling proves to be an excellent cardio workout, and this exercise bike excels in offering the best cardio workout.

Cooling Fans

This exercise bike doesn’t support a cooling fan but the provision of a thick foam layer on the saddle aids in having a better circulation of air.

LCD Display

There is no provision of an LCD display in this exercise bike, but still it offers incredible workout experience that aids in providing the best fitness outcomes.

Adjustable Seat

This exercise bike arrives with a four-way adjustable seat that can easily modify from the front, back, up and down for better results. The seat is comfortable enough to support the weight of 350 Ibs, and a layer of foam padding on the saddle helps in improving air circulation.

Magnetic Resistance

This indoor exercise bike is powered with a top-to-down friction resistance system, and there is no need for a power source to operate the bike. There is a leather pad that is attached to the main tube of the frame and also to the tension dial that is located on the top of the tube.

As the user turns the dial, the leather pad applies more or less friction to the flywheel resulting in increased or decreased resistance level. Furthermore, the user can tighten the knob till the point where he can’t pedal further for maximum resistance level.


The pedals of this indoor cycle are dual-sides having the provision of toe-cages and straps for enhanced comfort levels. Also, the provision of Q-factor on the pedals leads towards having.

The naturally positioned feet without much-widened distance between them. It helps to reduce pressure on knees and ankles and there is a smooth pedaling motion.

Flywheel Weight (lbs)

The provision of 44 Ibs flywheel with belt drive system adds in having smooth and quiet operational efficiency of the bike.

Pulse Grip Type

The exercise bike doesn’t support the provision of pulse grip sensors.

Electrical Outlet Required

This exercise bike operates with a belt drive system and thus, doesn’t have an electric outlet in it.

Compact Size

The machine weights 145 Ibs and thus, it proves to be a heavier machine but it can be easily located anywhere for effective usage.


The provision of transport wheels adds to the mobility of the indoor bike and make it more convenient to use.

High Capacity

The Body Solid Exercise Bike offers 350 Ibs of user weight and the person with a height of 5”0’ and more and effectively utilize this indoor cycle.

Other Features

Sound System: This indoor cycle doesn’t support a sound system.

Water Bottle Holder: The exercise bike is not equipped with a water bottle holder.

Body-Solid ESB250 Exercise Bike Workout Programs

Pre Set Workout Programs: Upper Body Exercise: This exercise bike doesn’t come equipped with a fitness meter, and hence no inbuilt workout programs are there on the bike. But, the users can engage in upper and lower body fitness workout sessions by working on strengthening different body muscles.

The users can opt for strength and interval training, weight loss, high-intensity workout programs, and muscle-toning. Thus, the overall fitness levels of the body are attained through the workout on this indoor exercise bike.

Body-Solid ESB250 Exercise Bike Warranty

The brand offers a valid residential and commercial warranty for making it a preferred choice of users for indoor exercise regiment. The residential warranty offers a lifetime warranty on frame with the five-year warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on labor.

The commercial warranty coverage includes a three-year warranty on frame, three-year warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on labor.

Body-Solid ESB250 Exercise Bike Pros & Cons


  • Sturdily built for home and light commercial use
  • Provision of transport wheels
  • 4-way adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Smaller footprint for easy storage and mobility
  • Provision of friction resistance
  • Availability of spin saddle with added cushioning
  • Comfortable pedals with toe cages
  • Silent and smooth functioning with the belt drive system
  • Easy assembly
  • Excellent warranty


  • It may be a bit expensive for some users as it falls under the range of less than $1500.
  • Doesn’t support fitness meter
  • Doesn’t provide a water bottle holder


The Body-Solid ESB250 Exercise Bike is a high-grade commercial quality indoor exercise bike that provides excellent results for home users as well. The sturdy build with robust flywheel and silent belt drive system makes it worthy of investment. 

Even though, it has some drawbacks that include the lack of availability of fitness meter, a water bottle holder and is a bit costly bike for some users. So, if budget is your main criteria for selecting the exercise bike.

we recommend Best Fitness BFSB10 Indoor Cycling Trainer that is available at less than $1000 with 44 Ibs flywheel and belt drive system. But, if you need to buy a solid, performance-oriented indoor bike.

That aids in strength and interval training, high-intensity workout, then Body-Solid ESB250 would be preferred for your fitness goals.