Body-Solid ESB150 Indoor Cycle Review

Body-Solid ESB150 Indoor Cycle Review

The Body-Solid ESB150 is recognized among the best indoor cycle spin bikes for home 2020 that aims to provide intense cardio sessions with precision. With 40 Ibs flywheel and belt drive mechanism, this indoor cycle proves to be a must-have for all the fitness enthusiasts.

It simulates the experience of riding the bike on the road to avail the best fitness results. Bolid Solid ESB150 Review  2020 provides in-depth detail of this spin exercise bike that is loaded with premium features to assure quality-driven results to the users.

It is the best spin exercise bike that has got robust build quality and premium aesthetics. Its vertical and horizontal adjustment of seat and handlebars provide a realistic experience of driving a real-time bike for maintaining overall fitness of the body.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Body-Solid Indoor Exercise Bike is the best spin bike under $1000 that provides the total body workout with precision. It is considered an ideal bike for those users who intend to work out on hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps with a focus on enhancing the strength of arms and core muscles.

It proves to be a perfect workout option for those people who need hardcore fitness equipment that replicates the real-time outdoor cycling experience with all its key benefits. It offers the best cardio workout and that too with low-impact on knees and joints for best fitness results.

Those who intend to burn calories with a spin bike should also opt for this indoor exercise bike as a user can burn from 420 to 620 calories in an hour. Thus, it proves to be the best Body Solid spin bike that has excellent fitness results.

Body-Solid ESB150 Indoor Cycle Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The Body-Solid ESB150 is a compact machine that comes partially assembled, and the user has to assemble only the seat, handlebars, pedals and base bars. The user can assemble the machine in 20 to 30 minutes and its good to go. As there is a detailed manual of instructions to help the user, the things become easy.

But, if the mechanism of the indoor cycle appears too overwhelming for any user, he can get the bike assembled from a professional by paying extra cost to him.

Design and Build Quality

The Body-Solid brand ESB150 is undoubtedly one of the best spin bikes of the fitness industry that is designed with a heavy steel frame for years of uninterrupted performance. Its dimensions are 43L x 20W x 43H inches, and it supports 40 Ibs flywheel for smooth and quiet performance.

The non-corrosive paint on the frame makes it withstand years of performance with precision. The seat pad of the bike is extremely comfortable, and that is connected to the mainframe through a horizontal bar. This bar acts as a support bar for bringing variety into the spin workouts of the bike.

It is a fairly heavy machine that is equipped with two large wheels at the front side for stability. It has a standard caliper brake system to provide resistance for enhanced performance levels. The belt drive system adds to the smooth and quiet pedaling motion even in rigorous workout sessions.

The metallic allow pedals with toe-cages add to the smooth workout experience. Thus, it is the best portable exercise bike providing the real-time cycling experience to the users.

Body-Solid ESB150 Indoor Cycle Features

1. Touchscreen: This indoor cycle from Body Solid is not equipped with a touchscreen display. But, if you prefer to invest in a spin bike that comes with an easy to read LCD screen, then you can look out for Master GS Indoor Cycle.

2. Adjustable Saddle: This Indoor cycle is designed with a premium spin saddle that is equipped with added cushioning in its rear part for improved functionality. The synthetic material panels on its top help to enhance its durability.

3. Caged Pedals: The Indoor exercise bike comes accessorized with metal alloy pedals that are equipped with toe-cages. The toe-cages keep the feet firm during the different levels of workout and keep the users safe from potential injuries.

4. Water Bottle Holder: This Indoor exercise bike arrives with the provision of a water bottle holder that also proves to be an efficient place for storing the portable devices.

5. Incline/Decline: This indoor exercise bike doesn’t come equipped with particular tension settings as the user can tighten the brake until the desired level of resistance is attained.

6. An Adjustable Handlebars: This indoor exercise bike is equipped with four-way adjustable handlebars and has upright adjustment bar offers five positions. The handlebars have multi-grip design having the coating of rubber foam material for added grip and comfort.

7. Emergency Stop: There is a provision of emergency stop that helps to keep the users safe from potential injuries.

8. Weight Capacity: This bike can easily support maximum weight up to 275 lbs that makes it perfect for overweight people as well.

9. Resistance: This indoor exercise bike is powered by a standard caliper brake that is accompanied by two lateral felt pads. These pads are connected onto the main tube of the frame through the tension dial.

As the resistance is manual, the user has to turn the tension dial that helps to increase or decrease friction through the brake. Thus, the users can modify the resistance manually as per the requirement of the users.

10.  Flywheel: It is designed with 40 Ibs flywheel that provides a natural and continuous momentum of cycling. It helps to create quiet pedaling motion even during intense exercise sessions.

11. Transport: The transport wheels of the bike are designed at the front side of the bike that helps in enhancing the mobility of the bike.

12.  Seat: The indoor cycle has got a comfortable seat that is adjustable and provides a high-grade spin saddle for optimal performance.

13. Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring: The indoor exercise bike doesn’t support a fitness meter and heart rate monitoring. But, the users can avail the benefit of an intensive cardio workout through the cycling sessions.

14. Self-Generating Power: This indoor bike operates with a belt drive system for easy and smooth functionality.

Body-Solid ESB150 Indoor Cycle Workout Programs

This indoor cycle doesn’t offer any inbuilt workout programs, but it is the best fitness equipment that helps in building strength and stamina of the body. The users can lose weight by working out on this indoor exercise bike as it helps to burn a lot of calories in sixty minutes.

Pre Set Workout Programs – Upper Body Exercise: This exercise bike doesn’t come equipped with preset workout programs. But it provides the benefit of total body workout along with low-impact cardio training to achieve the fitness goals.

Body-Solid ESB150 Indoor Cycle Warranty

A valid residential and commercial warranty backs the Body-Solid endurance indoor bike ESB150. The residential warranty offers coverage of five years warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on labor.

The commercial warranty offers three years warranty on parts and one-year warranty on labor. Thus, this indoor cycle proves to be the best indoor cycle spin bike for home use.

Body-Solid ESB150 Indoor Cycle Pros & Cons


  • Sturdily built of machine
  • Belt drive system for smooth pedaling
  • Small footprints make it perfect for small areas
  • Adjustable seat
  • Provision of the transport wheel
  • Availability of water holder
  • Durable pedals with toe-cages for maximized comfort
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Easy to assemble
  • Availability of bottle holder
  • Ideal for residential and light commercial usage
  • Can support weight up to 275Ibs


  • It doesn’t come equipped with a console.
  • There is no provision of preset workout programs
  • No provision of measuring heart rate


The Body-Solid ESB150 Indoor Exercise Bike is a light commercial grade exercise cycle that is also considered the best exercise for home use. The heavy-duty frame of the indoor cycle with a belt drive system and smooth performance adds to the maximized results.

Its main drawbacks include the absence of console and heart rate programmes and it is also not that budget-friendly as falls under $1000 Range. So, if you prefer to buy an indoor cycle that is cost-effective as under $500.

Then Echelon GS Indoor Cycle is recommended for you. But, if you intend to buy a sturdy indoor bike that offers cardio and interval training, then Body Solid ESB150 works best for your fitness goals.